Jason and Mary

The two of them were just finally married the photographer was taking pictures of my beautiful bride, my mind start wondering on her form.  His lust for her growing by the minute.  God knew the desires of their heart, and blessed me with this lovely creature. They finish the pictures, and finally exited the church. .  The   parents and them exchange kisses and hugs, my parents said  we gain a daughter take of each other. Her parents gave me an hug “welcome to the family son” as we enter into the big long limo with the dark tinted windows. As the limo pulled away the windows rolled up and partition between driver the couple was raised.  Mary the youthful bride didn’t feel the need to be modest anymore as she take full advantage of the six hour ride to the port and their awaiting cruise ship.

Mary quickly loosen the wedding gown revealing the soft fulls of ample bosom as Jason drink in  the sight of her.   It the first time he ever saw her charms or the upper part of her chest bare revealed as his mind was racing of exotic thoughts of her. She lower the gown still further as her erect long nipples appeared as his cock stirred to very hard erection.  Mary was going consummate her in few short minutes, telling Jason she was sexually available as she getting very aroused at the huge lump in his pants.  Jason was in a maze as her modesty heated away.  Mary leaned to him kissed on the mouth as she unzipped his pant to relieve his erection to her pleasure of her hand.  She quickly shed her gown and was completely naked before him as she watch Jason undress his erection was super large as she cover it with kisses. Your lovely Mary as he  takes hold of her breast and fastens his mouth on to her right nipple.

Mary and Jason still virgins were seconds away to being one flesh with each other as he enter her love canal for the first time. Both of them were heaven as Jason barely kept in control then in few short thrust he burst-ed forth with an eruption in her vagina with force that surprised Mary as felt the powerful spray in her vagina.

They laid in each arms naked as the limo hurry ahead at seventy miles per hour down the interstate. A hour before the limo reached the port they leisurely dress in the limo to avoided the being caught by the driver or making him wait to open the door.
It was a very enjoyable and smooth ride, wondrous lovemaking for the first timers .

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