True Engagement Story – Shall I Keep Guessing?

I’m in the most celestial earthly situation this side of heaven, nude on our bed, a beautiful sexy lady poised over my quivering flesh, smacking her lips.  Will she or won’t she…

She will!!! My sweet wife takes my twitching penis between her lips and lets it slide luxuriously along her tongue.  As the head of my shaft reaches the back of her throat I feel the exquisite sensations caused by rhythmic sucking, and after a few glorious moments of this lovingly applied suction on my member my mind starts to go foggy.  Now she is slowly pulling me back toward the front of her erotic mouth, and her teeth and tongue start to dance all over the engorged glans.  Now her nails are tracing my balls through the scrotum, and her tongue glides up and down the belly of my rigid phallus.  And then next thing I know, I’m buried to the hilt once again in her luscious mouth, once again caught a little off guard by how incredibly loved I feel when she does this to me.  She doesn’t like to go down on me all that often, even after all these years of extraordinary marital bliss, but when she does….va-va-va-VOOM!!!

I feel the tell-tale signs:  tightening in my testes, fire spreading outward from the base of my penis, and my brain shutting off.  Just a few more strokes of her hand and mouth and the fountains of sperm will be spurting all over.

And then she’s popped me out.  Sharp nails continue their agonizing play on my tingling testicles.  She opens her mouth, just inches from my aching tip, but alas, she speaks and fellates no more.  Chris…Honey…Remember what day today is?  She gives a brief playful lick and pauses.

Wedding anniversary?  No, two months away.  Unngghhhh!!!!  Your birthday, Angela?  Aaaiiieeeehhhhhh!!!!  My birthday?  Oooonnnnhhhhhh!!!!!! Anniversary of our first kiss?  Wwwooo-woooo-woooo….!!!

You guessed it, with each wrong answer my penis is sucked deeply into her throat, sucked to the point of delirium, and removed from paradise the moment my talented lover senses the explosion about to occur. Then blowing gently of the wet phallus head, making the agony even more acute.

Once I discover there’s a pattern here–not a mean feat when you’ve been driven temporarily insane–I realize I have only to keep making up as many meaningless dates I can come up with in order to prolong my stay in oral paradise.  Your parents’ anniversary?…Unnhhhhhpphhhh!!!  Any of the kids’ birthdays?  (I list each of the eight kids in turn)  My parents’ anniversary?…Wwhhooaaaa!!!Your birthday?.. Oh, sorry we did that one already.

By now she has stripped off her own clothes and Angela is gleefully working over her clitoris and vulva lips with the free hand, even as her mouth and business hand continue their heavenly torture of my swollen-beyond-belief penis.  The dog’s birthday?   Oooffff!!!

I decide it’s time to end my misery before I have a massive coronary and the EMTs have to come and do bedroom CPR.  I know, I know!  Today is the anniversary of the day I proposed to you!!!

Bingo!  You win the grand prize, Big Boy!  And without another word she has given one final wet slurp, moved around to straddle me with those five-feet-eleven-inch legs, and placed her vulva at on the base of my quaking purple monster.  Now she grabs my pole and slowly points it up to the ceiling.

It is only a matter of seconds after she impales her pouting vagina onto my waiting penis until we are both in the relentless grip of an indescribably powerful climax.  Erupting, squirting, pumping, gasping, sweating, panting, squeezing, scratching, biting, jiggling, suckling, groaning.  On and on and on.

As my consciousness fades to gray and then black, it strikes me that I had no idea when I popped the question way back then just how wonderful our sex life would be.  Or just how glad I would be that we waited till our wedding night to have our first time with sex.

Oh, there had been no doubt in my mind from our very first date that Angela was the girl I was going to marry.  But somehow that precipitous plunge from the hilltop of being best friends over the waterfall of being head-and-heels in love had left her a little more confused than I was.  And so a months-long period of wooing, talking, kissing, meeting prospective in-laws, even shopping for diamonds “just for fun” was required before she realized I was in this relationship for keeps.  And that life was about to change forever, no turning back.

We were now all set to start our senior year together at the Christian college we attended.  Classes began on Monday, and once school officially started there was a ban on alcohol.  I had to act fast.  I sent a “Dear Jane” note to her room, suggesting in no uncertain terms that our relationship could no longer go on, that we both needed a change, that I’d been praying that God would give me some sort of sign if we should keep seeing each other, that she needed someone who was able to be more than a “boyfriend” (all true but deceptively worded for my little joke), and that she deserved far better than me (remains very true!), and…(turn page over)…WILL YOU MARRY ME?

She was to meet me at midnight in the town park to give her response, bringing with her the little bottle of wine I knew she’d stashed in her luggage if the answer was Yes, or else a rope for me to hang myself if the answer was in the negative.

Lucky for me she has both a sense of humor as well as a sexy body.  Although I didn’t get to experience the Sexy part until our marriage some time after graduation, our courtship provided such a depth of non-carnal knowledge of each other, and a deepening of our mutual love, that it was the easiest most stress-free moment in the world when we finally consummated our love on the wedding night.  Four times.

So now these nostalgic thoughts have breezed through my post-orgasmic brain, she has climbed off my shrinking manhood and is in need of a few more orgasms to complete her evening.  My fingers settle into her vagina a little ways, find the waiting swollen place where her G-spot lies, and start to stroke in a familiar rhythm.  Angela’s breath catches in her throat, a fresh wave of glowing pink blush appears across her bosoms, and her back begins to arch backward.  Just as I feel the first climactic contraction forming through the velvety vagina around my knuckles, I stop the rubbing and grin wickedly.. So, Angela, can you name the marriage date when we first discovered you have a G-spot?

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