What a Weekend!!

My Wife had gone to visit her parents for a couple of weeks and I thought I would leave her a little story to entertain her while being away:

Travis and his smoking hot wife Carly had had a
long week what with work and kids and the beginning of
a new year keeping them on their toes.  But it was all
going to be worth it for this weekend.  For this
weekend had been set aside and planned by Travis as
one of romance and passion that neither of them would
ever forget.  The hotel room was booked and the
reservations had been made at the best and most
romantic restaurant in town.  The kids were to stay
with some friends and the night was all for the
amorous lovers.

Travis had spent the week planning and picking up
new and enjoyable treats for the couple to enjoy on
their long awaited and much needed emotional
reconnection.  It was to be a romantically and yes
most certainly sexually charged getaway.  He came home
with his heart already pounding and his manhood
straining his work pants with anticipation for the
weekend he had planned.  Carly was ready and the
kids were packed for their trip to their friends
place.  The kids were in the living room and Carly
in the kitchen as Travis came home.

When he entered the kitchen his sexy wife’s eyes
were drawn immediately to the significant bulge in his
pants.  As she drew near to him and kissed him in
welcome her hand could not help but slide quickly down
those pants to grab briefly at the silky smooth skin
of Travis’s pulsing erection.  Into his ear she
whispered “I can’t wait to have this pounding into my
hot, wet hole my sex machine”.  She knew how this kind
of talk would make him want her even more.

Travis stepped away and told her to come to the
bedroom to get ready for dinner.  He said “I have
something for you to wear for dinner tonight my
love.”  When they entered the bedroom Travis went to
the closet and brought out a box which Carly opened
with excitement.  Inside was a beautiful black, knee
length dress with a plunging neck line that she
thought was just beautiful.  Carly began to change
and had gotten into her bra and panties when Travis
said “Just a moment my love” as his eyes were drawn to
the moist spot on her panties.  He stepped over and
slid his hand into her undergarment and felt those
sweet juices on his fingers and whispered in her ear
“I have another set of garments for you to wear under
that dress”.

Then Travis moved to the closet and pulled out a
bag and another small box.  In the bag was a gorgeous
matching black bra and panty set that Carly was
excited to put on.  As she moved to take them Travis
held them away and said “But first you have to put
this on” and pulled open the box to reveal an item
that was attached to straps. The object looked much
like a butterfly with a rather enlarged phallus
coming out of its middle.  “This my darling”, said
Travis “is a strap on remote controlled vibrator.  I
need only manipulate the remote and there are 7
different vibration choices I have, from up to twenty
feet away and you will be given the gift of public

As Travis handed Carly the new toy and the
panties to go over top of them he said, matter of
factly, “I expect to see these several times tonight
my dear, or there may just be some consequences to
pay”.  Carly took the offerings with a demure yet
slightly wicked little smile.  As she strapped on the
device and positioned it just right she said “This is
a wonderful gift my stallion and I am hotter and
wetter than I have ever been right now.”  She then
pulled out the panties to go over the device and as
she pulled them on Travis decided it was important to
test the batteries on the remote control.  Carly’s
eyes went wide and she gasped in pleasure as the
wonderful device whirred into life and sent its tiny
tremors through her clitoral area and up through her

Then Travis clicked off the device and Carly
shuddered briefly as she finished pulling on her fine
lace crotchless panties.  “Remember”, Travis said, “I
expect to see these” as his hand trailed along her
sweet, round, tight lace covered ass “several times
tonight”.  Carly replied “oh I believe you will see
them many many times”.  She then finished pulling on
her bra and stepped into her new dress.  It fit
perfectly and showed just the right amount of cleavage.
Her figure was accented perfectly at the rise of her
breasts and the curve of her hips.  It hugged her
husbands favorite visual part, that sweet curve of
flesh at her back that moved so seductively every time
she walked.  The entire effect was beautiful and fully

After the kids were dropped off and the
restaurant was reached the couple began to truly relax
for their weekend.  On the way to their dining
experience both were continually drawn to each others
bodies.  Carly, several times, moved in just the
right way to flash her new toy and panties to her
lusty lover.  She could not keep her eyes and even
hands off of that solid stick in his pants.  It was a
difficult trip to keep control on.  Travis was just
beginning to get the hang of the treasure buried in
the panties of his lover.  She would groan
periodically in pleasure on the drive when he would
hit a new vibration button.

As the loving couple pulled into the parking lot
of the restaurant Travis’s pants were simply bursting
with the strength of his hard-on.  He knew this could
be embarrassing but he was so excited about the sexual
tension that would be created by controlling the
vibrator in Carly’s steamy pussy that he still could
not wait to enter the restaurant.  The two walked into
the building with their arms around one another and as
soon as the hostess came up to ask about their party
Carly’s eyes went wide as Travis turned the remote
to high while squeezing her tight ass at the same

The hostess, having not noticed anything amiss,
lead the lovers to their table.  As Travis held the
chair for Carly she whispered in his ear “honey I
can’t believe you did that…but it was sure
exciting…and I’m getting wetter and wetter.  Some of
my juices have just run down my leg.”  Travis, being
even more turned on by this, ran his finger up her leg
as she sat down and wiped off the juices with his
finger which he promptly licked off his finger with a
look of fiery lust in his eyes.  As he sat down he
spoke softly to Carly “my lover I can’t wait to have
your sweet cunt in my mouth so I can lap up those
juices and feel you shudder with the pleasure of my
tongue.”  Then, again, he turned on the magic between
his unbelievably sexy woman’s legs.

