A Long Time Waiting

My wife and I hadn’t been out by ourselves in a long time!!! We just got caught up in the day to day life and

realized that we hadn’t had anytime to ourselves. I’m the police chief of a small town and on call pretty much 24/7 and she is a stay at home mom of our very active two year old son.

One Saturday night we decided we needed a night of just “us” time, so we called her mother and got them to keep our little boy.  Michelle called a friend that was in cosmetology school to come over and give her a million dollar make over for the night!!! I got myself ready as usual and when she came out to show me how she looked it was amazing!! She was wearing some very tight jeans that showed off her round ass and a low cut shirt that showed her beautiful c cup tits! I immediately felt a semi in my pants begin.  We left and went into town and had dinner and just hung out for some drinks.

After awhile we headed home for some fun!! On the drive home I reached over and began to play with her tits and tease he clit through her jeans. You could feel the inside of our car start to heat up.  As we pull into out carport she kisses me with a passion that neither had felt in a very long time.  She then unzips my pants and pulls out my now very hard cock.  With out saying a word she immediately puts it in her mouth and starts licking and sucking every inch of it! She licks all around the head of it because she knows how that drives me wild!! I then stop her because I’m about to loose it and I’m not ready for the fun to end. We then decide to move the party elsewhere but as we are getting out we couldn’t keep our hands off each other we know we can’t wait to get inside. As we are walking by my patrol car for the police department (a Tahoe) we get inside it.

She gets in the back and I crank it up so we will have heat.  When I climb in the back she had already taken her cloths off show off her beautiful curves and tits in the dark with just the light of the radio shining. Michelle is by no means fat but she ain’t a skinny girl either.  She has extra in all the right places (tits and ass)!!! When I get into the back of the tahoe she pulls my shirt off and my pants down to my ankles.  She then starts to suck me again.  I then pull her up and have her sit in my lap.  As I enter her it feels like a warm paradise rapped around my cock. I slid into her without any problem because of her pussy was so wet and aching for my cock.  She began to rock back and forth and riding me like a bucking bull, she then started to bounce up and down and grabbing her tits in extreme pleasure. I then took both in my hands and began to suck both of her nipples as she still rode me.

I then took her and laid her down on the seat on her back and entered her again.  I was in complete ecstasy looking at my wife laying there enjoying all the pleasure she was getting.  I love to watch her tits bounce while I’m trying to give her every inch I got!!! I could then feel her pussy start to tighten up around my cock and her juices began to come out around my balls as I was making love to her like it was our wedding night again, her moans began to get louder and my patrol car was rocking back and forth.  Just about that time she started bucking and let out the loudest moan!! It felt like she was going to pinch my cock off cause she was orgasiming so hard this in return cause me to begin and I then unleashed my cum in her filling her up and I let out my own loud moan.  We layed there for a minute catching our breath and then both walked into our house naked and watch a movie holding each other till we fell asleep.

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7 replies
  1. Lovinghusband says:

    I know you were off duty – but it is evident that you “laid the law down” that night! (I couldn’t resist)

    What a great and erotic time you two had. It was hot to read!

  2. Mtstreetdoc says:

    As a fellow Public safety worker, I can just imagine you driving a perp in, looking in the rear view mirror catching the look on their face as they try and figure out the familiar aroma they are smelling..

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