Favorite Naked Memories

I was thinking about some of my favorite memories of times when my wife and I were naked together.  I

LOVE naked!  I love when my wife is naked, I love to be naked and I really love it when we are naked together.  Even if it isn’t “sexual” per se, the fact that we are naked makes it erotic and fun.  (Of course it does make it easier to get it sexual when you’re naked if you know what I mean!)  But I was thinking about some of my more favorite memories and thought I would share them.

1. My all time favorite has to be sleeping naked.  I know that’s simple, but I can’t help it.  I love it that my wife and I sleep naked every night.  Even on nights when we haven’t had sex for whatever reason.  We’ve grown accustomed to sleeping naked and nothing else feels as good now.  But I especially love it when my wife cuddles up to me and presses her naked body up against mine and lays her head on my chest.  She then lays her hand on my chest and moves her leg over mine so that her leg rests in between mine.  OMG!  Having her lay up against me/on me like that naked just does something to me.  I can’t tell you how many nights I have just laid there like that, not going to sleep because I was too busy just enjoying that feeling.  But it was worth the tired feeling the next day because I absolutely love that!

2. I love it when my wife cleans the house in the nude.  I love to see her walk around naked.  I love to see her do “ordinary things” like cleaning the house in the nude.  I love to see her on her hands and knees with her naked ass pointing up in the air.  I love to watch her vacuum in the nude.  Her boobs bounce and swing back and forth with each back and forth motion of the vacuum cleaner.  She will sometimes even do this with the window blinds open during the day.  Very risqué and hot!  I sometimes catch myself just staring at her when she’s doing this.  (I do clean with her, but I get distracted!)  This is one of my favorite naked memories.

3. One time we had a lazy Sunday where we slept in and didn’t go anywhere.  Since we sleep naked she was already naked.  For some reason this day she didn’t put anything on.  She spent the entire day naked.  (I had to take the dogs out a couple of times so I had to throw something on for that, but she stayed naked.)  I love this because a) she stayed naked ALL day. She got out of bed that morning naked and didn’t put a thing on and then got back into bed later that night naked.  B) it was spontaneous and she did it on her own.  I didn’t have to beg her for a “naked day.”  It just happened.  She just never put anything on all day.  And I think we only had sex one time all day.  Other than that there was nothing sexual about it.  It was just a lazy, watch movies all day, kind of Sunday.  But with a naked wife!

4. I loved the time we went to a secluded cabin for the weekend and went naked the whole time.  We spend a total of 38 hrs and 25 minutes straight naked!  That was the longest we had ever gone.  (We actually went back to that cabin earlier this year for a second trip and beat our record.  We stayed naked for 41 hrs and 11 minutes that time!) But it was so awesome because we went outside and walked around, got in the pool, laid in the hammock – all in the nude.  (For a more detailed account of our first trip, read my story: Cabin Getaway) But this is one of my favorite naked memories.

5. One time we bought black sheets and covered up our living room to turn it into our own photography studio.  We wanted some erotic pictures of ourselves for our bedroom so we set up the camera on a tripod and a timer and with that background we did various poses.  Some by ourselves and some together.  We took a lot of pictures naked, but then of course we did some other variations: Her naked with rose petals sprinkled all around her, her wearing nothing but cowboy boots and a cowboy hat.  (My favorite of those was one where she had on nothing but the boots and she had the hat covering her pussy and her arms covering her boobs.  You can tell she’s naked, but you can’t see anything.  It’s so sexy and seductive too!) She had borrowed the hat and boots from a girlfriend of hers.  Her girlfriend picked up on what she wanted them for and gave her some knowing looks and smiles when she picked them up.  And at one point in the evening my wife suggested I take a picture of her in the boots and hat with her phone and send it to her girlfriend.  So we picked a pose where she was sitting in a chair wearing nothing but the boots and a hat, but she was leaning forward and crossing her legs.  So again you could tell she was naked except for the hat and boots but you couldn’t “see” anything.  We sent it to her in a text saying, “Thanks for letting me borrow the hat and boots.”  Her girlfriend texted back: “LOL!  HOT!  Glad you’re having fun!”  We also did some of her in various lingerie, with a sexy black dress and black hose and heels.  She started out fully dressed but as she got undressed I took pictures of her so we have a progression until she is in nothing but the hose and heels.  So sexy!  We did another set where she had on a pair of Superman underwear and nothing else and I had on a pair of Batman underwear and nothing else.  We set the camera on a timer so it took several shots in a row and then we each took off our underwear and handed it to the other one and then put that one on.  So then I was wearing the Superman and she was wearing the Batman.  LOL!  Then we have some with her playing with herself with her vibrator in various states of dress and undress.  Then we took some pictures with me in a chair and her sitting on top of me.  (Yes I entered into her and she was wet!) When I go back to look at the pictures as I scroll through this section, if I do it fast it almost looks like a movie of us having sex.  Cause you can tell what we’re doing as you click on each frame and see her hips move back and forth.  We spend about six hours one Saturday doing all this and it’s one of my favorite naked memories.  We printed out the pictures at home and hung them in our bedroom.

