Intensive Care

“Hi, Mary. How’s he doing?” Lisa Retoya asked her friend and prayer partner who was the nurse on duty at their small 6 bed local hospital. “Pretty good, but he’d sure like to get back to the ranch and his sweet wife!” Mary replied with a mischievous grin. They were referring to Jack, Lisa’s husband of almost 30 years who was recovering from surgery on his foot that had been injured when his horse fell with him earlier that week. “I guess I’d better go check on him, then!” Lisa said smiling as she turned to enter room 4 just across from the nurse’s station.

Her nearly silent entry found Jack lying in the dimly lit room with his eyes closed. As Lisa stepped closer to his bed, he alarmed her with a soft, low moan. Eyes still closed, he was totally unaware of her presence. Thinking she should call Mary, Lisa began to turn, her eyes sweeping over her husband’s familiar form, barely concealed by the single sheet. Her frown of concern turned to a grin of understanding when she finally discovered the source of Jack’s moans. The unmistakable bulge of his thick erection was the prominent feature of his reclining profile. The moans resulting from her man’s unmet needs stirred her quickly to action.

Quietly, she moved to the door and slipped out. “Mary, Jack and I have something to discuss in private for a little while. Could you make sure we aren’t interrupted?” Mary’s raised eyebrow and slight upturn at the corners of her mouth soon gave way to an understanding grin. “Sure, Lisa! I know how important those ‘discussions’ can be. We’ve noticed some obvious signs that he was really ‘missing’ you, and hoped you’d come in and ‘talk’ with him about it!”

As a slow blush crept up Lisa’s neck, she softly thanked her good friend and slipped back into her husband’s room, softly but firmly closing the door behind her. Jack tanned eyelids fluttered, but remained closed. His state of arousal hadn’t subsided, and Lisa smiled in anticipation of what she had in mind. Slowly, sensuously, she slid her cool, smooth hands across his exposed muscular chest. Her motions of love were generally circular but were constantly changing their path to include his shoulders and his firm stomach. Each time she her path took her toward his navel, she made sure the crisp, white sheet was pushed lower and lower. Soon, the trail of dark hairs pointed the way to his very neglected, very masculine equipment, it’s swollen head now in plain view. Her fingers just grazed it, bringing an instant response from her man. Propelled by his powerful hindquarters, his lean hips automatically raised from the bed, seeking the source of this wonderful pleasure.

Lisa began kissing his body, starting at his chest, lingering on each crinkled nipple, savoring the scent of the man she loved so much. Her breath paved the way as she progressed toward his waiting shaft, her initial kisses there causing a quiver that coursed through Jack’s entire body. Taking his head between her lips, she gently began to bring him toward the release he so needed. Her hands fondled his heavy scrotum and it’s precious cargo, increasing his arousal even more.

Taking a quick glance at the still-closed door and silently praying that Mary would be able to keep her promise of privacy, Lisa pulled away from her man and deftly slid her shoes and panties off from beneath her cotton skirt. Pushing the sheet down to Jack’s knees, she soon was above him, waking him in the process. “Honey!” Jack said, “What are you . . . “ he stuttered, as she lowered her softness into intimate contact with his hard flesh. He closed his eyes, and kissed the back of her hand over and over, murmuring “Oh sweetie, I’ve needed you so much!” reveling in the woman he given his heart to for so many years.

Lisa shifted her supple body in that experienced manner that she knew so well, gaining the start of the penetration that by now they both needed so badly. Draping the skirt strategically over them, just in case, she slowly continued her dance of passion, eventually finding herself completely filled by his throbbing manhood. Lisa glanced one last time at the door, but knew in her heart that nothing could now stop the inevitable consummation of their love.

Her own passion grew as she savored the intentional thickening of his shaft that Jack was providing her. As he clenched his powerful muscles, the increasing girth and pressure on her center pushed her higher and higher. He began to slowly thrust against her, deepening the intensity of the contact with each stroke. His forced abstinence had greatly limited his control, but the excitement of the circumstances and her own lack of intimacy for several days had Lisa on fire, already near the precipice of orgasm. Jack drank in the erotic sight of his beautiful bride riding him, her erect nipples now very evident beneath her knit top. Reaching out to fondle her breasts proved to be the last straw, and her passion washed over her. Her unbridled ecstasy quickly pulled him under as well, the lovers nearly drowning in the bliss and beauty of each other’s mind, body and soul. Jack’s lunging hips continued to drive him deep, extending her pleasure beyond its limits. Her body eagerly accepting his intimate delivery of stored up love and commitment.

Finally, as their bodies’ responses began to subside, Lisa leaned forward, supported by his strong hands still cupping her willing breasts. Kissing him lovingly, she whispered, “Sorry I left you here all alone for so long with all these mean nurses. Will you forgive me?”

Jack’s initial response was simply the unspoken but crystal clear return of her kiss, savoring the feel of her lips against his. When the embrace momentarily broke for a breath, he placed his lips to her ear and said, “I’ll have to give that some thought. Maybe you could visit me again in a couple of hours. I think that might help me decide if you’re really forgivable!”  They enjoyed the next hour, snuggling in the spacious bed, talking about their children, the ranch and life in general. Glancing at her watch, Lisa kissed him one more time before she left, many things still to do on her busy schedule.

“Thanks, Mary. We appreciate it!” Lisa said on her way out. Mary looked up from her paperwork and smiled. “He was really glad to see you, wasn’t he?”  Lisa’s embarrassment was short lived, as Mary stood and gave her a big hug. “Lisa, you just did more for his recovery than a whole hospital full of staff could do in a year!”

Unable to resist one more little dig at her life-long friend, Mary continued, “I’ll see you in church tomorrow, but you’d better get rid of that little satisfied glow, since everyone knows Jack’s in here, not in your bed at home!”

Laughing, Lisa hugged Mary again and said, “I’m not even through with him today! Since you guys can’t seem to take adequate care of him, I guess I’ll just have to come back later to see that his needs are being met properly. We’ll worry about tomorrow when it comes!” and she headed for the door with a spring in her step and a look of eager anticipation as she faced the rest of her day.

Jack grinned as the muffled but legible sounds of the women’s conversation in the hall ceased. Watching Lisa pull out of the parking lot, he thanked his Lord for the amazing wife he’d been blessed with, sharing her anticipation of the years ahead they hoped to share together.

Shortly, Mary knocked and entered his room, turning the lights up, and smiling a knowing smile at an embarrassed Jack. “Hey big guy, are you hungry? I know it’s not lunch time yet, but I understand you might have worked up an appetite!” Mary asked, nearly bursting out laughing at his discomfort. Finally regaining his composure a bit, Jack replied, “Yeah, a big, juicy, rare steak sounds pretty good right now! By the way, small town life sure doesn’t offer much privacy, does it?” he said to his wife’s best friend. “More than you think, buddy, more than you think!” was Mary’s firm reply as she turned to go, a big, smile on her compassionate face.

“Now leave me alone! I’ve got to go convince the kitchen to grill you that steak. We can’t have you in a ‘weakened condition’ when Lisa comes back this evening!” and an again blushing Jack chuckled at the slowly closing door.

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