We had been married for about a year, when while visiting my parents, we attended an Easter egg hunt at

their farm. We had come home from church services, and while Lady Smitten stayed dressed in her Easter flower designed dress I had changed into a pair of overalls without wearing underwear. There were lots of family staying at my parents’ house and we hadn’t had sex in a couple days.

We played along with the egg hunt, seemingly having fun with the children, and kept walking farther and farther away until we were across a pasture and down the other side of a knoll and outside of the boundaries that the children were told to look.

I was feeling excited about the promise of sex, but there was something else going on inside of me . . . a deeper feeling of closeness and wonderment for Lady Smitten.

Lady Smitten was glowing in the bright sunlight, radiant, her expression full of anticipation, and strangely, she had the joyful appearance of someone that had a wonderful announcement to make.

We walked in silence as I took her hand in mine, our eyes meeting intermittently, communicating a kind of love and bonding that we had never experienced before. The world around us seemed brighter, calmer, and harmonious as we listened to a mocking bird singing every bird song. A light breeze whirred through the pines surrounding the pasture and came across the warming earth, surrounding us in the sweet aroma of freshly cut hay. We stopped and stood there, looking around, sharing smiles, and enjoying the wonderment of God’s earth. Then we started walking again and came to a small pond where my dad took small children to fish for sunfish. There was a picnic table with a table cloth on it and some lawn chairs.

I began to feel as if God had touched me and imparted on me the purest kind of love that one can experience for another. I was in awe of Lady Smitten. She was pure woman, nurturing and gentle, her soft mature voice could melt my heart in an instant, comforting, and my woman that God had given to be with me. I was so full of thankfulness and joy that it seemed I would burst into pure energy and surround her with my adoration and love.

Now I began to experience a wonderful and overwhelming urge growing from deep inside of me. My heart was fluttering and my head spinning. What is it about today that is so glorious? I thought.  Then it came to me . . . I wanted to make a baby with Lady Smitten. I didn’t just want a baby, I felt the need to mix with this woman, the one that God gave to me, soul to soul, body to body, and bring to life the gift of our love.

Everything had come together in just the right way. It was so right!

  Finally I had to share with her this instinctual yearning. “I feel this wonderfully strange and overwhelming need,” I said, and Lady Smitten embraced me, interrupting me, kissed me on one cheek, the mouth, and then the other cheek, whining, moaning, as if she were experiencing the same urges and already knew what I was going to say. I held her tightly to my chest and felt the warm softness of her breasts, smelled her alluring female scent, as she loosened her embrace and slid her head down my belly, purring and cooing against me, finally stopping and kneeling at my crotch. Her hand cupped my balls as she wallowed her face between my legs and kissed all around the protrusion that my hardening dick made in my overalls. She seemed to be begging for something more instinctual than a quickie out in the pasture.

“I want to–” I started.

“I need to have your baby,” she interrupted, and looked upward at me with a desirous expression , her eyes gleaming.

This act of her  holding my genitals, purring and cooing, and begging for my seed evoked in me powerful feelings of erotic warmth and bonding. “Oohhh, Lady Smitten,” I whispered.

She stood up, cupped my face between her hands, and kissed my forehead for a long moment. I could only imagine that she knew that I shared her desire to have a baby and this was a kiss of thankfulness.

She backed away a few inches and our eyes met. “I don’t understand why . . .” she said, “It just came over me so strongly, but oh, please, I need you to give me your baby. We’ll share our bodies and bring forth the gift of life, knowing that it was our mixing of love that God bestowed upon us, under his sun, on his earth, while breathing his air.”

Then in a certain giddy joyful silence she took the table cloth and spread it on the ground while I raised the picnic table on its side facing the way toward the house.

She lowered herself on the table cloth and lay on her back, spreading her legs and raising her knees, as I watched in total wonderment.

“Come to me, my love,” she said. “I have ripe melons and pink blossoms above and nectar from my orchid below.”

She was a bountiful fragrant garden that God had watered and raised just for me, and I was seeing her in that soft light of understanding for the first time.

