Burning Face!!!

One day my husband and I were in the kitchen when I asked him if he could take my daughter and me to the mall, he responded with a sexy voice “only if you suck my dick first.” we weren’t aware that our 3 yr. old girl was coloring in the living room and was able to hear him say that to me. He was just playing with me when he said it and then we both forgot all about it.

My sister then called home and my 3 yr old daughter picked up the phone and as they were talking out of nowhere she told her she was upset because she wanted to go to the mall earlier but her mommy didn’t suck her daddy’s dick and that’s why he didn’t take us!!!!!!!

I immediately felt my face burning and got on the phone clarifying it was all a joke and that she wasn’t supposed to hear that!!!!!!!!  And oh!!  to make matters worse my sister and I had never talked about anything that involved intimacy because she is a lot younger than me and I’ve always seen her as my baby sister even though she recently got married!!!!!!!EVEN THOUGH IT’S KINDA FUNNY MY DAUGHTER WILL NEVER KNOW WHAT SHE MADE ME GO THROUGH THAT DAY!!!!LOL!!!

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  1. Loved by my Wife says:

    So, she didn’t suck your dick? Dang, I thought that sounded like a pretty suave pickup line. Right up there with “Hey baby, do you wanna have sex?” and the classic “Are you awake?” – wisdom from “Laugh your way to a better marriage.”

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