Well, Angela, that didn’t work too well!  And with that a slightly annoyed Chris disengaged himself from atop his heated and mildly frustrated wife, and laid his spinning head back down on the pillow.  He was used to–in fact rather enjoyed–feeling his mind go bonkers in a vortex of joyful orgasmic vertigo upon completion of a run to climax, but turning somersaults while simply entering his wife and thrusting from above was anything but pleasurable.  Yes, it was definitely a mistake to try making love missionary-style, although he mused aloud that many people pay good money on street corners for drugs to make them feel this way all the time.  On purpose.

She turned toward him and placed a big deep wet kiss on and between his lips, then drew back to take in his face.  Chris was still quite a bit swollen from the operation last week, and there were still little scabs at his temples where they had screwed him tightly into the stereotactic halo.  Yep, those babies were sure to leave scars.  And he couldn’t help having an almost constant bloody runny nose from the surgical drilling through his sinuses to get to the brain tumor, so he wore a silly-looking bandage to bed.  It was no secret he clearly had only a fraction of the energy and stamina of a week ago, and seemed just a little despondent.  Probably everything would return to normal next week after getting the biopsy results, but right now it was obvious they were both in need of some serious whoopie!

Just lie back, Big Boy, and leave everything to me.  I don’t want you moving a muscle!

Leaving a trail of kisses and caresses along his neck, nipples, and belly, Angela’s lips came down to his weakening erection, firm but pliable, in fact quite easily bent to fit into her mouth at this angle.  She ignored her own taste on his penis, and licked and slurped and stroked till Chris was once again rigid and hot, fondling his balls while he started to groan softly.  She knew that as long as his neck was extended with his face toward the ceiling he’d be in good shape.  She also knew that he didn’t need oral sex; no, tonight Chris really needed to get screwed!

She felt his hungry gaze on her bosoms and trimmed pussy as she straddled him and rubbed her vulva along his shaft.  He had to crane his neck forward to do so, the wrong way, so she said softly Close your eyes, Lover, close your eyes and lie back, and she leaned down to kiss him deeply again, allowing her breasts to dangle and brush against his chest.

His hands reached up instinctively and found her breasts as if guided by radar, and he kneaded his round soft prizes gleefully, feeling Angela shift her weight forward and guide the swollen tip of his manhood to the moist musky entrance to her vulva.  Then she leaned way back, pointed his dick straight in the air, lowered herself onto him, onto his thick rigid phallus, and impaled herself deeply onto her man.

No Peeking, she gasped, and placed her hands firmly on his chest for balance, squeezing his nipples for good measure, and then proceeded to ride Chris’ pole.  And did she ever ride good.  Really good.

Up ever so slowly, then plunging downward, arching backward to feel him gliding smoothly against her G-spot, then forward to get that exquisite friction along her throbbing clitoris, again and again and again, now twisting left and right all the while clutching his hips tightly with her statuesque thighs.

Eyes obediently closed, Chris was thoroughly immobilized by her technique, and he soon forced himself to completely relax under Angela’s skillful ministrations.  He allowed his mind to wander to a story he’d read recently on a certain website, posted by a loving couple explicitly sharing one of their own romantic interludes, and before long he felt the warm glow of an impending orgasm.

Angela too felt the swelling in his balls and the sudden new girth filling her womanhood, and increased her body’s tempo so that she was grinding her pelvis down onto her lover, squeezing for all she was worth with the velvety walls of her vagina, and was promptly rewarded with the sound of a low feral groan from Chris’ throat, followed by the sweet contractions of his ejaculation, reveling in the wonder of his seed shooting deep into her core from his position below her.  Aahhh!!!

Now the frenzied spinning in his brain was welcomed as a faithful friend, just the right thing, the mind-blowing roller coaster ride of sexual climax brought on solely by the action of his dear wife, too beautiful for words.

But as he lay with his fingers caressing and probing her G-spot a moment later, touching his own fluids dripping from her body, feeling her own spasms and writhings of multiple orgasms while he gave her the pleasure that was due her, he knew that he would try.

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