Orgasmic Night Of Loving

I remember this orgasmic night so vividly. Like it was yesterday, never mind it was almost 20 years ago! My husband and I were really getting excited about bedtime. We knew what was coming.

We are always so grateful to God that He gave us this wonderful gift to experience this kind of beautiful intimacy with our spouses.

I dressed in my best racy-lacey bra and panties and waiting for him to come to bed. When he saw me in them, he went wild. I took his shirt off and ran my hands over his well-portioned body.

“Ah, I love your body too, baby! And I love giving you very much pleasure,” My husband told me.

He slid my bra off. Then I lay down and he gently slid panties off my bum and up my legs before setting them on a chair, and immediately entered his rock-hard manpart into my very wet ladyplace. We held each other tight while he thrusted hard. Our kisses were passionate, our embrace was tight. He thrusted hard, and I knew I was going to come any second. I couldn’t help but start to moan. As he thrust harder and faster, I could feel it coming, and it was so strong, I had to let it all out! When I came down from my orgasm I was sweating. But my husband wasn’t done with me yet…

He kissed my face, and worked his way to between my breasts, then down to my ladyplace. Then, he brought out his tongue, and gently started licking my sweetspot. My eyes quivered as he licked my ladyplace, and then he only had to lick a little bit harder and faster, for a sudden orgasm to rush over me! It was very intense as my ladyplace was sensitive from my first climax. My whole body tightened, as I cried out in the ecstasy that spread all over my body, that was not only stronger, but also longer than the first time!

I could feel the orgasmic contractions as he licked me, at the same time feeling close to my husband, and being loved by him.

After I came down, he kissed my ladyplace a few more time before coming back up. I was so hot and exhausted I was sweating. I felt myself to see how wet I was. I was so wet that my lady liquid was just overflowing! I turned over and leaned on my husband, while he stroked my head. We cuddled the rest of the night away.


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17 replies
  1. Lovinghusband says:

    Harper, I love your memories written down for us! God is so good to gift you to remember and be excited again and again. I loved your saying “my lady liquid”!! You should get a copyright on that one! God bless you and your dear husband!!

  2. Bootylicious says:

    I second that Blondie!! Multiple orgasms are the BEST! I feel sorry for my husband who only gets one. 🙁

    To all you multi orgasmic women out there: what’s the most you’ve ever cum in a single session? When my husband is eating my pussy, I am guaranteed to have a minimum of 3 orgasms but he usually makes me cum 5 or 6 times. I am one very exhausted and contented woman after that! 🙂 For those of you who masturbate, do you usually just make yourself cum once or do you go for more?

    Thanks for this great site Blondie! I find it inspiring and educational. I’ve always wondered what other Christian couples are up to in the bedroom (or the kitchen, or the living room, or the shower, or in the car, or outside on the deck, or in the pool…lol ). It’s nice to know that I’m not alone in my likes and desires and wants and needs and horniness. Thanks y’all!

    • Blondie says:

      I feel sorry for my husband too for only having one each time! lol But he says he loves watching me cum and it’s part of what makes having sex fun for him. And I actually understand what you’re saying, Booty, I can have quite a few but then usually I reach a point where I literally can’t move or take anymore. haha I think the most I’ve had “mini” included (sometimes I really don’t know when an orgasm starts and ends and how many I have actually especially when I have extended ones… those are my favorites) Was like 30 or so, but I was so sore the next day I really couldn’t have sex for awhile afterward lol! But I’d say I usually have 4-8 extended or strong orgasms per sex session with Josh depending on how long of a session it is. Just the other day he gave me 4 big ones in less than seven minutes. I thought that was pretty impressive. hehe 😉

  3. SexyWenchie says:

    booty: I was multi-orgasmic when Nick and I were first married. The most I remember from those days was 3. I felt like the queen of the world! Well this week, it’s been like a flood gate was opened. I had 7 orgasms during oral sex and couldn’t believe it!

    Two nights later, I had 40. Yes you read that right, 40! Some were smaller than others, but Nick and I had a fun time counting them all. I would have had more but I was completely exhausted and spent so I rolled on my side and held my legs together to make it stop. It was amazing. My clit was so sensitive I could hardly walk around the next day without having more in my pants!

    Then last night, Nick made me cum again during oral sex which started a steady stream of orgasms. We didn’t count that time, but it was many. It’s sensitive clit time once again, but it feels WONDERFUL!

  4. Bootylicious says:

    Forty, WOW!!! That’s fantastic!! Like WOW, amazing!! I would love to experience that!!!!!! But I usually reach the point where I’m done and won’t have anymore. Anyone else like that? Hubby will make me cum and cum and cum…and I will have that feeling that I’m not done yet…that I still need more…but then I will finally have one final explosive orgasm and then that’s it. Further stimulation proves futile. Not sure why that is, but my body just feels finished. My hubby is disappointed because he wants to keep going (eating my pussy is his favorite activity! He says he could do it for hours! 🙂 ). Yes, compared to you guys, I’m an amateur for sure! 🙂 LOL

  5. hornyGG says:

    I too also love having multiple orgasms. The most I ever had in one session was 17. I was one sweaty, exhausted limp noodle afterwards. Ohhh! The joys of being a multi orgasmic woman!

    Wonderful story by the way Harper! God bless and stay horny!

  6. JazzdBoutH&N says:

    Well, Booty, we’re amateurs too. We’re pretty new to all these blossoming flowers happening all at once so we’re not experts. I just wrote a story yesterday detailing our experience from the night before. Heather started having her multiples and we counted the first 3 within about 2 minutes. Then we just enjoyed the rest of the fun. 3 and a half hours worth of fun. If I had to guess, she beat her 40. But we have no clue and didn’t really care. We just rode the wave and enjoyed the time.

    She actually started feeling guilty and saying so. She said she was being selfish. That was POOPOO to me. I was loving every one of them. When she mentioned it again, I told her to start focusing, not on how sensitive she was, but how my cock felt sliding in and out of her, how my touch felt on her skin, how my kisses tasted, etc.

    When she shifted her focus from her sensitivity, she started talking about what my actions were doing for her … which only turned up the heat. I started feeling my orgasm building. When I was almost there, she went off again. I kept pumping away and soon felt myself go over the edge. On my first squirt inside her, she came again.

    With the issues we have been through over the last 10 or so years, we hadn’t cum together for a LOOOOONG time. That was our first in 10 years or more. It was a glorious moment for us.

    With the health issues that I’m dealing with, I don’t always have an orgasm. I think I’m turning to the “girl side” as I don’t care so much if I cum anymore. We are so close as long as we both enjoy the ride, having an orgasm isn’t the priority for us. As a guy, that’s hard to admit. But my inner girl can shout it from the rooftops. (My inner girl has cute little titties. Just sayin.)

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