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Does anyone else have a spouse that on a rare occasion will intentionally put on a show… that makes being married “The Experience”!

We finally had an evening to ourselves. After a relaxed evening eating out together and visiting we headed home. My wife slipped over next to me in the seat for the last few miles and quietly told me we were both going to have a very memorable night. As soon as we were in the house she started! Shedding clothes as she disappeared into our bedroom her request for a few minutes definitely set the tone. After ten minutes I asked her if her few minutes was up… an immediate response to tell me my wait was going to be well worth it, turned out to be more than true.

Just before she asked me to come on in, there was a slight moan that had me wondering. When I opened the door to our bedroom she was on the bed kneeling over a couple of pillows. She had on a pair of black lace thigh high hose, a pair of black crouchless boy shorts and a black open front bra.  She was facing the foot of our bed to take advantage of the large wall mirror (we both have enjoyed that mirror numerous times).

Explaining that she had been wanting to “put on a show” just for me appeared to add to her excitement as much as it did mine. Taking a seat where I could see both her and her reflection in the mirror I did not need to say a word. She had a hands free vibrator right where she wanted it and to say she was getting into it would be an understatement. As she started pumping, her hands started roaming over her body. Taking her beautiful, full 36D’s in her hands she worked slowly until finally getting to her nipples. Holding, working and looking at her breasts greatly added to both of our excitement and that turned up the volume on her moaning… and then! Asking me to come closer, one hand continued working her breasts while she reached to start working under her boy shorts. While following her near command to take off my clothes she asked (in very rarely used words), “Are you gonna watch me do my pussy before you ride me?”  Asking her what she wanted drew this response, “Let me cum then I want to feel you take me, that can be the first two times I get fucked tonight!”

We literally ripped her panties off because she wanted me to see her fingering her pussy under the vibe. As she started to climax she reached over and began jack hammering my shaft. We both watched the show in the mirror as her moaning turned into gasps and groans. “You are so good”, I told her. Looking into my eyes, raising up to get on all fours she gasped out, “Get behind me and you can start finding out how great this pussy is gonna to be tonight”…. leaving her vibe running I slid into her and pumped her hard as soon as she was ready. “That’s it ride me, and sometime tonight you are going to wake up with me on top of you… and that will be the first time you get fucked tonight”, she bragged.  It was a night only she could create and yes we had to sleep late!

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