I dropped to my knees between her legs, hungry for her fruits, and took off one leg of her pantyhose as she pulled her dress above her shoulders and unfastened her bra. “Up here,” she said. I gazed at her bouncing full breasts spilling out into the sunlight, her pink protruding nipples, as she stretched and squirmed seductively, and smiled.

“There’s more below,” she said, and then raised her hips.

I lowered my gaze to her brown fur, parting slightly over her puffy pussy lips, and envisioned wedging my dick between them and finally probing her warm soft depths.

“You have to start up here,” she said.

I lowered myself on her and kissed all around her cheeks, her mouth, up one side of her neck and down the other side as she moaned softly. The feelings that I was experiencing were deeper than same old lust. My kissing was more like thanking God for her. I kissed all around both breasts, sucked one nipple for a long moment and then the other one, as my thoughts turned to her breasts comforting and nourishing the life that we were about to make.

“Come up this way,” she said. “I want to see it, feel it, and kiss what I long to have inside of  me, what I long to have squirt your warm seed inside me so that I can carry it around with me, knowing that there is a wonderful mixing and combining taking place inside my belly.”

I crawled forward, unbuttoning my overalls until my erect dick sprang free and bounced in front of her face.

“So beautiful and strong,” she said, and then cupped my balls with her hand and kissed down one side of  my dick and up the other side, stopping to suck the bulbous head for a long moment as it throbbed, I sighed pleasurably, and she moaned contentedly.

She was squirming now, moaning louder in a begging tone, and released my dick and pushed me downward across her soft belly as I kissed and kissed on a downward journey into her fur and finally passionately kissed her pussy lips. This is where our hearts and souls and juices would mix, I thought, and slid my tongue inside. Where else on earth, I asked myself, could a man find this feast of alluring senses. The musky scent alone is so intoxicating that a man can’t help but put his mouth on it, and the warm softness of it so alluring that he can’t help but to insert his tongue and taste. I began lapping and swallowing, tasting and smacking for the full silky smooth flavor of it, consuming her essence, moaning with utter enjoyment, as the desire to mate with this woman fully consumed me.

“Fill me! Fill me with your seed,” she said, gasping, and then I mounted her with more intent and feeling than ever before.

Now she was bucking and squirming as my thrusting intensified, my stomach tightening, my back spontaneously arching for deeper penetration, as I gasped in rhythm to her gasping . . . and then she convulsed and trembled, clamped on me and relaxed, clamped and relaxed again, as if she were begging my dick to release, and grunted loudly in a faster to slower sequence until she was cooing enjoyably.

She wrapped her legs around me and began rocking, pushing me deeper, the final stimulation that she knew would take me over the edge, and I began thrusting with all of my might, deeper, faster, until I felt the almost painful pleasure waves coming from my depths . . . I became very still, my dick the center of my thoughts as it throbbed, jerked against her suctioning walls, and gushed my seed into her welcoming warm softness.

We relaxed and cuddled in the aura of afterglow under God’s warm sun, on his soft earth, and breathed in his life sustaining air, as I lay my head between her comforting breasts with my hands cupping their sides, her hands massaging my back, my dick still swollen and lightly throbbing, her pussy gently clamping, and remained that way for many minutes.

We will never forget the thankful to God feelings that overcame us that warm spring day, although it was five years later that we had our first child. Now after the children are raised and gone, the blessing that God bestowed on me, the woman Lady Smitten still comforts me with her breasts and gives me a welcoming home in her cozy vagina.



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13 replies
  1. hornyGG says:


    I so loved this story , as I do all your stories. The love and passion you and lady Smitten. Share is so beautiful and inspiring. Thank you so much for all your wonderful stories and for your continued support of my stories as well. God bless you and the lovely Lady Smitten. Stay horny as always my friends!

  2. Lovinghusband says:

    Mr and Mrs Smitten – the stories of your love are so tender and erotic! They motivate us to consider our commitments in our marriages – while at the same time making us want to fuck like it was the very first time! Lastly, your constant awareness of God’s grace and gratefulness for His good gifts stimulates an attitude of seeing the bigger picture of our loving God’s involvement in every nook and cranny of our lives. I really appreciate you both! God bless you.

