Wife Masturbates

Opening the Pool

Shannon and Dave had just gotten their backyard pool open for the summer.  Dave had spent the morning cleaning the filters and filling it up.  It wasn’t a large pool, but it was theirs.  Their nearest neighbors were miles away and the trees and shrubbery surrounding their backyard provided privacy.

Shannon sat on the edge and dangled her feet into the water.  She was always a little slow about getting in; the coolness of the water always slowed her down.  Dave, however, jumped right in.  He swam a few times up and down the length.  Then came over to where she was.

“If you aren’t going to come in, I’m going to get you wet anyway.”

Shannon just laughed at him.

Then he took a hold of one of her feet and lifted it out of the water.  Next he put her big toe in his mouth and began to suck on it.  That had an affect on her.  She was getting wet, but not from the pool water.  As he continued, she started to moan and leaned back on her elbows.  He just wouldn’t stop and suddenly Shannon let out a low audible moan as she had a small climax.

With that Dave removed her toe and started to kiss his way up her leg, all the while staying in the pool himself.  When he reached the leg hole of her suit, he stopped.

“Please don’t stop now!”

That was all he needed, a little bit of permission to go farther.  He crawled out of the pool and laid down next to her.  He pulled the shoulder straps down on her suit and revealed her breasts to the sun.  The nipples weren’t uncovered for long as he covered one breast with his hand and the other with his mouth.

Shannon reached down and started to play with Dave’s penis through his suit.  It didn’t take long for it to lengthen and stick out of the waistband.

Dave switched his mouth to the other breast and pulled her suit down even more.  Now her one-piece tank suit was squished up around her waist, like a bikini bottom.  He reached his hand down into the folds of the suit and slid a finger into her vagina.

As his finger moved Shannon started moaning loudly, “Oh yes. Yesss!  Yesssss!”

With that she sat up and pulled his suit down.  Then slipped hers the rest of the way off.  She laid him on his back and then straddled him, sliding his erect penis deep inside herself.  She pushed herself up and down on him until she was coming again, even stronger.

“Ouu, oh, oh, yes!”  “That’s it, Baby!  Keep it up, just like that!”  “Yesssss!”  “Oh boy, Yesssssssssss! Yesss! Yess!  Yes!” she yelled as she hit the peak.

Then they rolled over and he worked her harder and faster in the missionary position till he exploded inside her.

He rolled off of her and they laid back on the pool deck and tanned in the nude for the rest of the afternoon

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