Long Distance Video Chat Sex Part 1

Video Chat Sex

I found it interesting as I scanned through the stories that I had a lot of the same ones. My wife and I have had to spend lots and lots of time apart because of what I do. However when we are together it seems like we have a bunch in common with the folks here. I would write her stories to read and would be rewarded with some very spicy internet chat. We had to do that because I was overseas and phone sex was out of the financial question. The one topic I haven’t seen on here is video sex. We would get on the video chat instead of the phone because I had internet access. The downside was most of the time it was at an internet café so I was unable to do anything for her visually. There were times I could but that I will address later.

We would still type our messages back and forth because I didn’t feel like telling the whole café what we were talking about. I had a headset on so she would talk most of the time. At first we would just go over the previous week talking about what was going on and just talk. Because of the time difference it was very early in the morning for me and late at night for her. She was normally either ready for bed or getting ready. The kids would all be a sleep by now so it was just us. Normally only one or two people would be in the café so I could always get a place out of view of folks.

One session things forever changed. We started off as normal. I never expecting this to lead to video chat sex because it stated talking about this or that. Then I noticed she had on a rather low cut top. It gave me a rather full view of her beautiful cleavage. I mean very full view. Having been gone over a month already it had a very arousing effect on me. I finally made mention of the very full view I was getting and the effect it was having. She just smiled. Then I stood up from my chair some and pretended to try and look further down her top. She just laughed and then she said something I thought I’d never hear. She asked if I wanted to see more. “OF COURSE,” I typed. With that she took off her top. Now I had a wonderful view of her white lacy bra that hooked in the front. It covered her full breasts but not by much. I loved how shear it was because it showed her erect nipples and dark areolas rather well. Especially her erect nipples. They strained against the material begging to be caressed. At this point the conversation was mostly about those wonderful breasts and how I was growing harder by the second. I could tell this was a big step and she kept asking if I was sure nobody could see her. When I felt like she finally believed me I asked her to unhook her bra and set them free. She agreed to unhook the bra but not to let them slip out this time. I was like ok because anything is better than nothing and I didn’t want to discourage her. We finally had to sign off much to my disappointment. Both because I knew it would be another week before we could chat and I so liked gazing at her breasts. I had to sit there for a while to let things relax before I got up. I had gotten so horny that I had a wet spot on my pants. Thankfully it wasn’t too obvious. I made a mental note. Next week wear something more loose and will not show if I get all wet like that again.

This went on for a few weeks. We would start off chatting about stuff. Then she would take her top off so I could see her bra covered breasts. Each week a different bra and a different color. All of the very shear. Her erect nipples were so inviting. I told her how much I wanted to suck on them. I want to rub them and lick on them. I could see she was getting excited. I sent her e-mail telling her just want I would do so she would be primed and ready each week when we did video. I just couldn’t get her to take the bra off so I could see them.

Then one week she had on just a regular old white bra. I told her wow granny night tonight. I couldn’t tell if her nipples were hard or even there. She told me they were there ok. I said but they must not be hard. She peeked inside the cup on one side and told me well maybe not hard tonight. I asked if she could make them that way. She said sure and began to rub her breasts and work her nipples but still had that bra on! I told her that this bra wasn’t shear enough and I couldn’t see a thing. She said let me see what I can do and with that she finally took off her bra and I could see her beautiful breasts. Her hard nipples drove me crazy. I didn’t know I could get that hard or get that hard so fast. The next question really floored me. She asked me what I would do now if I was there. I told her how I would start by kissing her neck and then slowly working my way down closer and closer to her soft breasts. Then I would kiss between them and over to one first and kiss all around it and then over to the other one and do the same. Then I would take and run circles around her nipple being careful not to touch it yet.

At this point she was starting to cup and rub her breasts. It drove me wild. I could her hear her starting to moan.

Then I told her now I was going to run my tongue lightly over her nipple and flick it back and forth. Then run my tongue over her breasts to the other nipple and do the same thing. I was going to stay there and lick her nipple faster and faster with my hot tongue.

I could see her rubbing her breasts now even more and she was tugging on her nipples. I could feel myself just dripping. I hoped that I wouldn’t soak through to bad.

Then she asked, “Then what?” I told her I was going to take her nipple into my mouth and cover it with my whole warm wet month. At the same time lick her nipple. Then I was going to close my lips around her nipple and suck on it until she moaned for pleasure. “Then what?” I’m going to go over to the other nipple and do the same thing.

She was rubbing her breasts and playing with her nipples even more. I could hear her moans get louder. After a while she slowed down and asked for me to tell her more. I said I would but not until next week. Now I’m headed off to a private shower to relieve myself. Not well received but I needed to space this out some. I still had nine more months to go.

That weeks e-mails were really hot! She normally didn’t want me to be to graphic but she asked that week if I could use some more detail. She said I really got her going last week and with the right motivation she might give me a even better show. I asked what type of spicy did she want. She said oral. I asked anything in particular? She said just make me so horny I can stand it.

It was going to be a long week. The next two weeks were so hot I thought we would melt the computer. They are worthy of their own story so check back for “Next Two Weeks Video.”

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4 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    Video chat! You know I never thought of that thank you. Now all I need is a reliable laptop! Thank you so much for the great story and awesome idea. I can’t wait to read the next segment! God bless you and your family sir and stay horny.

  2. Eva says:

    Sounds like a fun way to stay connected! My husband travels a bit and I used to hate it. But now we spend the time we are apart sexting each other and I think in some ways we actually look forward to these times now! I never thought of video chat… Might be something to try out sometime!

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