Heading Home for Christmas

Heading home to Illinois for Christmas, we had 15 hrs of driving ahead of us. I guess as a man- I was thinking in my mind of how many times we’d been having sex, while on the hormone supplements w/in a free (neither one of us working, both together & available) 15 hr period. Nevertheless it was A LOT! I then started thinking about all of the excitement we could have on just the drive alone. Although w/all the fun it may take a little longer than 15 hrs to get there, but it would be well worth it!

On long trips, my wife always makes sure she dresses comfortably for sleeping. She wears a pear of very short, comfortable, loose, elastic shorts & a t-shirt & has 1 or 2 of her softest most fave blankets. That is just for the car. When we stop, (she keeps handy) a pair of her fave sweats, usually her pink & zebra striped ones & her fave big hot pink hooded sweatshirt that she will quickly throw on over her shorts & t-shirt before she gets out of the vehicle. (notice, I did not mention any underwear)

Driving along I was looking over at my wife. I was just thinking of how I am so in love with her & she w/me & just admiring her natural beauty…no make up, no jewelry, nothing really done to her hair; just brushed back in a loose ponytail, but man is she gorgeous! As I noticed her hardened nipples, poking through her white, tight fitting t-shirt she had on, I could not help becoming aroused. I asked her if she was cold. Staring into my eyes, she says no, not really giving me one of her beautiful but devious smiles. I could now feel my cock begin to swell.…uh-oh here it comes.

Grabbing my hand in hers she begins to massage & caress my fingers w/the same strokes she uses when she is stroking my cock. She looked down & noticed through the comfortable mesh-like wind pants that I was wearing, that my excitement was growing. She lifted up her t-shirt, revealing to me her beautiful luscious breasts. She shows me just how hard her nipples had become. She takes both of her beautiful breasts in each of her hands & begins massaging & caressing them, rolling her nipples in between her fingers. At such a wonderful little show she put on for me, I slipped my hand between my thighs (on top of my clothing) & had to rub & caress my now fully erect penis. Leaving her breasts exposed & beautifully displayed just for me, she then slides her shorts down just below her pussy & ass & begins slowly fingering herself. She knows that I am more than enjoying watching her play w/her young, sweet, little pussy. Pulling her fingers back out, she allows me to see just how wet she is, enjoy her scents & smells & lick all of my fave flavors from her hand & fingers. My cock is now more than ready to feel my wife’s tight,  pussy wrapped around it. She takes my swollen dick out of my pants & begins to stroke my shaft & caress my cockhead.

I groan in disappointment seeing a sign that says 25 miles to the next exit. My precious wife leans over & begins licking my slit & cockhead clean from all of my pre-cum. She then takes just my head into her mouth, pumps my shaft & begins gently squeezing my balls w/her gentle little hands. She next takes my entire length into her mouth and sucks vigorously as if she were sucking on a lollipop. I told her that felt amazing, but she was going to have to stop sucking like that, or I was going to explode into her mouth & I really wanted to feel her tight, young pussy.

We finally reached the exit, got off the interstate & pulled into a not-so-trashy-looking gas station. I pulled my wife’s SUV up next to the gas station building. One of the great things about my wife’s vehicle is that her windows are tinted w/extra dark tinting(it was that way when we bought it). So even in the daytime you cannot see inside. When loading the vehicle, I purposely left one of the 3rd row back seats (in reclined position) empty, just for this reason.

We climbed over the luggage & back to the available seat. Earlier when she gave me a sample of her flavors that just made me want to taste even more of her. I had her lay in the seat. I helped her remove her little shorts & t-shirt, revealing her young, hot body. I removed my shirt & pushed my pants & boxers down to around my ankles. I lay on top of my wife, laying my rock hard cock in between the folds of her moistened pussy. She begins begging me to go ahead & make love to her…. I said, not just yet. I NEED to taste more of your pussy, my darling. While rubbing my hardened rod against her soft, sweet pussy I begin kissing & nibbling on her neck & ears to make her even wetter. I quickly kissed my way to her blood engorged breasts & hardened nipples. Sliding down off of her throbbing body, I take my swollen cock in my hand to caress & stroke it vigorously. Kissing each of her breasts & sucking each erect nipple made her beg even more. I then quickly kiss my way down her stomach & arrive to her beautifully dripping wet swollen pussy. I take one good, long, hard lick & oh my goodness, mmm was she good!!! I thank God as I look up at my young, sexy wife & just admire her in all of her glory & beauty as I drink in her love… with her head held back, her eyes closed; she moans out w/pleasure & begs for more. It brings me so much joy that I can bring her to such ecstasy. I continue licking & begin sucking on the very wet lips of her young beautiful pussy. As I finger her clit, I slide my tongue inside of her devouring more of her deliciousness as she comes all over my tongue. That was almost more than I could take. I am now frantically humping my hand, squeezing, stroking & caressing my now throbbing dick! I am more than ready to explode…I quickly got up & my wife & I kind of switched places. I moved into the seat & she sat on top of me straddling my lap.

