Old Bedroom

This happened in the second year of our marriage.

We were at my wife’s folks home waiting on them to come home. We noticed a note on the kitchen table that said, “Will be back after six thirty”.  It was then four thirty; so we were alone.  My wife smiled and guided me back to her old bedroom and closed the door.

“My folks are gone and I want you sexually now”, my wife told me. I was game to her wishes.

She closed the curtains, and then she undressed in front of me as I undressed also.  This was exciting me to no end. She has a lovely hourglass figure with lovely white round breasts with darker pink nipples. Which provided me sexy trends of thought and visual excitement.

She then told me, it was a good thing we were married. She was never allowed to alone in the house with male company during dating, and I had honored a curfew set by her father, during dating.  I respected his rules for his daughter to keep her from heartache.  Plus it agreed with my morals too, because I was a virgin and I was saving myself for marriage.

I was getting hot from looking at her nude form. My erection was growing harder.   She laid me on the bed and her vagina was swollen three times its normal size as her climbed over me it was dripping wet with no foreplay, She started lovemaking extremely early; this was new for her; not a normal thing for us.

She told me to lay still and let her do all the work.

She proceeded to practice her kegels she gripping my very hard erection with her love canal, as I was being ridden like a saddled pony, her breasts were bouncing back and forth .  She orgasmed from doing kegels around my penis and now she was extremely wet.  We then switch to me being on top and she let me control the lovemaking session.

I started thrusting deep inside her and my hands went to her breasts and erect hard nipples and we french kissed.

I felted her restart the kegels again it felt wonderful it was driving me wild with passion. Then I backed off for a while then restarted and I was in seventh heaven. She was milking me of my sperm and juices, and this went on for about thirty minutes.  Then finally I lost control shot my huge load of love cream in the most powerful orgasm ejaculation I ever experienced.

We then cleaned up and waited on her parents to return home for dinner. Finally they came home and we enjoyed the fellowship of moral upright guidance of their company as we talked and shared about our relationship with each other.

Later that night we made love in her old bedroom again with soft back ground music playing to avoided being heard, and her parents room had soft music playing at same time as we united privately joined in blessed one flesh relationship as we do every night for the last 13 years

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