A Hair Cut – or Was It?

Today I’m going to give my husband a haircut.  I really enjoy doing this, even though it takes me longer than I know it would take a real hairdresser.  I really appreciate it when he lets me be his hairdresser.  I get out the combs, the scissors, the towel, and before I know it he’s home.  “Honey, why don’t you take a seat over here?”  I drape the towel over his shoulders and I stand behind him and begin to comb his hair.  I can’t help but lean over and smell his clean hair and feel a warm feeling inside.

As I’m combing his hair I have a sudden urge to put down the comb and just begin to run my fingers through his hair.  I give his scalp a little massage and his neck as well, and his shoulders, and then I lean over with my arms around his chest and just put my cheek against his cheek.  For a moment I begin to forget what I was supposed to be doing.  Oh, yes, I’m cutting his hair.  I walk around to the front.  His legs spread wide open, I stand between them.  But somehow I can’t seem to get to the haircutting.  I look at his shirt all buttoned up tight, and I say, “Honey, do you mind if I loosen up your shirt a little?  I want you to be comfortable.”  I unbutton the first button, and then the second, and the third…

And I notice the hair on his chest.  I pick up the comb and begin to lightly comb his chest hair.  Again I put down the comb, and with my hands begin caressing his chest and I can’t help but run my finger over his nipples that are beginning to firm up and protrude.  He moves forward in his chair, getting more comfortable.  I lean over and give him a hug.  Then I give him a sweet kiss.  I say, “Honey, do you mind if I unbutton your pants and help you be a little more comfortable?”  Somehow I’m compelled to drop down to my knees and begin to pull the zipper down on his pants – ever so slowly…

Half-way down I notice all the hair and I pick up my comb again.  I remember I’m supposed to be cutting his hair, but I think combing his hair will be good enough for today.  I begin to comb the hair that starts at his belly button and makes a line straight down to where I’ve unzipped his pants.  As I’m combing his hair I’m noticing that there’s more and more hair the farther down I go, and so I unzip his pants all the way.  He moves forward in his chair again and puts his hands up behind his head.  He makes a sound that tells me that he’s liking this kind of hair-grooming.

When I unzip his pants his huge penis jumps out at me!  It’s staring me right in the face.  I put down my comb and I cradle his hairy balls in my hand.  I begin to stroke them and simultaneously my mouth is like a magnet drawn to the end of his penis.  I can’t help but put it in my mouth as much of it as I can, and then pulling my face away, and then bearing down back again… Back and forth, back and forth…  My mouth is watering.  My tongue is licking the tip of his penis.

By now he’s making quite a bit of noise, saying things like, “Ooooh, Honey – that feels goooood!” And, “Yes, do it again, do it again!”  He asks me to stand up, and he begins to unbutton my shirt.  Before I know it he’s sucking on one of my nipples, and then on the other.  And then somehow he’s sucking on both at the same time. He pulls me close to him and I climb on top of his strong legs.  My vagina is dripping, and his penis plunges in…  I bounce up and down…  He bounces me some more…  – And then the explosion…  How exhilarating!  ~ And sponteineous…  – And wonderful we both feel.  I love to cut my husband’s hair.  But it will have to wait another day…

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5 replies
  1. lissygirl says:

    I cut my husband’s hair and every time the closeness and touching leads to us to romantic happenings. (I tell him I’m glad he doesn’t let a hairstylist cut his hair or I’d have to supervise closely!!!) I make him wait until his hair cut is finished — the anticipation sure is fun!

  2. L'Rae says:

    My husband and I use a variation of this technique – the “topless” haircut! We married when we were 19 years old, and children started 4 years later. We will celebrate 40 years this August! Over the decades, we have delighted in finding new ways to keep our sexual relationship intriguing & now, with an empty nest, we have the house to ourselves! He started male pattern baldness about 10 years ago, decided to forego the comb-over, and simply had the barber cut the remainder with a number 4 blade. At some point, I offered to save the barber fee, & do it for him. With a twinkle in his eye, he issued his challenge: “I get to talk about sports at the barbershop, & you have no interest in football. What, exactly, do you have to offer?”

    It took a few days, but I finally told him that I had an alternative that the barber could not copy. This stimulated his interest, & he agreed to try it!

    i got him seated in a chair, with the drape around him & all the necessary tools arranged on the table. Then I removed my blouse & bra! His eyes registered his surprise immediately! He agreed that his barber could go shirtless, but his hairy chest was no match for my soft, smoot, natural breasts. Admittedly, gravity has ensured that they are not the breasts I had 40 years ago, and he appreciates the fact that they served as the primary source of nourishment for our sons, when they were born. Nevertheless, my husband enjoyed the view, a few nuzzles, and a few kisses & nipple flicks with his tongue! (We BOTH enjoyed that part!). Once I was finished, he asked me, “I usually tip the barber about $5, will that do for you?” I responded, “Well, I am thinking more about the tip of your penis!”

    We then started our routine of showering together (to rinse away the hair clippings…LOL) and that always progresses to a wonderful evening of making love!

    Approaching 40 years together, we are not as acrobatic as we once were, but our creativity is just as active!

  3. JazzdBoutH&N says:

    I just realized I wasted a lot of time sitting in a barber chair. This sounds SO much more fun. I’ve been cutting my own hair for the last several years. It’s not so hard when you look like a cue ball. Just some clippers and BZZZZZZ, it’s all gone.

    I’m re-thinking my ways. Where’s Heather? My hair is getting long and unruly.

  4. Soulmaits says:

    Just today, my wife decided to cut my hair. We’ve had a house guest for days and our lovemaking had stopped because of it. She doesn’t like to have sex when we have guests but the playfulness continues. Anyway, as she was cutting my hair out on our deck this morning she had to cut the front area. She steadied her had by placing ger pinky finger on my nose while she cut. I couldn’t help but notice the lovely scent of her love juices on her hand. I moved my nose around to get a better sniff and she caught on to me. I said “smells like you’ve been a little busy this morning?” She half apologized knowing full well how much it turns me on knowing she had masturbated. Since our guest had just gone in the shower, she did the most amazing thing…she reached into her pajama bottoms and began rubbing herself off, occasionally pausing to let me lick her fingers before getting back to it right in front of my face. Before long her body tensed and she gave herself a most amazing orgasm. By now precum is tripping from my aching cock. She finished herself off by lickng her own fingers then getting on her knees in front of me, using the wetness on my cock. Literally within just a few seconds she had me squirting my load right on her tits. I admit, the thought of doing this with our house guest just down the hall really added to her excitement. Best haircut I ever got.

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