Sea-Through Lovers, Conclusion (L)

Sea-Through Lovers


I heard the door quickly open and close again; leaving me still blindfolded and tied by my arms to the end of the bed, my body yearning for my man’s touch. Especially my wet pussy. I was so hot! With the music playing (Beck’s “Cellphone’s Dead”) and the intense state of arousal my husband put me in; I was more than ready for release. Oh, how I needed his cock inside me. I needed to feel his meat between my legs, and his weight on top of me so I could kiss him and suck his tongue. I wanted to smell his sweat and devour his manly cock. I wanted my man to ravish me and leave me breathless right then and there.

In my confusion and disappointment as my mind wandered and pulse continued to race, I nearly pissed myself when out of nowhere my husband jumped on top of me! What the heck???

Before I could react, he started rapidly licking my throat starting by my collar bone and all the way up to under my chin. I titled my head further back for him. He then started to slowly knead and massage by tits.

Ever the joker, he apparently opened and closed the door pretending to go out. Yet in reality, he stayed in and stripped naked and snuck across the floor before jumping me on the bed. Oh, I will get him back for this, lol!

But I was in too high a state of arousal to worry about that yet. I begged him to stop the foreplay and teasing and just fuck me. Fuck me ragged, that is.

“Oooohhhhhhhh K., your hands feel so good on my titties, they are soooo big and strong. Squeeze my tits K., squeeze them babe.”

He squeezed harder and started molding them up with his hands. Gently up and down, up and down he molded my big tits. They felt so safe and warm in his hands. My soft gentlessness resting in his big powerful hands. I could sense my sensitive nipples were getting bigger. Pinching and rolling them between his thumb and forefinger, my pussy was aching for attention. “Mmmmmm, this feels soooo good babe, don’t stop. How do my nipples look stud? Ahhhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmm, oooooohhhhh K., you are making me feel so good right now.” My hips were swaying back and forth underneath him while I moaned; searching for his baby maker.

” Kay, look at those swollen nipples! They look like strawberries right now, fuck!”

He continued kneading my tits and biting my nipples. I sensed he was even pulling them out toward himself. As he manipulated my tits and nipples, the licking of my throat continued until his tongue found the side of my neck, I felt a gentle nibble, then more licking, then more nipping and licking and his hot breath. K. quickly began sucking the area and it was apparent that man was trying to give me a hicky!  The sheet beneath me was wet with sweat as I continued to squirm and my hips kept searching for his man meat.  I was so wet and ready for him, I have no idea how long this heavenly foreplay lasted but I was about to explode in lust for my husband. My pussy needed release and soon.

With my head turned to the side as he continued to nibble, lick and suck my throat I felt his weight shift and my wait was mercifully over. Suddenly and expertly, my man slid his big dick into my awaiting pussy filling me to the hilt.

I literally screamed in pure ecstasy. “Oh K., fuck!  You feel so good inside me. Pump me hard you big stud, pump me hard.” The bed shook as I clamped my legs around his waist pulling him in tighter and closer. He continued to pound me hard and I could feel an intense orgasm developing.

We were both breathing loud, as we sound as we are jogging. “Oh Kay, look at your titties bounce as pound you, and your pussy is so wet and hairy. I love it, I love it!” It was an amazing moment with the music playing, my husband’s lust and big dick inside me, the way he was biting my throat and the smell of fresh sea air flowing in from the cracked window.

“Oooooooooooohhhhhhh K., I am cuming, I’m cuming!” Again I literally screamed as one of the most intense orgasms ever overtook me. “Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, MMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Mmmmmmmmmmm,” I panted as my entire body tensed and I bucked several times riding this amazing wave. I love to cum with his cock buried deep inside my pussy.

“That’s it babe, fuck me harder, fuck me harder” I heard myself say loudly over the music. Uncontrollably I screamed again as another massive climax overtook me. “Shit K., ooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, this feels so fucking good.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I love you, I love you!!!”

Then his mouth pressed onto mine as he plunged his tongue into my mouth. Greedily I sucked it down my throat as they entwined together. I could feel the hicky developing on my throat, my breasts we heaving from his thrusts, we were deeply kissing and wave after wave of pleasure overtook me. His meaty balls kept slapping against my bare ass. It was an amazing sensation with all this happening while still being blindfolded with my arms stretched out to either side of the bed.

