Unexpected Surprise!

It was a Saturday and the kids had a scheduled playdate, Donny had to get some extra work done and so he headed into the office. A friend called me and suggested I just drop the kids off for the playdate and take some time to get caught up on moving in and cleaning up around the house and maybe just a little time for me to relax. I readily took her up on the offer but I had something else in mind. As soon as I got the kids dropped off, I drove home and started to prepare.

I knew Donny’s work office was fairly quiet on the weekends, even so, this was a little daring. But I thought he needed a nice surprise so I got dressed in a sexy revealing dress with nothing on underneath, hopped in the car, and drove to his work. I had an hour. I arrived at his door, knocked, and waited for him to answer. He came to the door and immediately I saw desire in his eyes. I cupped him in the crotch with one hand and around the head with another and drew him in for a big juicy kiss. I could feel him already rock hard and huge. I pushed him backward in toward his desk, jumped up, and wrapped my legs around him. He sat me up on the desk as we made out violently.

The door was still open. My pussy and butt were exposed to whoever walked by as I didn’t have anything on underneath. Just knowing we could get “caught” made the thrill even better. As we made out we had no concern for anything on the desk. Papers were getting wet with my pussy juice, leaving marks of this sexual encounter so later he could remember. I pushed him off and walked him around to his desk chair. I pushed him down and climbed on top continuing to kiss him. Then I pulled one boob out at a time letting him kiss and suck on them. They stayed out through the neckline of my dress. I hopped down and got on my knees under his desk. The desk was the kind where you couldn’t see anything from the front. I completely undressed for him and pulled his pants and underwear down and pulled him all the way up to the desk so it looked like he was still working but really was getting an awesome blow job from me underneath his desk.

No sooner had I done that, I heard a small knock on the door… It was a co-worker needing to ask a quick question. Donny was sweating from pleasure and was out of breath. I kept at it, taking turns between sucking him hard like a sucker and licking the tip of his penis with my tongue while my hand stroked up and down taking care of the rest of the pleasure zones. I heard Donny try to answer and had to clear his throat. Then he started laughing. He quickly apologized and answered with a distracted remark.

“Oookkkaayyy…” the guy looked at him funny.

Suddenly Donny jolted because I had stroked a sweet spot. He gave the guy a look. The co-worker knew immediately what he had walked in to. His embarrassment was clear as he cleared his throat and said, I’ll leave you alone and shut the door. The door closed and I pushed Donny out the way and pulled him up. I pushed myself up against the window of his office and wrapped my legs around him and pulled him in to me. He thrust me with such deep and hard thrusts I had to scream.

There was so much pleasure in his beautiful body and enjoying it in such a public place. I was reminded at that moment once again how much I loved this sexy handsome man. My body climbed to a climax quickly and I welcomed it without reserve. Even as I tingled and jolted from the intense pleasure I let him keep going. He continued to thrust while I latched on to him and he picked me up and put me back on his desk. I turned around doggie style and he climbed up on the desk with me.

He thrust and thrust, my boobs swinging with the momentum slapping his hands as they held on nearby. I was so wet.

He came hard from behind.

“Well, I wasn’t expecting that today!” He said. I kissed him tenderly.

“I love you and couldn’t get you out of my mind,” I said. I got dressed, gave him another kiss, and said, “have a good day at work,” with a mischievous smile. I headed out, knowing he was watching my booty as I left, imagining me naked all over again.

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