Sleeping Kiss

Deep in a dream I laid in my bed, a beautiful woman standing over me. She consumed my every thought she gave me a sexy look, scolding me with her eyes as she slid her hands down to her hips, no no you can’t touch she whispered, I wanted her;, I watched her as I absorbed her every move. She pleased herself in places where I was forbidden. Her body swayed and her scent grew stronger she danced to the beat in my heart as it sang her a love song.

Her thighs her fingers her body all drenched as she showed me how much she loved me, I made her feel this way; she said she wanted to thank me.

She was taking pleasure in teasing me and I was craving for her; the fire burning inside of me wanted to soak into her skin and seduce her soul her body was calling inside of me; but all I could do was watch as she lowered herself so I could feel her moist heat on my smiling tongue, but she raised her self before I could reach hungry and excited.

I started to shake please I begged softly let me wrap my arms around you; I need to feel you; love you.  My heart felt like it was pounding out of my chest my arms reached out but she was to far away I cried out please don’t go  she turned to me and smiled I jumped up but I was not going anywhere something was holding back as I saw her slip into the darkness.

I cried as I fell like I had lost a part of me.

I had an ach in my body so bad it was making my stomach hurt I cried out why couldn’t I stop her? Where did she go? Please come back I need you I heard her speak softly from a distance “I’m here” where I asked where are you? I am with you she replied I could see the movement by the window her beautiful silhouette started towards me I tried getting up to embrace her there was a force holding me back drawing me making my whole body cry she is the one she is the breath that I take she is the song in my heart the one who makes me complete I can feel it without touching her I see her coming closer I try harder to break free now my arms are bound and she is standing over me.

Its not fair I want to touch her; she smiled down at all my pain disappeared I felt her fingertips touch my skin the gentleness of an angels wing caressing me could never be as gentle I smiled back at her with a sigh I love you I said as I felt myself drift into a peaceful sleep I woke up with a feeling I could not describe I would not move till I collected my thoughts why did I feel so drained maybe this is a dream I will never forget?

As she started to make her way up my chest, she again started sucking my nipple, which she knows really turns me on.  As I was about to return the pleasure when she asked me if I wanted to do something a little different.  Of course I agreed and she said to stand beside the bed.  This I did and she knelt down and began stroking sucking my shaft.  I kind of had an idea what she was up to; we had talked about this little fantasy in the morning.  This was incredibly hot and such a turn on.  She could tell I was getting closer to going over the edge when she grabbed my hand and placed it on my member and told me to take over.

She placed her hands on my thighs and was engulfing my total member in rhythm with my stroking.  Such a sight to see. The intensity was getting heightened and the slurping sounds were getting louder when I no longer could hold back.  Just as I was starting to go over the point of no return, she slid my penis out of her mouth and into her vagina.  I had been saving it up for about 5 days and an eruption of great magnitude was taking place.

A fantasy come true, thanks to my wife.

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