Love of My Life

This is my first post on this site, and I want to share how grateful I am for my wife, my lover, my best friend. The love of my life. Oh the many things I would love to write and share about my hot, beautiful, loving, Christian wife.  Of all of God’s many blessings to me, no earthly gift He has provided has been greater.  Her soul is loving and kind.  She has a warm, pleasing spirit. She is the mother of our wonderful three children.   She is a talented athlete who works so hard to keep herself fit and beautiful.  She is a hard and conscientious worker who has gone outside of the home after our children became old enough to contribute to our support.  And more, she is spiritually driven and helps to hold me accountable in Christ. Did I mention that on top of all of this, she is a sexy and amazing lover?

First, let me describe her.  She has beautiful athletic legs from her years of running and playing sports.  Her waist is sculpted and defined and her belly flat and amazing for a 50 year old mother of three.  While she dismisses her breasts as small and saggy, I think they are perfectly made for my hands, tongue and mouth.  I love the shape, feel and the scent of her neck and I love it when her hair is cut short to reveal it.  She has a wonderful smile and beautiful hazel eyes.  But my favorite parts of her body is her amazing, firm, and perfectly shaped ass and her wonderfully shaven and delicious pussy.

Over the more than 27 years that we have been married I have continued to have an insatiable sexual appetite for her.  While I wish the same were true for her (I will call her Cris for this site), she frequently has libido challenges.  With that said, when she can clear her mind and let it go, she is a willing and accomplished lover.   Over the years our lovemaking has evolved into a wonderful pleasure routine.   When the house has quieted down or the children are away, I will light the candles and we will settle into bed.  She will slip into bed naked and drape her warm, soft body alongside mine.  We will hold each other and talk about whatever is on our minds, sharing an occasional kiss while she runs her fingers through my chest hair.  I will stroke her bare, beautiful back.  She will then begin to fondle my cock and balls as the sexual tension begins to grow.   Once my cock has become firm and hard, she will delightfully make her way down and take my manhood into her eager, wet mouth.  She is a master with her lips, tongue and hands as she hungrily works my cock from all angles, occasionally taking its entire length into her mouth.  She will work me into a frenzy before I declare that it is time for me to return the favor.

We will then switch places, with her laying on her back and spreading her beautiful legs wide open.  I will climb down and position myself squarely between her legs and prepare myself for the sumptuous feast of perfect pussy that is all mine to enjoy.  I love knowing that I am the only person in the world who gets to taste what I taste, who can smell her sweet aroma, who can see her carefully shaven garden of choice fruits.   As I try to work my magic with my tongue, lips and fingers, I can feel her lips harden and her entire pussy swell and turn a rosy pink as her excitement increases.  I can feel her clitoris harden into an emerging bud as I run my tongue over it and purse my lips onto it with gentle sucks and nibbles.   As the years have gone by and my ego has become more secure, I have realized that my warmups are wonderful, but to give her the most intense pleasure I am no match for the vibrating bullet and 9 inch dildo I bought for her.  She usually begins to beg for the bullet and I am more than happy to deliver as I ratchet up her stimulation.  I will pull out the tool, but usually after coming up to give her a wet kiss that is full of her own scent and juices as our tongues dance playfully together.  By this time she is aching for her pussy to be pleased and she will reach down with both hands and spread her lips wide open to give me total access to her innermost pleasure zones.

After running the vibrating bullet all over her lips and focusing on her now rock hard clit, I will ask her if she is ready for the BIG cock, which I have lubed up and is ready to go. She groans “yes” and I slide it into her tight love canal, pointing it upwards to run over the ridge of her engorged G-spot.   It takes only seconds of this g-spot stimulation for her to enter the final throes of her excitement, usually raising her beautiful arms above her head, tightening her taught belly as she spasms and thrashes about with an intense orgasm that shakes her from head to toe.  She begs for me to stop the stimulation and I remove the dildo, but I put my free hand across her quivering pussy so I can feel the contractions slow and ease, making her feel safe, loved, and secure as she enjoys the quiet afterglow.

After a minute or two of quiet, she is happy to resume her work on me.  We will kiss deeply and passionately as we sit  Indian style on the bed, and then she will gently but firmly start to stroke my usually engorged cock.  She will begin to deliver a magical hand job on my firm cock, alternating between a hand job and wonderful oral sex, as she pushes me back onto my back.   She will use her full flexibility to suck on my cock from her sitting position, grabbing both my hands as I lie on the bed while she takes all of my cock into her mouth, spending extra time on my swollen cock head.  Occasionally she will hop up on me and take my cock into her pussy and ride me cowgirl style, but usually she will work me with her hands and mouth until I am about to explode.  She is not fond of swallowing, so I will warn her that I am coming just in time, and she will continue to stroke my dick until the streams of cum cover her hands and my belly and chest.   If she is feeling naughty and engaged, she will lean down and take a taste of the cum on her tongue and come up and share it with me as part of a deep kiss.  I know that in the Song of Songs the taste and scent of lovemaking was celebrated, and I have no problem with each of us getting to know each other’s tastes in wonderful combination with each other.

While I know that these are private moments between my wife and I, in the anonymity of this forum I pray that reading this will be a blessing to other married couples, who will find it to be a daring, exciting and wonderful sharing of the art of married love.  I thank God and his Son Jesus Christ for blessing me with such a beautiful wife and lover.  May each of you be blessed as well.

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  1. Lovinghusband says:

    Hapster – Your heartfelt gratefulness to God for your wife was such a blessing to read. I am glad for you both! May grant you many more years of married bliss together for His glory! Blessings on you and your wife.

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