Naughty Napping

My husband and I have both been working A LOT of extra hours due to our jobs.  It is becoming harder and harder for us to get rested up during the week.  Saturdays we seem to spend all day getting the stuff done that we did not get too during the week so no rest then.   That leaves only one day that we can really get any extra rest and that is Sunday and even then we just have a few hours between the time we get home from AM church (and lunch) and when we have to go back for the evening service.

Almost every Sunday afternoon it is a real race for us to get home and get stretched out for a nap as we are both so tired.   Usually we are both asleep in about 5 minutes after we lay down.   A few months ago though I decided to start making these naps a bit more fun for both of us, while still getting some rest.

My husband likes me shaved, and honestly I like it too now, so a few months ago I made sure I got myself REAL REAL SMOOTH one Sunday AM.  Once I got out of the shower I made sure to get dressed where my hubby would get a good look at my clean crotch.  I put on a minimal white g-string and a sheer bra then put on a nice spring  dress over it.  My husband told me how sexy I looked, I just smiled because I knew what I had planned for later. I thanked him for the compliment though and swayed my butt a bit as I left our bedroom heading toward the car.

All morning, and even during lunch, I had trouble not letting my mind drift to my plans for later.  Once we got home that Sunday I flew too our bedroom and quickly got all my clothes off, which was not too hard, while he was getting a few small things ready for later.    When he reached our bedroom  he found me nude beneath nothing but a thin white sheet.

Our rule has always been is if I am nude in bed he has to be too.  I have never had trouble enforcing that rule either.   He quickly stripped and his member got stiff almost instantly.  That was when I let him in on my plan…no passionate sex, just naughty napping.

What that meant was he was to lay behind me, let himself slip inside me and then we were to fall asleep while TOGETHER.  That is something we have done a few times after sex, but this time the goal was for us to just sleep together and really enjoy it all while we sleep.  He told that he was not sure he could do that.  I told him that I thought he could.  He just laughed.

The first time we tried it, well we didn’t pull it off too well.  Our naughty napping quickly turned into slow screwing and that progressed to a rolling orgasm for me that seemed to last forever and a huge release for him.  That was not necessarily bad, and we both did get a nice nap after that, but we did not pull off my plan.

Over the next few weeks we got it right though.  For more then a month and a half we have been able to get home, get naked, and get in a nice little naughty nap before heading back to church.  Almost every week we have had a nice quickie session before getting our clothes back on, and once he even slipped out of me and then woke me up from my slumber orally….WOW was that amazing.  I plan to repay that one soon and I know he will like it as well.

Sure naughty napping takes a bit of control from us both, and a bit of FUN practice too, but it really has made our Sunday naps, and our marriage, a lot better.

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