Carly was enjoying, immensely, this covert
sexuality and decided it was time for her to return
the favor in kind.  As she leaned over to her studly
man to whisper “I want this stick…” she gently but
firmly jammed her foot into Travis’s over stretched
and throbbing cock “…in my mouth…I want to suck it
and feel it when it shoots its load onto my huge white
tits!!”.  This, of course, made Travis’s dick stretch
even further in his pants.  The waiter came just then
and Travis’s hand strayed again to the buttons on his
newest electric toy.  Carly’s eyes rolled back in her
head as Travis ordered for them both and turned off
the tool to bring his wife back from her island of

Just then it was time for Travis to be sure it
would be unnecessary to punish Carly later.  He
“dropped” his fork under the table and looked her in
the eye as bent over to retrieve it.  With a wink
Carly hitched up her skirt and spread her legs wide.
By the time Travis had got down to get the fork he
had a full view of Carly’s wet cock-pit and the
fingers she had inserted just above the penis of the
butterfly between her legs.

The entire dinner moved along with both getting
themselves worked up into a sexual frenzy unlike any
either of them had ever felt before.  Travis would
periodically start up the new toy and Carly would
close her eyes and breathe fast.  Carly went to the
bathroom once just to clean up her legs from the cunt
juices flowing.  Then as she came back she hung back
in the shadows of the hall leading to the bathrooms
until Travis looked over to her eyes, when she
surprised him even more that anything else that night
by raising her skirt up her legs enough for Travis to
see her shaven pink pleasure hole with her finger
slowly stroking the clit above it.  This was enough
for Travis.  He ordered the check and got cheesecake
wrapped up for later at the hotel.

The two horny lovers raced one another to the
car.  Just as Travis sat in the driver’s seat two
things happened at once, he turned on the highest
setting of the butterfly and Carly stood outside the
car with her door open and fingered her love button
with her skirt up to her waist in the parking lot.  At
this Travis could stand it no more and pulled her into
the car while playing with the buttons on the remote.
As she sat down he grabbed the top of her dress and
pulled out her huge, perky boobs and began kneading
them with one hand while starting the car with the
other.  As she sat down his hand automatically found
its way between her legs and his head found her
nipples briefly before sitting up (with his hand still
gathering love juices) and beginning to pull out of
the parking lot.

As the two took off toward the hotel Travis
continued to play with his scorching wife’s dick hole.
As he did this he used the remote over and over again
and it was only a minute after leaving the parking lot
that Carly’s hips began bucking and her vagina was
closing around the butterfly penis stuck inside her.
At this she had had enough as well.  She looked over
at her man and exclaimed “I need that throbbing muscle
of love in my mouth now!!!”

At this she grabbed the remote out of my hand and
set a setting she liked and ripped open the zipper of
Travis’s pants and gave him sweet release finally as
his member popped out in the cool air in the car.
Carly proceeded to bend over with Travis’s hand
kneading her breasts and put that huge member into her
waiting and wet mouth!!  She moved up and down and
sucked him off like she had never done before.  It was
a beautiful thing and Travis knew he couldn’t last
long with this kind of head job being done!  Travis
groaned out “I’m going to cum!!  I’m going to cum so
hard baby!!”  Carly stopped sucking briefly and said
“baby just cum…I want to feel your veins pulse as
you shoot your love juice”.  And out of nowhere
Carly had a cup to spit into.  Travis laid his head
back while watching the road and yelled as his spunk
shot strongly into Carly waiting mouth.  She
accepted it all and spit it into the cup while
continuing to lick the love rod while it slowly

Both husband and wife were feeling much more
sated as they pulled into their hotel parking lot but
both were still excited knowing that the night had
only just begun.  They grabbed their bags and headed
into the sight of their sexual adventure for the next
two days.  At the front desk Travis asked for their
room key and again hit the button on his new favorite
toy.  He knew that he may “pay” for his rapid use of
this device later.  However he was having extensive
fun with it and would gladly “pay” any price expected
from his aroused and arousing sex queen.  While the
clerk was fetching the key Carly surprised her
husband for the second time that night.  As she
shuddered with another orgasmic contraction from the
little friend between her legs she came up behind her
somewhat sex crazed man and reached around to his now
slowly stiffening coital rod while whispering in his
ear “my stud I needed this in my mouth…I’ve had that
pleasure now…now I expect it to pleasure me and fill
me to wondrous orgasm”.

