The Naked Ruth

We were at my in-laws house in Hawaii this summer & it was getting late but the party dragged on. Being in my first trimester, I had a good excuse to retire early so I said goodnight & went to bed. I was tired but unable to sleep with all the noise & talking so I just focused on listening to my husband talking.

I love his voice, especially when it’s happy as he laughs and jokes with his friends and family members. I hadn’t been feeling too great most of our visit here so far but as I relaxed with eyes closed, listening to my husband in the other room, I started getting warm all over as I wished he would leave them & come cuddle with me in the moonlight through the glass door in our room.

When I heard my husband telling his friends & family goodnight, I quickly slipped off my pjs & panties & slathered my new lotion all over myself. Then I strategically laid down in his spot by the sliding glass door, which was open enough to let the cool tropical night breeze in.

When he closed the door quietly behind him, thinking I was asleep, I surprised him by asking him what he was going to do to get his bed. He sighed, “I don’t know but there isn’t really room for two right there.” I slowly stretched out as long & sexily as I could, turning slightly so my naked bottom (his favorite) caught the moonlight as I loudly whispered, “well there’s enough room for Me to stretch Allll the way out…”

He just stood there although I felt his eyes approvingly travel over my body.

“Oookaay,” I teased, “I will move if you kiss me…all over.”

He finally smiled big & leaned over to my mouth to plant the first kiss. He slowly kissed my neck and shoulders and arms then down my torso and one leg then back up the other.

He knows my breasts being massaged with his whole hand, kissed and teased by his tongue drive me crazy so he caressed my lovely large boobs (thanks pregnancy!) which were SO sensitive as he slid his hand down my stomach and between my legs. His finger found me very hot and wet and he continued his caresses with both finger and tongue until tears streamed down my face because I was holding back moans and screams. I begged him to cum inside of me and he wasted no time taking off his pants.

We went at it silently but hard; it was SUCH a rush! Then we collapsed to gather our breath and my strength to move to my place on the narrow bed, which is no easy task when your whole body is heavy jello! Needless to say, we both slept very well that night!


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  1. Gina G. says:

    A wonderful sweet story with just enough sensuality. I absolutely loved it. Thank you so much for sharing HoneyGirl!

    May God bless you and stay horny ! Write more please!

  2. HoneyGirl says:

    Thank you for the kind words, everyone! I am so grateful to have found this sanctuary and have enjoyed reading several stories already. I try to keep a journal & sometimes write about particularly great moments. The next morning I knew I wanted to remember every detail so I could replay it 🙂 I’m also such a nerd because when I logged on & saw my title, I internally squealed, “I’ve been published!” Lol

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