My husband started to groan and I knew what that meant. “Oh babe, shoot your load into my wet pussy. Let it go K, let it go. Shoot your hot cum inside your wife my beloved. Empty your load into me,mmmmmmmmmmm, yessssssssssssssss, yessssssssssssss, I need it so bad, shoot your love into me sweetheart.”

Feeling him tense and his penis throbbing in my pussy, K. cried out. “Shit Kay, I’m cuming, I’m cuming! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” he groaned and I felt him shoot 5 times inside my pussy.

He kept pounding me until his cock started to soften. The bed below my crotch became even wetter as out sexy intimate juices leaked out. I loved it. Evidence of the intense love we have for each other.

When he finally pulled out, he lifted off the blindfold. As our eyes locked and I gazed upon the sweaty handsome face of my man, I couldn’t believe how lucky I am for God to gift me with him. And the mischievous lilt boy smile is so irresistible!

We laid there holding each other for a few moments and kissed before he gently untied me and massaged my limbs. Then we lay side by side and cuddled enjoying the afterglow of such a hot lovemaking session. Oh how I love to make love with that man.

Still in a state and sexual delirium, we went to the bathroom for a quick rinse off. Good thing we did, between the candle wax and our juices, I was a hot mess; especially that big hicky he planted on me. Toweling off and feeling refreshed, we were ready for a snack. It was only a little before 10pm, so we drove into town and found an ice cream shop and shared banana splits. I teased him by slowly licking and enjoying the whip cream and bananas as he grinned and watched.

As we drove back to our little resort holding hands as he drove, two surprises awaited us as we returned to our room. First, as we walked to our room, we noticed our window was not just cracked open; it was nearly half way open even though the shade was drawn. The second surprise was that somehow we forgot to blow out the candles. Fortunately nothing caught on fire.  Yet to our shock and embarrassment, we could see right through the window and into our room. The candlelight was illuminating our bed, clearly visible to the outside!

We were mortified and began to wonder if anyone saw us, let alone heard the passion of our lovemaking without us realizing the window was nearly halfway open. We quickly closed the window and blew out the candles, stripped naked and went to bed in each other’s arms. K. was on his back and I rested my head upon his chest with my right arm draped across his tummy and my hand lovingly resting on his penis and hairless balls.

Our question was answered the following morning at the little resort’s breakfast nook. Three other couples were sitting enjoying their breakfast and coffee. This was a friendly group and everyone introduced themselves including which room they were staying in.

When it was our turn and we introduced ourselves saying we were in Room 1; two of the three couples broke out into big grins and one husband said, “Oh, we were wondering who was staying in that room…”


Kay & K. 😀




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12 replies
  1. Gina G. says:

    Bravo! Excellent story! I truly enjoyed the whole trilogy. Very hot! I like the candle wax and ice combo while being tied up.

    I like the taste of my pussy juices. I often will clean Ben’s dick with my tongue after we screw. Soooo good!

    Thank you so much for the trilogy. May read it to Ben tonight and see what comes up! Lol. God bless you both and stay horny as always!

    • doctemp2 says:

      Gina you are VERY welcome; glad to have hopefully enhanced your evening with Ben last night, LOL! As we posted (we develop the stories together and I actually write them) we are just a normal couple who enjoy sharing our marriage heat with others. And YOUR stories are a real encouragement to K, and I–and your positive feedback gives us the confidence to keep going. We dont want to bore people and love that you are so honest and open with your sexuality and preferences. We seem to have much in common with our husbands and interests! Keep your stories cuming and keep up the great work; we look forward to your posts! Kat 😀

  2. Lovinghusband says:

    I really enjoyed these stories. My wife is horny too and it is
    great to know how other horny wives think about what
    their husband is about to do with them. Your experience
    helps me to dwell on the excitement that my wife also has
    in the midst of our sex. Thank you!

    • doctemp2 says:

      Lovinghusband thank you and you are welcome! We really fell into posting our stories and had no idea people would like them let alone read them. We are just a normal couple who adore each other and who love the joys of hot marital sex! (We develop the stories together and I actually pen them). I love sharing whats on my heart through these experiences, the anticipation, the thrill of being chased, and the “power” my humble body can have on my beloved. Oh yes I am a horny wife and often times the best part is the “delay” and the “teasing” before the actual consumation of our married heat. Take care sir!
      Kay 😀

  3. lttlb says:

    “Oh how I love to make love with that man.”

