Hidden Surprise (L)

Oh, how I need you now. Alex has just left for work, and he didn’t wake me as he left, leaving me in my wet dream.

I look at the clock and notice that it isn’t even past six in the morning yet, and I know that the kids have to be at school soon, but I decide to send Alex a naughty text.

Me: What is wet, empty, and completely ready?

Him: Your tight pussy?

Me: Uh huh, I want you so bad. I know that you are at work, but all day I’m gonna be doing this (Picture of me fingering) waiting on you.

Him: Show me everything that you do?

Me: Ok

I knew that I had ample time before I had to be a Mommy and get the kids ready for school. So I let my fingers do the walking. I set the phone to video and I press record, then I get in front of the camera and I strip tease, moaning your name and calling for you. I then sit on the edge of the bed in front of the camera and I play with my tits. I then slip a finger into my wet center, with my other hand occupying itself with my clit. I lean back on the bed and I put my legs on the bed so that you can see what I am doing, and the whole time I am moan your name, tell you I like it when you give it to me like that. I moan and I have an amazing orgasm as I massage my clit in time with my fingers. And afterward, i move my fingers to my mouth and lick them and suck them clean. I send you the video.

You: MMMMMMMMM Don’t torture me baby, (Picture of your raging boner) I’m gonna fuck you so hard when I get home, and give you such a spanking for being so naughty.

Me: Oh I want that so bad.

The day continued on in that manner, you and I talking about what we are gonna do once you get off work. I got the kids up, dressed and sent them to school, shopped for food and got gas, the whole day you had me so wet from your texts.

Once it is about 2 hours before I know you get home for work. I get ready for you. I take a nice long bath, and shave my pussy, sending you a picture of course. 😉 I use your favorite lotion and perfume, and I then put on my outfit.

You walk home and into the bedroom, your erection showing clearly through your jeans. Then you see what I have done for you. I have put on a whip cream bra with strawberries on my nipples, and I have put chocolate all on my pussy, i have even hid a strawberry just inside my pussy lips, as a treat for you.

“Do you want dessert, baby?” I ask.

You don’t even answer. You take off your clothes faster than I have ever seen, removing your boxers you allow your penis to breath and it pops out and points right at me. I smile and you lean over to kiss me not wanting to mess up my “outfit”. Our lips meet and you tell me with your mouth just how much you have wanted me today. With your lips you explain how I have tortured you.

You finally smile and say, “You look delicious.”

“Prove it,” I say.

You then settle between my legs and you lick the chocolate from my navel and your mouth works magic, making my body buckle as you find the hidden strawberry, you hold it in your mouth and bring it up to my lips, and we eat it as we kiss. I taste my wetness all over it.

Your mouth moves down my jaw and neck to my breasts, you lick my mounds until they have no more cream, and your fingers slide down my belly to my pussy as you lick my nipples clean, you nibble on one as you slip your fingers in. My body buckles again as you make me orgasm with the magic of your fingers, and then as my pussy contracts around your fingers I know I cant wait to have you.

“I need you, baby, please get in me right now!” I beg. I reach down and stroke your cock, and then I guide you in, pressing you in as I grab your ass and pull you close. You fill me all the way
“Mm-oh-mm-mm, hold it right there, oh-mm-mm-mm-oh, ALEX!”

You hold it right there, and then you start thrusting it again, and I tighten around you again, and our bodies meet in a perfect rhythm. Over and over you pound me as you play with my nipples, sucking and rolling them in your mouth and fingers.
Oh-oh, baby, I’m about to cum! Mm-mm-mm-mm where do you want it?” You cry.
“I wanna suck your thick cock dry, baby, mm-mm, give it to me!” I tell you and as you pull out I feel an orgasm coming, but I get on my knees and I get you to stand, and I suck. I love it when I can suck you this way, so I can play with your butt and prostate, and I suck and suck.
“Oh Tiffany, mm-mm you’re so great at this, baby, mm-mm, take it all in. YES suck my cock, suck it you naughty girl,” as you thrust it in my mouth, and I take you all in, letting you deep throat me, and you tighten your grip on my head and cum right then.

“Oh you are such a dirty girl!”

“And you love that about me,” I say with a grin. I get you back down on the bed and I straddle your chest, and you know that I want to be eaten.

“Give me that delicious pussy right now,” You order as I get over your face. As soon as your tongue hits my clit just right I feel the pressure and I know I am going to orgasm. I try holding it back, but once you burry your face deep in it is just too hard for me, and I cum all over your face. You smack my ass and you are licking your fingers as you wipe your face. I then notice that your cock is hard again and once again ready, so I get down and give it a little suck. You spank me, and I moan, and you tell me that I have been a bad and dirty girl and I deserve to be punished. You sit up and bend me over your knee, and I start sucking your cock as you slap my ass, you feel my wetness all over your hand and when you cum in my mouth, I swallow and lick you clean. We collapse on the bed in bliss.

I thank the Lord for you Alex, and I am blessed to have you in my life.

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4 replies
  1. Lovinghusband says:

    What a nice way to go through the whole day – building up for an awesome night of sex. That was told so well! Very hot indeed! What a dessert your husband had!! Thank you Alextif.

  2. hornyGG says:

    Alextif, Wonderfully erotic story! Having just got over the flu and not having had sex with my husband in several days, this story made me oh so wet! Thank you so much for posting! God bless you two and stay horny!

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