First Time Apart

Howdy readers, my incredible bride and I have only been married six months, but it has been the most

amazing six months. She is absolutely perfect and I can not believe my luck that out of all the men she could have (and trust me she had her fair share of choices) she picked me. She is 5’2 and has beautiful blonde hair about shoulder length. She is tanned with an amazing curvy and athletic body. I’m 6′ exactly, with dark hair and stubble. I like to keep myself fit and my wife always tells me how she admires my toned abs and muscular arms. I love that she loves me.

My story starts on my wife’s birthday, a Tuesday so we both had work. I woke around 6:30am with my wife’s head on my chest and arm draped over my stomach. I moved slowly so I didn’t wake her, and gently lay he on the bed and kissed her cheek while I got out of bed. She stirred a little when I kissed he and let out a soft sigh, but didn’t wake up. I threw on my jogging bottoms and made my way downstairs to set up my wife’s presents etc. I had bought her 2dozen roses, her favourite perfume and the iPad she wanted. I also got her a surprise that she wouldn’t find until later. She came downstairs around 7 and I had breakfast already cooking for her and her presents on the table. She came in the kitchen wearing her underwear and my old t-shirt, she made it difficult to concentrate on cooking. Making her way to the cupboard she had to stand on her toes to reach a mug, making her legs look incredibly sexy and showing just the bottom of her butt cheeks. After we ate breakfast she opened her presents and thanked me with a very passionate and hot kiss.

We went back upstairs to shower and get dressed. My wife hugged me just before I went for my shower and thanked me for her presents “I’m so lucky I married you sweetheart, thankyou for the perfect presents”. I replied by softly stroking her hair and reminding her she had another surprise later. “You are so sweet, I can’t wait for my surprise. I hope you can’t either” she whispered as she reached down and grabbed at my crotch. I definitely needed a cold shower after that.

After we were ready we made our way to work. It went dreadfully slow and everywhere I looked I was reminded of NYC, where my wife was off to on a work trip tonight – leaving me for a week. Finally the time came to go home. I raced home as fast as I could.

I returned home and my wife was already there. She was in the bedroom finishing packing for tonight. I hugged her from behind and kissed her neck a little, she responded by leaning back on me and wrapping her arms around mine. After a couple of minutes of cuddling and nuzzling up with her she pushed me away and told me she needed to pack. I lay on the bed next to her suitcase and pouted for a little, while she laughed at me. She was walking around the room putting all the things she had forgotten in her case, I on the other hand was taking all the things she couldnt leave without out of the case, in the hope she’s stay. I started with her underwear, spinning her things around my finger then flinging them at her. She started out getting annoyed with me, but ended up laughing when I got to her bras.

Still laughing at me as I was holding all her skimpy underwear up against myself, she shook her head at me and fell onto the bed next to me. I took the sexy thong I was holding against myself and help it against her gesturing for her to put it on. She gave me a coy look and then stripped down until she was completely naked. Needless to say my penis jumped to attention as she wiggled into a red lacey thong. I jumped off the bed when she was in it and embraced her in a passionate, hungry kiss. Her hand immediately found my shirt as he began unbuttoning it. Before I knew it I was completely naked and my penis was comfortably nestled in my wife’s tummy. I was kissing and nibbling on her neck while she fondled and massaged my balls – she knows just how to handle them. suddenly she punched my away stepped out of her thong and bent forward to place it in her suitcase.

i couldmt help it, within seconds I was behind her leaning over her kissing her neck and playing with her breasts. my penis head pressed against her entrance. She let out a soft moan as she took my penis in her hand and slid backward onto me. I stood behind her thrusting hard into her as she orgasmed around my penis. Her legs were shaking and she was gripping the suitcase with one hand and my arm with the other. Her orgasm sent me over the edge and I came fast and hard inside my wife. She let out soft cries of ecstasy which just prolonged my orgasm. When we both came down we collapsed on the bed next to each other, I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her on top of me. She nuzzled into my chest and we just lay there cuddling for about half an hour.

She stood up and finished packing as I had drifted to sleep, took her suitcase downstairs and came back up to wake me. I quickly put some clothes on and walked with my wife to the car. I helped her put her suitcase in the car, and groped her butt a little while she leaning into the car. When she shut the boot I spun her round desperately and pinned her to the car with a passionate deep kiss. She responded and kissed me back harder wrapping her arms around my shoulders and putting me closer to her. I didnt want to let go.

Finally we separated and she walked to the car door, I managed to pull her back for one more squeeze before she left, “I love you baby, have an amazing time and come home to quickly and safely. Happy Birthday my love”. She hugged me back  and whispered to me. “I love you too, I’ll miss you”. She let me go and got in the car, as she pulled off she looked at her in the mirror and blew me a kiss.

I sadly returned to the house on my own and went to the kitchen. My wife the little minx, had left me a parcel on the table. I opened it and found three envolopes. The first said for when you miss being loved and was a note from her. The second said for when you’re horny and was the thong she had on earlier and a few dirty pictures and the third was a list of food in the freezer. On the box said this first week away will go quicker than ever my love. Promise.

Part two – her return home. Coming soon!

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  1. Lovinghusband says:

    NewHusband – great story! It touched my heart. From the title alone – I was so ready for your two’s parting. I know firsthand how difficult those times are. I look forward to your reunion story. Your love for one another is so awesome and powerful. May God bless you both – and give you hearts that long even more for one another.

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