Traveling Delight

Travelling for us is always a great time of communication, we had 450km to travel.  As we were moving along after about 3 hours into our journey we started talking about how we enjoyed our intimacy and love making. My wife usually is reserved and doesn’t usually let go but in this instance she went wild. She declare she was horny and wanted my cock in her immediately, I was surprised and also made my cock bulge in my jeans. We turned off into a plantation and parked the car, we walked into the plantation a couple a hundred meters. She undone my jeans and released my cock which bounced with joy as she wrapped her lips around it and started to work it with her lips and tongue.She then demanded me to fuck her now. She removed her jeans and nickers to her ankles and bent forward holding onto a tree. I have never experienced her being so horny and wanting to fuck so desperately. I looked at her pussy as she bent forward and her juice was running out of her, she was wet and ready, she told me to hurry, she didn’t want to wait any longer. I came in behind me and entered her pulsating vagina, the wetness, the tightness, the warmth was so memorable as I st sorted to thrust. She screamed harder so I increased the power of my thrust to get rough and fuck her hard. Her body stiffened as she climaxed and came over my cock which made me explode inside of her. She said leave it in for a moment. We stayed there for a moment savouring the after glow of our release and ended our frolic. We returned to the car and continued our journey.
What a memory, I think it will never leave me, this is not fiction.

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  1. Blondie says:

    I always want to call these shorter stories quickies, but we already have stories based on actual quickies in that category 😛 Thanks for the post, Karusso! Outdoors traveling sex is something my husband and I have done a few times ourselves!

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