Heat Food Idea

“Tonight”, she said, “Dessert is on me.”  With that, she lay down in the middle of the bed, removed her panties, and raised her skirt to her waist.  Immediately my member began to swell.  Retrieving the banana, she began to peel the outer layers.   After peeling the banana, she raised her knees and spread her legs.  Separating her lips with her left hand, and gently gripping the banana in her right hand, she guided the tip into her vagina and inserted it halfway into her silky canal.  “Now for the topping”.  She grabbed the whipped cream and sprayed the white lathery topping around the base of her banana, covering her pubic area.  Finally, she added chocolate syrup and two cherries.

Her breathing was becoming noticeably labored as she anticipated the events soon to unfold.    She unbuttoned her blouse and allowed her breasts to spring forth.  She softly moaned as she began to massage her breast.  She rolled her marble-like nipples between her thumb and forefinger.   “Want to suck my banana?” she whispered.  Eager to please her every erotic desires, I lowered my face to the banana protruding from between her legs.  Encircling the banana with my lips, I engulfed the banana, allowing it to slide to the back of my throat.   Evidently, this was an incredible turn on for my wife.  MMMmmmmmm, lick my banana” she moaned.  Allowing it to slide from my mouth, I flicked my tongue around the tip of the banana and on the side like a Popsicle.   This position provided me with a bird’s eye view of my wife’s swollen clitoris.  Using small circular motions, she tenderly began to stimulate her love button with her index finger.

As she reached out with her other hand, I felt her warm fingers encircle my rigid shaft and begin to stroke.  Meanwhile, my tongue found its way to the base of the banana where I eagerly lapped up the whipped cream and chocolate covering her vulva.  Her finger continued to rapidly glide across her engorged clitoris.  Occasionally, her finger would find it’s way into my mouth where I would lick and suck her finger.

Slowly, I withdrew almost the entire length of the banana and plunged it deep between her swollen lips.  As the pace of her stroking my penis increased, I knew she was approaching orgasm.  With each thrust her hips would rise to invite the banana shaft deeper inside of her pouting lips.  As for me, I was in ecstasy at the sight of my wife’s intense pleasure.  I was nearing the point of no return.

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