I held open the lips of my wife’s dripping wet pussy & my now purple, blood engorged cockhead enters into her depths. She then slides the rest of my full length deep into her warm, tight, young pussy all the way in- to my balls. Leaning back, she begins humping my stiffened rod slow & hard at first. I take my hands & cup them around her nice, tight, sexy little ass.

I slide one finger to the center of her ass & begin stroking & teasing her little asshole. As she enjoys the sensation, she begins riding & humping my dick harder & faster. She then reaches down & plays swiftly w/her clit as I take one of her stiffened nipples into my mouth & suck hard…by her heavy breathing & the way she began to move, I could tell it was all becoming more than she could take. I tell her, “enjoy your husbands big, hard cock baby, ride it good & hard for me! I want to feel your pussy cum all over it!” I groped her little ass even tighter, probed at her little asshole a little harder & sucked her nipple even more aggressively & she yelled out…”I’m coming Baby, I’m coming!”

Oh YES she did….a lot!!! I could feel her warm cum running down my balls & then some. Holding her in my arms, her head resting on my chest after she just received her sweet release, I took a moment & took advantage of her sweet cum moistening my balls. I took my free hand & reached around her back & down & began to massage my balls in her warm liquid…that sent a hot sensation all the way up my cock & cockhead. I sat up straight & helped her thrust & down on my big cock. I really enjoyed watching my wife’s luscious breasts flop around as she thrust hard. Helping her thrust & ride my dick even harder & the sight of her beautiful flopping breasts was more than I could handle. My cock began throbbing uncontrollably in the warmth of her pussy & w/one last hard thrust; I shot my load of hot cum deep into her cunt! We sat there & held each other for a minute, telling each other how thankful we were for each other, how much we love each other & how great that felt. Thankfully, in one of her carry-all-bags she had some wipes. She leaned back reaching for the bag & pulled out the wipes. She w/drew herself from my semi erect cock & we both cleaned ourselves up. We got dressed & got out of the vehicle to go in the store. While standing in line for the restroom, the gas station attendant woman came up to my wife & asked her if she was okay…my wife responds, “I’m great, never better! Why do you ask?” The woman said, “I just noticed your vehicle has been parked there for awhile & was just concerned.” We still to this day, wonder exactly what that woman was thinking.

-side note- this is only one of the times we made amazing love while on that drive…there are more, however there is one other that in time, we will write about.

Written by the both of us, but narrated by the husband…again may you all receive great blessings & joy from reading our stories. May God bless you all greatly.




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6 replies
  1. Blondie says:

    I love those car rides that get heated like that! Hehe loved this story, thanks! Reminded me of when my husband and I were on our honeymoon and I gave him a blow job while we were driving. (Yes, it’s distracting, but we kind of pulled over)

  2. Gina G. says:

    Wow! I am so ready for a road trip! Might see if Ben would be interested in making love in the car tonight.

    Thank you for the hot story you two! God bless and stay horny!

  3. doctemp2 says:

    Wonderful team effort Mommyof3wifeof1; we loved it. Only wish our vehicle had dark tinted windows! Made me wet while my husband read it to me. The holidays are coming up you know… Kay 😀

  4. Mommyof3wifeof1 says:

    Yep road trips w/out kids can be A LOT of hot fun, although we haven’t had the chance of experiencing that in quite awhile…but w/our anniversary coming up, even though we have decided to take the kids (w/a nanny on the cruise w/us)we want everything to be just perfect, especially since this will be the first time taking an extended cruise-I think he said 10 days or 2 weeks, anyway so excited! We decided to rent a limo for the ride to board the cruise & the kids & nanny will be in a separate part & of course hubby & I will be alone!!!
    Gina, great idea even if you aren’t “going” anywhere…you & Ben could still achieve making love in the car, parked in your drive.
    Kay, you know the crazy thing is, is that when we first bought my vehicle/we were actually thinking that the extra dark factory tinting was going to be a negative issue, like w/the law & violations & things, never dreaming that it could turn out to be a weird blessing in disguise!!! Yeah, I know the holidays are coming up, but now w/3 babies…I’m not sure how much marriage heat will be happening in the vehicle on the drive….not sure we are ready for the sex talk quite yet…LOL!!!
    Glad all of you girls enjoyed this!!! We had fun writing it together! Hope you all are having a great & wonderful night & evening!!!

  5. smitten says:

    Loved your story and it brought back memories! We have a van and had made curtains for the windows. We have made love in the parking lots of hamburger places, shopping malls, parks, and roadside rest stops. It is so hot making love while people are coming out of Burger King and walking right by our windows.

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