Still Loving Sex

The bathroom mirror was fogged up as she stepped out of the shower.  “Good”, she thought to herself, “at least I won’t have to look at myself”.  She could not believe how he still loved to look at her naked body, after 35 years of marriage, and as many extra pounds.

She toweled off, and then wiped off the mirror with her towel.  She gazed into the mirror, looking herself up and down.  Her breasts, once so sexy and perky, now had lost their bounce.  “He still likes them, though”, she thought.

She reached up and began to caress her pink nipples, imagining that it was him.  Closing her eyes, she thought back to all the times he had looked at her breasts so lovingly, kissing them and suckling on her nipples, which had always sent soft waves of desire over her.

She slowly began to run her hands down her body, enjoying the sensations of desire she was feeling.  “How long has it been?”, she wondered. ” At least a couple of weeks, maybe”.

She twisted part way around so she could see her bottom in the mirror.  “Not too bad, kid”, she thought.  He had always loved looking at her bare bottom, and caressing it with his hands.

Her hands and her gaze worked their way lower, until she came to her dark triangle.  Wetting her finger with her tongue, she slowly slipped it into the pink cleft and began to stroke herself.  Now she was really feeling turned on.  She began to think about him kissing her there, which he always loved to do.  She remembered that time, so many years ago now, when he finally talked her into trying oral sex for the first time.  She had said no for the first several years of their marriage, but one day, when they were feeling particularly in love, she let him.  “I didn’t know what I was missing”, she told him, even though she didn’t have an orgasm that time.  A few weeks later, she did have an orgasm while he pleasured her with his tongue, and this had opened the door to an exciting new way to express their love for each other and to give each other pleasure.

Her finger seemed to have a mind of its own, and began to move faster up and down against her clitoris.  She began thinking about his penis.  The skin was so soft and smooth, like velvet.  She thought about how much she love to kiss him there, and how much she enjoyed the cries of pure sexual emotion he made when she would take him deep into her mouth. She would start by licking all around the head, then work her way lower. She loved making love to his penis as much as he loved her doing it. But more than anything else, she loved the feel of his penis inside her, filling her with his love.

Now she had a new idea.  He loved to watch her pleasure herself, and then he would make love to her.  She left the bathroom naked and went to the bedroom.  Reaching into the nightstand, she took out her favorite vibrator.  “Honey, are you busy?”, she called out to him as she headed for the living room.

“Thank you, God, for my husband, and for the gift of sex”, she prayed. “And for the fact that the kids are grown and gone”.

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