Searching For Your Soul

I am searching for your soul. I am longing for your touch.

When I look into your eyes I see the man no one has ever seen before. You are sincere, you are kind, you are everything all men should be. I will love you for all eternity. You are mine and I am yours. Two hearts beating as one. When we go to bed at night it is as if we were created for one another. Your arms wrapped around me, holding me so close, my breasts against your chest. Our legs wrapped around each other. Your gentle touch, your gentle kiss and the way you look into my eyes. Falling asleep and feeling so loved by you.

You awake me at 4:00am, you hold me so tight, you kiss me like you have never kissed me before, feeling your tongue lick my lips, slowly inserting it in my mouth as if you were making love to my mouth. Your hands rub my back pulling me closer to you. You tell me you had a dream. I ask you to tell me, but you ask to show me.

You light a candle, you turn on romantic music, you turn me over and start to massage my back. I feel your strong hands with warm oil rubbing up and down. He moves his hands to my bottom squeezing gently, brushing my inner thigh with his fingers. He massages my legs, rubbing down to my feet, kissing my toes. He reaches up to my waist and turns me over. He leans down and kisses my stomach, encircling my belly button with his tongue. I feel his beard brush against my breasts. He drips oil on my stomach and begins to massage slowly, sliding his hands up to my erect nipples. He squeezes my breasts, gently pinching my nipples making my vagina throb. He leans down and takes one nipple in his mouth sucking so intense then switches to the other. He puts his hands around both breasts and sucks both nipples at the same time. I want him so bad.

But this is his dream. He starts to massage my legs, gently brushing against my vagina, teasing me more. He massages down to my feet and back up again. He slowly spreads my legs to massage my inner thighs. He never touches my vagina, I am trying so hard to stay still. He lowers his head and brushes his beard against my thighs tickling my clitoris. He massages my lips never touching my clitoris, he put more oil on his hands and glides one finger inside my vagina, massaging so slow as if he was making love to me with his hand. He begins to kiss my clitoris, teasing me with his fingers; I want him so badly inside me. He makes me lose control, I reach up and pull his face harder into me, I orgasm.

He won’t stop he reminds me this is his dream. He takes the belt off my robe and ties my hands so I can’t stop him. The pleasure was beyond control. He moved his fingers in and out so slowly, and licked me and licked me, my clitoris was burning with ecstasy, I was out of control. I climaxed again harder and longer than the first time. He than spoke and asked if I could handle three times. This time was very intense. He put more oil on his hands put my legs on his shoulders and begin to make love to me with his fingers. He pushed harder and faster, first one finger, than two and finally three. I have never felt so excited or erotic in my life. He continued until I orgasmed again. Softly he asked if I wanted more. I wanted him, every inch of him. I asked him to lie on his back.

It was my turn to give him pleasure. I straddled his hips, leaning down to kiss his mouth. I slid his penis against my clitoris not inserting it in to my vagina. I put my breast in to his mouth feeling him suck each nipple. I then slid my oily breasts to his penis engulfing it, I squeezed my breasts tight so he could make love to them, I opened my mouth taking just the swollen head as he made love to my breasts, he was ready to explode. I took his entire penis in my mouth and sucked long and hard. I then tied his hands together so he could feel the excitement I felt. I slid my oily body up and down his oily body, listening to him breath deeper and deeper.

I took his penis in my hand and stroked it a couple of times before I guided it into my throbbing vagina. I sat down on his penis rocking my hips back and forth. Raising my body up and down so he could watch it enter me. I reached up and begin to massage my own breasts something I have never done in front of him before. I could see it turned him on; I then pulled my breast to my mouth and begin to suck my nipple, alternating breasts. He loved to watch. I then slid my hand down to my clitoris and begin to massage it while I made love to him. He was losing control. I leaned way back holding his ankles and moved in a way I have never moved before. The sensation was unbelievable I was ready and so was he. Push it hard all the way, harder and at the same time we both climaxed. Man it was unreal. What a dream he had. I pray he dreams more often. I lay down in his arms, resting my head on his chest feeling his heartbeat, and knowing he is all mine. I have found his soul.

Sweet Dreams Darling!!!

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