So those are my top 5 naked memories.  Just thought I would share.  Feel free to share with me any of your favorite naked memories with your spouse.

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14 replies
  1. smitten says:

    We thought these insights were great, HornyHubby. Lady Smitten never wears a bra around the house and oftentimes does chores naked too. I share in your wonderment of just watching the female form and feeling good and wholesome about it. We do lay around in bed naked at times but we find it hard to sleep all night naked; it gets cold. To have our naked legs entwined and embracing naked as we go to bed is sooo good. After the kids left home it is routine for us to go naked and one Christmas we opened presents in the nude. To be naked in the outdoors is something truly deep. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and bringing back memories

    • HornyHubby says:

      Smitten, your comment reminded me of another time I didn’t include here. Once we had our own New Year’s party in the nude. We just stayed home and stayed nude all evening and we rang in the new year naked. Then we had sex to start the year off! Another time we carved pumpkins at Halloween in the nude. Glad to know others do similar things.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I liked much of this story. There was a couple of things that made me uncomfortable as a Christian. I don’t want to be too critical, but I have noticed from other replies on Marriage Heat that there is some room given for different opinions. I think it is great for all the naked time you and your spouse share together. It was when you mentioned the “window blinds being open” and it being “risque.” I took this to mean that somehow your neighbors might be able to see your wife cleaning while naked. If this was happening unintentionally, that would be one thing. Your writing about it seems to point to your awareness of it. In love, I want to say that I don’t think this is consistent with God’s call on us to be modest (1 Timothy 2:9)…One other thing. Sending immodest texts to a girlfriend. Perhaps this is permissible if she is another Christian friend who knows you really well, and embraces what the bible teaches. The story didn’t say. My husband and I think nakedness is great! We desire to be mindful of the need to be modest. I don’t want to give you the wrong impression hornyhubby. I do like your stories. I admit that I may have misunderstood in some way. I wish you the best.

    • HornyHubby says:

      Anonymous, thanks for your comment. Concerning the blinds being open, it really wasn’t a problem. The way our apartment is, nobody could see in anyway. Plus we always checked to make sure nobody was out there before walking through the room. So no worries there. Concerning sending a picture to her girlfriend: Yes she was another Christian who is very open about her sexuality as well. And my wife was borrowing the boots and hat from that girlfriend so the girlfriend knew what we were doing. And like I said in the story, the picture we sent didn’t “show” anything. She was leaning forward wearing the boots and hat. So all you could see was legs, arms and shoulders. Her legs were crossed and her arms were folded over her tits. So her girlfriend could tell that was all she had on, but couldn’t see anything. And again she knew we were doing that anyway. 🙂 Hope this clears up any confusion.

    • HornyHubby says:

      And I don’t have time to go into great detail here, but the 1 Tim 2:9 verse concerning modesty has been misused and mishandled for years. If you look at the context he is telling women not to wear expensive clothes and elaborate hairstyles and gold jewelry, etc. The issue had nothing to do with lust or attraction or whether or not to wear a one piece or two piece bathing suit, etc. The focus is more about Paul saying: Don’t dress to impress. Don’t draw attention to yourself by what you wear, but rather “adorn” yourselves with good deeds. (1 Tim 2:10)

  3. hornyGG says:

    What a great story Horny Hubby! I love doing housework in the nude or scantily clad. I rarely sleep nude except maybe after lovemaking or just because I am too tired to to worry about putting a gown on. I just am so used to wearing a gown. Ben, however does sleep nude. Has since he was around 17 or 18. Thanks for the post, God bless and stay horny!

  4. Bootylicious says:

    My 2 cents regarding anonymous’ comments: It’s your house, do what you want! You’re in the privacy of your own home…if you want to walk around naked, go for it!! Blinds open and all! It’s not as though you’re walking down the street naked for all the neighbourhood to see. You’re in your house for crying out loud! And if someone should happen to see you naked, who cares?! You’re in your own home walking around naked…what’s the big deal?! I mean really…if we can’t walk around naked in our own home then where can we do it? Blinds open, blinds closed, it really shouldn’t matter…it’s your house. Do what you’re comfortable with. People aren’t supposed to be staring into your home anyway. And if they are…well, then they’re being perverts! Bottom line: Go for it and stop worrying about what others think!