  3. smitten says:

    Lovinghusband: We so appreciate your Bible centered and scripturally backed comments too. Thanks for sharing your loving and erotic stories and appreciating ours. Hug your wife for both of us.

  4. Ben G. says:


    Great post! I just got back from Vegas about an hour ago, thought I’d check out MH. I really enjoyed this story. We are so blessed to have such beautiful women in our lives.

    My sweet Gina had to run to the grocery store. I cannot wait to take her in my arms and make love to her. I am getting a hard-on just thinking about it! (hope you don’t mind me saying). God bless you and your wife and thank you for the support of my dear GG.

  5. smitten says:

    Ben G: Thanks. I remember many times that Lady Smitten was out and about running errands and I would be pacing the house, the yard, wash some dishes, all the while holding my dick and almost to the point of trembling. Then when she got home the groceries could wait, love was inpatient and at hand.

  6. Keith Olsen says:

    I’m assuming what you’ve written is not fiction. If so, please disregard my comment. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with a bit of poetic license to make your story “pop” more in this kind of forum; I find it highly doubtful that Lady Smitten actually speaks the way she does in this story. When I read something like “It just came over me so strongly, but oh, please, I need you to give me your baby. We’ll share our bodies and bring forth the gift of life, knowing that it was our mixing of love that God bestowed upon us, under his sun, on his earth, while breathing his air.”; I’m taken completely out of the story. Most importantly though; I’m concerned that a newly-married person coming to MH for help might read that and think something is wrong with them since neither they nor their spouse speak in such a way. I’m sure Lady Smitten is a celestial queen to you & should be, but your stories are quite good and don’t need the hard-to-believe dialog. ‘Just an opinion. Rock on!

    • TheIndianBoy says:

      Until I came here, like couple of weeks ago, I never knew loving couples used languages like these (since I am not invited to their bedrooms ;)). Isn’t it wonderful that love has a language that is unique?

  7. smitten says:

    Keith Olsen: The story is very true and accurate. Lady Smitten and I are more poetic and feel things deeply. There are those that like to use statements like, “Fuck me! Fuck me hard,” and there are those like us that speak to each other in our own developed language and way. This was not a story about hot sex, rather a feeling that we had to have a baby. I would say that most of our sexual sessions have no dialogue at all, and after reading all of the stories where couples are continually talking might make us feel like there is something wrong with us. So we are not worried about newcomers to this sight. What makes this site interesting is that we are all different and we share our differences. God bless you.

    • hornyGG says:

      I agree with Smitten 100%! Everyone is different. I know a couple that goes to our church that like Mr and Mrs. Smitten, speak with eloquence. Personally, I find it to be very beautiful and in Smitten’s stories, quite erotic. This is my opinion! God bless you Keith and stay horny!

  8. Silver says:

    I am with you smitten! (great and beautiful story btw) I don’t think that couples should feel bad about their “love language” so to speak being different than couples on this site. I am sure I and Lord X have said things that other couples would not be turned on by or necessarily able to say with a straight face. I do love that about this site tho, that everyone has a different authentic way of talking based on who they are. I am actually not surprised Mrs. smitten would say something like that, based on her other stories it goes with her eloquence and elegant persona you’ve written on before.

  9. smitten says:

    Lady Smitten to those who wrote encouraging comments. I want to thank you and have been hesitant to say anything else for fear of stirring up more controversy. Smitten and I grew up in a time when young people were poetic and wrote wonderful love letters to each other and met in coffee shops, sharing our love poetry with others. We had also fallen in love very early and being teenagers we developed this poetic and somewhat naive ways of speaking to each other. Naive? One moment in time, sharing a wonderful spring-like fantasy of sex, doth not usually create a child, and that child would not be perfect as we so eloquently imagined. The world turned out to be a harsher place than what we had gloriously imagined. But the one thing that we kept and held on to was our spring-like romantic dialogue. It was our anchor during good and bad times. We don’t usually give gifts during anniversaries and birthdays etc. We write romantic, teen-like — the world is beautiful — love cards, sometimes reading them to each other and sometimes hiding them under pillows and sometimes placing them on the car seat. Our early connection and our youthful imaginations has enlivened and strengthened our marriage.

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