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Romantic Husband – One of the most romantic weekends my husband and I ever spent was when he determined to give me an “anything you want” weekend.  He made reservations at a bed and breakfast about three hours away, bought wonderful smelling massage oil and other “accessories” and told me that it would be a weekend in which he was my “pleasure slave”.

I can’t tell you how excited I was about what this weekend might hold.  We have a large family and have very little time to ourselves.  I’d never been treated to a weekend like this before.  The anticipation was intense.romantic husband

Once we got to the bed and breakfast and got settled in, my husband ran to town to grab any snacks and treats that were my favorites and to rent my very favorite romantic movies.  I unpacked our bags and sat back to relax.  Caring for six kids and taking care of a small farm is exhausting.  This break was so appreciated.

When my romantic husband returned, I was very surprised when he unpacked a manicure kit and nail polish. My romantic husband!

He had me lay on the bed with my favorite movie playing and went to work.  First he gave me a manicure carefully trimming, shaping and polishing my nails.  It was wonderful!  Then, he headed for my feet.  He gave me a thorough foot massage with some wonderful peppermint foot lotion and then gave me a pedicure.  I felt so wonderfully pampered.  All the while my romantic husband was working away, he made sure my favorite beverage was in hand and my favorite treats were by my side.

Once my movie was through this romantic husband bought massage oil with my favorite scent (Orange Ginger) and started to work on my back.  All of my tensions and sore muscles were tended to by his big, gentle hands.  He massaged my neck, back and all the way down to my toes.  I can’t remember ever feeling so physically relaxed!  When he had my back completely relaxed he had me turn over.  Wow!   He caressed my breasts, abdomen and thighs.  I had no idea what a sensual experience it would be especially when he took care to massage my private area.  As he gently stroked and caressed, seeking to find what pleasured me the most, I could tell by the increasing tightness of his shorts that he was enjoying the experience as much as I was.  When I told him he would be next for a massage, he politely refused and said the weekend was solely for my pleasure– not his own.  Mmmmmmm….

After my massage, he led me to the huge double shower.   He made sure the water was the perfect temperature for me (he likes his showers much hotter!) and got in with me.  He started washing my hair and massaging my scalp with some shampoo.  He was so gentle and so tender with me; he warmed my heart as well as my body!  Then he carefully got out some new shower gel he’d bought and used a generous amount to scrub my body everywhere, saving my private areas for last.  As his hands gently, but firmly, ran down my body, my desire for him grew measurably.  Not to mention, his manhood had grown to an enormous size.  He was fully erect and throbbing and I couldn’t take my eyes off of him.  I kept trying to grab his erection, but he would always side step me, trying to keep himself concentrating on me instead of himself.  Finally, when he became engrossed in what he was doing again, I got hold of him, turned him around so I was holding him from behind and I started firmly stroking him.  The soap made him lusciously slippery and within only a couple of strokes I had the rhythm down.  He protested but the sensations he was feeling paralyzed him and let me have my way.  I stroked harder and harder until I brought him to a climax that took him to his knees.  He said I wasn’t playing fair until I explained that my pleasure is and has always been directly related to his own.  Besides, I knew he’d have plenty of energy left over for me later.

After our shower, he dried me off and carefully brushed out my hair.   He slathered my body with body lotion and then we climbed into the bed under the big down comforter and took a long and luxurious nap.  When I awoke, my husband was already out procuring me my favorite dinner, which he served me in bed.  Once we were done eating, my husband asked me exactly what it was that I wanted to do.  Why—him of course!  He made love to me tenderly and thoughtfully; making sure my pleasure was the ultimate goal.  As I felt myself rise to meet my second orgasm, I could feel him starting to ride the wave with me.  As the sensations became more and more intense, we climbed the mountain of pleasure together.  We rode wave after wave and as they came faster and faster, we jumped off of the cliff together.   It was absolutely incredible!  It’s in moments like these that I realize how truly blessed I am to have such a generous lover. I can’t wait to plan a weekend where HIS pleasure is the ultimate goal.  Do I have plans!

Romantic Husband Ideas:

Note: A Romantic husband must want to be that way. It often does not seem to come natural for a man to be a romantic husband.  Squidoo published an article giving that romantic husband ideas to connect with his wife. Be a romantic husband, your wife deserves it!


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