Travis looked over his shoulder as his hand found
the place she spoke of and he said huskily “my darling
I would have it no other way, though there may be
other parts of my anatomy going in there first”.  As
he thought his way through this he knew that he would
be fully ready again by the time they reached their

The clerk came back with a slightly raised
eyebrow and handed over the key.  The two sex warriors
moved up the hall and found their shagging sanctuary.
No sooner were they in the door that Carly’s dress
and bra were on the floor and Travis’s pants had flown
into the chair across the room.  As Travis finished
undressing his wondrous woman he whispered in her ear
“I love you more than I can say and this evening has
already been amazing.  I think we should take a
sensuous shower together and I will tantalize your
body and massage you in the heat.  After that you are
going to be mine to do with as I want.  I brought
another new toy to play with.  You are going to be my
little sex slave tonight.  Your body will be mine to
do with what I want.  What do you think about that my
little wench?”  Carly answered by tearing off her
new master’s shirt, heading to the bathroom, and
saying “your wish is my command tonight my master”.

This kind of talk and roll play always made
Travis even hotter and harder.  The only thing his
Carly did not realize is that his desire for her
body tonight was to pleasure her until she begged for
his huge shaft to enter her and bang her to highest
orgasmic peaks.

The two entered the shower and Travis took his
time running his hands all over his new sex slaves
body.  He washed her hair and soaped up her entire
body all the while kissing her and touching her and
fondling her all over.  Once their shower had finished
both got out and toweled one another off.  This kind
of sensuality had been a long time coming and it was
the perfect precursor to the feverish, kinky and
frenzied sex that was to follow.

When Travis had finished toweling off his hottie
he told her to lie down on the bed spread eagle.
Then he went to his bag and pulled out the next tool
he would use this night.  He brought the remote vibe
and showed Carly the hand cuffs and tethers he had
bought with the vibe.  “Keep em spread baby” he said.
Carly was more than happy to obliged and said “yes
master” in her most breathy and sensual voice.  As
Travis attached the hand cuffs and tethers his
erection was standing out hard and strong and he
brushed her face and breasts with it as he kissed her
irresistible body in various places until she was
firmly in place.

Once his little wench was all tied up so that she
could not get away or get over zealous Travis pulled
out a toy that had become a favorite in the bedroom
for he and his wife.  As he looked her in the eyes he
turned on the vibe that was an exact replica of his
straining pole and traced it up her legs and to its
goal, her sensuous clit.  She started almost
immediately shivering in a new orgasm as she had been
on and over that edge many times already this night.
The sight of this naked and spread eagled body in
front of him bucking at the touch of a dong exactly
like his drove a stake of passions straight through

Travis took his time in pleasuring his lover.  He
touched her and kissed her and massaged her for a very
long time.  When he was sure that his slave was going
to be begging soon he kissed down her body, pausing at
her nipples, until he was between her legs.  He asked,
with a desperate lust in his voice “do you wish me to
suck on your swollen pussy my little wench?”  Carly
could only look at him with need and desire in her
eyes and say “yes”.  He pinched her supple rear and
said “yes what?”.  She said “I am sorry…yes master
please suck my hairless love tunnel”.

The master lowered his face readily and greedily
down to her thighs and stroked them with his breath
before licking them.  He then trailed his tongue down
further and further until his lips met hers in a sexy
wet kiss between his slave’s legs.  For a long time he
simply played with her cunt with his mouth as his
hands kneaded her breasts and buttocks with lusty
abandon.  When he was sure neither of them could take
it anymore he slid up her torso and kissed his wife
full on the mouth.  He was almost sent over the edge
with his lust at knowing that Carly was tasting her
juices in his mouth.  Travis was ready to play with
his wench wife’s wide open slit with the member she so
desperately wanted.  “Do you want me my slave?” Travis
asked looking into Carly’s eyes.  “Yes Yes, master
please take me.  Please take my hole and make it
yours!  I need your huge sausage banging into my wide
open pleasure pit.”

That is exactly what Travis wanted to hear.  He
wanted nothing more that to bang her with abandon.  To
do her hard and fast and to scream his release inside
the body of his most beloved.  As he sat up on his
knees he looked at her one more time and his stick
jerked as he saw her waiting spread eagled and wet.
The bed between her legs was soaked with her pussy
juices.  It was time.  Travis forced her legs wider
and slid up to his bone inside her.  He had no
trouble she was so open and wet.  Through
concentration and work he banged her without losing it
for a few minutes.  Then he knew it was time to finish
it.  Pulling out he said “do you want me to do you
like an animal?  Like a dog would?  With total abandon
and from your back?”  She answered “Yes! Yes!  Take
me!”.  Travis turned his lover over (the tether was
long enough to do so) and feasted on the sight of her
beautiful white ass sticking up to greet him.  He
said, in a louder than normal voice “I will finish you
now my little wench!”  And with that he entered her
with his shaft and banged her without abandon until
his white and hot jizz erupted through his scream into
her wide open cunt.  As they finished and he collapsed
on her he whispered in her ear “that was the best sex
I have ever had and I love you my darling”.  She
nodded and lay relaxed.  As Travis undid her handcuffs
and they lay in each others arms he could not help but
think that they still had a whole day and night here

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