Overseas Travel has Benefits (L)

As grandparents nearing seventy , married 46 years, and have five children and more than a dozen grandchildren living in all parts of the world, we are still horny and have many stories of lovemaking exploits. Babysitting is not the normal overnight stay and involves overseas or interstate travel. In order to keep our love on heat many poems are sent by email to provide for a wonderful “ climax” when we are once again joined together. This is a sample of daily emails sent to my wonderful lover and her response was well received after her 23 hour flight home.

Just two more restless sleeps before we are together again
Holding, embracing, kissing and hugging so tight
My pointers I’ll fondle and kiss them with fury
As they rise to the occasion in their magnificent beauty
The nipples will be sucked and flicked until fully engorged
Then one hand will lower to the precious mound of love
Its fingers will part the pulsing lips so eager and swollen
And gently explore that treasure trove underground
Flowing so freely in the long awaited anticipation
Of being fulfilled by a massage so creamy and deep
As ecstasy overtake us both and we fuck with abandon
Can’t wait to lick out your juices and tickle your clit
While you suck deep on Willy extracting his crème
I Love you so much and in excitement I wait
To touch you all over my wife, my lover and mate

I had a few problems with Willy each day
As he pines for his Pussy to come back to stay
He wakes in the night with a tear in his eye
Saying where is my Pussy to lie by my side
It won’t be too long I say with a calming word
To re-unite with your love and be right aboard
I love her, I Iove her, he says with sorrowful cry
And stands right up and asks, why! why! why!
I tell that his fluffy Pussy will return in bright glory
All cuddly and soft to tell him her story
Of caring for loved ones as she cares for you
And may even come back with some present or two
What will I get he says with an excited acclaim
Will it be strokes and kisses and something to tame
Certainly yes!, but the door will be open to reveal delights
That you will be able to share right through the night
Now Willy is calm his head hanging low
Still waiting for all his stored juices to flow
Please give me strength to last the long wait
Is a prayer he utters while waiting at the gate.

Now I am the one who suffers the same unrest
Because I too just want to kiss your breasts
To rub and excite you from head to toe
And dwell on things beautiful especially below
I love the white pointers who circle above
As we couple together in passionate love
Can’t wait until you are back to enfold you in my arms
To smell your scent and enjoy all your charms
Too beautiful to describe you are my delight
I miss to be able to cuddle throughout the night
I hope this makes you tremble with passion
For you are in for an extended session
fulfilling an inordinate obsession

I thought you had already forgotten the throb
When faced with likes of this magnificent rod
But as you blew the tender kiss from your lips
No calmness he felt, just swelling and drips,
At the promise of encircling by your soft mouth
The size and the throb will not go south
But when the door is wide open and wet
And you cry “come mount me I’m so ready”
Some ins and an outs and you’ll get his shot not steady
As we lay coupled in warm wetness of love ripples
I’ll catch up on caressing and kissing your nipples
And rubbing my hands over your beautiful bum
I Love You- I Love You, can’t wait for the fun
To kiss you and fuck you until we are both done.

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