    In just a few short words, I think you’ve touched on one of the deepest desires of all husbands. As much as I enjoy the physical pleasure of lovemaking, it’s knowing that my wife feels this way that truly makes it lovemaking and not just sex. Kind of hard to even put into words. Without this it would be a really, really empty experience after the momentary pleasure is gone. Maybe it’s just me, but I think these few words you shared, as illustrative of a heart-attitude, touch on something close to a man’s soul, something that could either build him or break him (if he knows his wife does NOT feel this way inside).

    To the dear ladies that read this site — what is the equivalent for you? What heart-attitude of your husband tells you most powerfully that he genuinely loves you? What heart-attitude of his most deeply touches your soul and helps you feel that emotional fulfillment inside, that complete satisfaction that ‘all is right with the world?’ Probably not doing a very good job asking the question, but hopefully you understand what I mean. 🙂

    • doctemp2 says:

      Thank you Ittlb for your heartfelt response to our story; you brought a tear to my eye. My husband and I really adore each other. No, we are not perfect, yes we are sinners, yet we try try to do the best we can. We are blessed to be “The Couple that Became Each Other.” He is my best friend, soulmate, kindred, partner, mate, companion–my dear groom. And I am his bride. What an outstanding gift our Creator bestowed upon all married couples: the honor of kissing; being naked together, tightly embracing one another, and our bodies uniting in spritual and physical bliss as his penis enters and stays in my pussy bringing us together in intimate, honest intimacy. In our opinion non marital sex without true hearts in love is nothing more than a man simply masturbating with his penis between a woman’s legs–all lust and over a short time later. (not that there is anything wrong with hot, marital masturbation mind you! lol) “Soul meets soul on lover’s lips.” There is so much more to a couple being one than sex–we love sex and its intimacy and excitement–yet its whats in the heart that what counts. K. and I simply adore the little things–laughing and teasing one another, holding hands often, he makes my coffee and writes me a note EVERY morning before heading off to work; and cuddling in bed–he has my heart and I have his heart. I am his and he is mine–including sexually but not only sexually. That is what truly counts in marriage. That is what I try to write about in our stories (we develop ideas together and I do the actual writing)–we have been so gifted and if we can help one person with our recollections of our sexual lives–it is all worth it. Thank you for your kind heart and for taking the time to write. You seem to have a very kind and sensitive heart–your wife is blessed! Kay 😀

  4. Blondie says:

    I so badly want to take a sex vacation now. Great sexy story! Thanks, Kay and K!

    And, lttlb, I think it is kind of similar for what you described for the husband, if you know your husband loves and wants YOU it’s a very empowering and bonding feeling for a wife.

    • doctemp2 says:

      Blondie you are welcome and THANK YOU for this site and the illustrations; we love them! You do an outstanding job cordinating everything especialy with little ones running around. God bless you and thank you for your encouragement and feedback. We love your stories too! Kay 😀

  5. Smitten says:

    Lady Smitten.Just read this with Smitten, Ladygarden. There was no way around it . . . We had to have lovemaking. We were on fire and it was really really good.

  6. hottyflygirl says:

    Wow great story! Thanks for recommending it to me. I bet you helped the sex lives of those couples a lot after they saw you in such uncontrolled passion. I wonder what they did in their bedrooms after watching you 😉

    Jake and I have been apart for a few days so we have spent today catching up 😛

    We have read a lot of MH and had sex about 4 times today. I am still so horny even thought my clit is quite tender and pussy is so sore. I woke up in the night and read this story. I had to play with myself. I didn't mean to wake Jake but he felt me moving as I fingered my pussy and played with my clit (I love using both hands at the same time). He just watched me orgasm and I saw his cock get so hard. He was still half asleep and barely moving so I just pulled down his boxers and took him in my mouth. It only took about 60 seconds for him to cum in my mouth. He was asleep right after. I wonder if he will remember all this in the morning?

  7. Lovinghusband says:


    I love your hot comments. They are sizzling hot! It is so fun to learn how others are just as transparently horny as we are. You are not alone in being someone with horny thoughts and fantasies as a Christian. And yes, it is so affirming and erotic to read about others here on MH! I love clicking on your comments. Keep them cumming! God bless you and your family. LH

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