We were on a business trip and checked into a nice Hotel. As we entered the room I Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 10.28.36 PMdropped our bags to the floor. It was definitely one of the nicest rooms in the hotel. A nice sized suite with a balcony overlooking the strip from 33 floors above. I looked around at the amenities, “I almost feel like I am dreaming, a luxury suite that I’m sharing with my sexy Assistant.”

“Shush!” she replied, “you forget that I have worked for you for awhile now, and I know about your ‘rules’ when it comes to interaction with your coworkers.”

Without waiting for me to say anything, she went into the bathroom, saying that she was going to get ready for bed. She came out a few moments later in a tiny pink nighty. Her breasts bounced with every step as she came out of the room, the bottom barely covering her rear as she walked out the glass door and stood beside me on the balcony. Placing her elbows on the railing and leaning forward. Her nighty riding up, exposing the bottom of her cheeks. I peered over and noticed she wasn’t wearing any undies as she looked down over the railing. Unable to control myself I walked up behind her and slowly ran my fingertips up her thigh.

She said with a giggle “you and I both know that nothing should happen, it would make working together awkward.”

Feeling as if I had immediately forgotten everything I had through previously, I slowly removed my belt. Reaching around her waist and wrapping it around her wrists as she began to squirm “Wha what are you doing1” she asked as I past the belt through the buckle, pulling it tight around her wrists “We really shouldn’t “ she whispered as she pressed her ass against me, seeming to say otherwise. Feeling my penis begin to stiffen as her bare ass ran against the thin fabric of my pants. I wrapped the end of my belt around the side of the railing, securing her wrists, looking out over the City, the busy streets 33 floors below us.

Reaching my hands around her as she continued to grind her ass against my erection, moaning softly, I ran my hands up along her stomach, both reaching her tits in unison, I wrapped my hands around them, feeling her hardened nipples pressing against my palms as I begin massaging her. Her head tilting back as I blew a cool breeze of air down along her neck. Gripping the thin fabric of her nighty in my hands I began to pull, hearing the fabric beginning to tear, a soft “No don’t!” escaping her lips as I continued to tear open her nighty, her breasts springing lose as I leaned down and pressed my teeth into the soft flesh of her shoulder letting out a moan.

“Don’t worry, I will buy you a new one” I whispered as my hands began exploring her toned body. Her nighty slipping down her legs to the floor. Gripping her hair and pulling her head back with a tug, pressing my lips against her neck. Kissing softly and slowly running my tongue up to her earlobe, nibbling. One hand massaging her breasts as the other began making its way down her tummy down below her waistline. My fingertip feeling her lips moisten as I gently spread them, grazing her clit. My thick, hard erection throbbing against the fabric of my pants as I slowly circled her clit with the tip of my
middle finger. I removed my hand from her breasts as I continued teasing her clit, unbuttoning my pants and allowing them to slide down my thighs and drop to the floor, stepping out of them gripping my cock in my right had as my left continued to tease her.

Looking out into the city, the lights so bright and the bustling streets below, I ran the head of my erection down the crack of her firm ass. Thinking about all the times I had seen her walk into the office and only dreamed of such a thing. She slowly spread her thighs and bent forward a bit as I slipped my penis inside her. Looking back at me with big eyes, the walls of her tight little pussy clenching down around my shaft, as I pressed deeper. Biting her lower lip, feeling as she absorbed every inch of me in her. My hands on her hips as I pulled her back against me. “Oh yeah!” My thick rod buried deep inside of her. Leaning back I raised my hand to the sky, letting it fall swiftly down against her ass with a SMACK! Watching as it jiggled, a red print of my hand left behind, I began thrusting into her. With each thrust of my hips, I pounded into her a little harder. With every time her ass smacked against me, I began pounding her a little faster. Moaning as I reached around, my fingers digging into the soft flesh of her bouncing breasts. Pinching her nipples as she took me harder and faster. Listening to her moan with every thrust. Part pleasure, part pain, she began pumping her hips to meet mine, pressing her body down against mine as I thrust into her. Our bodies became one. Feeling her body beginning to shake as I continued thrusting into her, her low moans becoming louder. “OHHH YESSSSSS” she lets out in a scream as she continued to squeal, louder with every pass of my shaft. Feeling her body begin to shudder as the muscles of her pussy clenched harder and rhythmically around my shaft, she let out a scream as she began to cum. Her pussy milking my hard cock, sucking it deeper inside of her, gripping my shaft and not letting loose as I felt the juices of her dripping down my thighs as she came.

We went inside to cool off a little and we were going to take a shower. Turning on the water, I had a hand on her waist and then rose upwards to cup a breast. Her face was buried in my chest as we hugged. We kissed! My other hand slid down her back to her rear, making her wriggle against me. We continued to kiss passionately. As I then explored her between her legs, the kiss broke as she shuddered in my arms. As I slowly stroked her, she buried her head into my shoulder again.

As I continued to stroke her, I swallowed hard. We were now totally aroused. My fingers explored her deeper! Deeper, feeling her wetness. We parted as she leaned against the shower wall. Reaching out and holding my erection, guiding it straight to her. Spreading her legs and standing on her toes, It slipped between her outer lips. I was so erect that we both gasped at the responses exploding in our bodies. Her eyes widened as she sucked in a deep breath. Then they closed as I slid back and forth. As the thrusts continued, her eyes remained wide and then fluttered as that moment approached. We got closer, clinging together, almost frozen as our orgasms swept thru us again.

We stayed like that for several minutes till we came back to Earth.

It was the start of a wonderful weekend together for Lisa and I .

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  1. CMLove says:

    Wow!! Just read this story! Michael and Lisa, I have to be honest! When my husband wants a little something and I dont feel I have the strength for it (we have two young boys that keep me up and busy all day) i go straight to one of your stories and i am wet and horny enough to ride him all night!! Thank you both so much! God has used you and your stories to really help that aspect of our marriage! May the Savior continue to bless you as you follow Him!!

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