After Dinner Delight

By: Atena

This story happened 20 years ago. I remember my husband was working late and I knew he was going to be hungry when he got back, so I ordered some noodles (for him) and pasta (for me) for dinner. I put on a sparkly dress to surprise him.

He finally came home, and when I told him what I had for dinner, he was so happy he lifted me up and spun me around, gave me a big kiss on the cheek and told me,

“Oh honey, thank you! You are the best woman in the world!”

So we started eating as we chatted about that day. Then, after dinner I brushed my teeth and freshened up. Afterwards, my husband told me how sexy I was looking in that dress I had. He was also very thankful for the food.

“That was a delicious meal. Thank you.” He said,

“I’m glad you enjoyed it, darling I loved it too.” I replied.

“I want to show you how thankful I am, not only for tonight, but also because I have such a lovely wife.” My husband told me.

I wonder what that implied. But my husband got down, ran his hands up my legs and pulled down my panties as I stepped out of them. He got back up and started kissing me. He lifted me up and lay me on our bed. He started kissing my neck, and touching my breasts, before going down.

He went between my legs, and started to smell my most intimate of areas,

“Ohhhhh, your lady scent is still sweet,” My husband told me as kissed my ladyplace.

He started to lick my ladyplace slowly, tasting my lady liquid, as he licked the folds right down to my entrance while he nuzzled my sweetspot. I moaned softly while I stroked his head.

My pleasure slowly started to get stronger. I lightly touched his head as he moved his tongue around the folds. My moans gradually turned into orgasmic cries as he now started to stroke my sweetspot with his wet tongue. I began to cry out as he went faster. I grabbed the bedsheet with one hand, and continued lightly touching his head with the other.

I then came down, and smiled slightly as my husband kissed my ladyplace a little more before wiping his mouth and coming back up to kiss me on the neck.

“You still taste so sweet. Always sweet, my beautiful wife!” My husband said to me as he stroked my breasts.

I sure slept well that night. And I think he did too.

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  1. Lovinghusband says:

    WowHarper! So very hot and erotic ! As you know from my posts – what your husband did is one of my favorites! I love the taste, smell and feel of my wife’s pussy. I can’t begin to calculate how many total hours I’ve spent with my tongue in between her legs – it would have to amount to weeks! And every moment of it has been representative of wonderful oneness as a couple. Your writing spurred many thoughts and has gotten me horny on this Monday morning! I think I might add to my total! God bless you Harper! Thanks for your great stories – I really like them!

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