  5. Bootylicious says:

    Oh and about your wife sending a pic to your girlfriend: IT’S ANOTHER WOMAN!! What…now we women can’t see another woman naked? Your friend knew what your wife was up to…heck, she even loaned her some stuff for the photoshoot. I think it’s nice she showed her the finished product. And again, so what if it was a pic that showed a little tits and pussy. We all have them! Nothing we haven’t all seen before! Go to the gym: you’ll see dozens of tits and pussy in the change room. In fact, you might even be showering together (open concept shower with multiple shower heads). Time we lighten up a bit, I think. 🙂

    Oh and hornyGG, the more you sleep naked, the more used to it you’ll get. I guarantee you’ll get to the point where you won’t be able to stand having anything on! 🙂

    • HornyHubby says:

      Booty, I loved your comments! I agree..in your own home do whatever you want! That would probably also include in your own backyard too. LOL. If someone else looks they are the perverts. And I agree also that since the picture was sent to her female friend it was a little different. And also as I pointed out, you really couldn’t see any particulars in the picture she sent anyway. In fact you could see more skin and cleavage at the mall than in the picture we sent. And definitely more on a public beach! So it really wasn’t that big of a deal.

  6. ladygarden says:

    Great discussion and dialogue. Yes, we enjoy being nude in our homes and while we don’t usually show off–we are not going to close the blinds, etc. People shouldn’t be peering into our windows anyway and if they get an eyeful–we hope they enjoyed the show. Its OUR house and OUR bodies and OUR privacy, lol.

    Regarding nude beaches, we are with Blondie and Loving Husband. I don’t want other women checking out my husband’s junk and he doesn’t want horny men checking out my God given physical adornments. Plus, I hear most people at nude beaches are not shall we say–eye candy.

    However, special friends of ours HAVE been privileged to thumb through my photo album over the years. Like the recent post about “porn” the pictures posted for that story were beautiful and tastefully erotic. Not porn at all. Rather the beauty of a man and woman in love and expressing it with one another. My nude photos are very tasteful and beautiful, I am proud of how I looked in those days before the babies came. It was an honor to share them with my very special friends–yet I admit I have not shared them with anyone for several years.

    Just our 50 cents worth–which wont even my a donut and coffee nowoadays, LOL. Keep posting everyone! 😀

  7. HornyHubby says:

    Lady garden, just curious about the pictures you shared with your friends. Were they the kind where the “essentials” were covered but you could tell you were nude? Or could they see direct shots of your boobs, nipples, etc? And even if they didnt “show” anything, how did you get past the idea of: I can’t believe my friends saw naked pictures of me?! How did you look them in the eye afterward? LOL! And would you hang those pictures in your bedroom? Knowing your kids and any house guests could see them?

  8. ladygarden says:

    HornyHubby thanks for asking and again, loved your post! Regarding your questions, you have to keep in mind I was raised in So Cal som our mindset about life may seem “out there” sometimes. This was also before the web, email and cell phones took off. And I was younger as I was just married, LOL.

    Specifically, some of the photos had me in a 2 piece swim suit, business suit, workout attire and a sexy black and red bodice. I did strip naked for several of the outfits while his camera clicked away and the wine and hot lights with thoughts of my dear new husband took over my emotions.

    Some of the shots my essentials were covered–others–I was totally naked. as Dan Rather once said “The Camera Does Not Lie.” My only request was he not make me look fat and that he not shoot any spread shots. Even I was too shy for that! lol.

    And yes, for the nude shots, to answer your questions, you could indeed see my breasts, nipples, ass and pubic hair. Again, all natural and not nasty.

    My dear friends I had know for years and again this was So Cal and I was young. Most were girlfriends and some were male friends. No big deal. We all loved each other (not meaning sexual relations) and had been through school together. So seeing other afterwards knowing they saw me naked–again no big deal. Yet it was a little awkward with my photographer friend after the shoot when we went to dinner together. Even though he had seen my naked for over an hour, and we blocked out and discussed upcoming lighting and angles while I was naked, it did feel a little awkward sitting across from him at dinner knowing he had shot me in the nude just moments before.

    These photos are on a flash drive and a romantic album hidden in our bedroom. I am proud of them and had a lot of fun, K still whacks to them from time to time. Yet no, because of the kids, I would not hang them in our home.

    But when they move out one day, our favorite one may be framed and displayed over our bed ;-D

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