Wet All Day – Erotic Dream

Kristi and I can have very busy and opposite schedules. With 3 kids, work, and church, there’s always a lot going on. Thursday was one of these very busy days for me. I left for work early — trying to get everything done — and I didn’t return home until after I went to a long meeting at the kids’ school.

This day also held an important meeting about what could be a new job that I would take so there was some important things to talk about when I got home. After we talked for a while about all of these things and our day, a very amazing thing happened.

Kristi came and sat straddling me on the couch and said to me, “I had a very erotic dream last night.”

This caught my attention. Just a little bit.

“Some of it wasn’t even physically possible.”

This caught my attention. And caught the attention of something else.

“I was dreaming that I was lying on my stomach in bed. You were touching my and it felt so good. And somehow your tongue was in there too.”

My mind was spinning. My pants were straining.

“I’ve been wet all day thinking about that erotic dream.”

“All day?”


We almost sprinted upstairs, locking the door. I tore off her shirt and bra, threw her on the bed and jumped on top of her. I began with very busy hands all over her body. I soon added kisses from neck to waist. Pretty much everything I did was making her groan or gasp or grab me. I continued to accelerate the intensity of my touching and kissing of her body with every response fueling my fire and passion to do her.

After nearly 10 minutes of touching and kissing her body, I reached down and began to remove her pants and panties. As I slid them off her body, I touched her pussy for the first time that night. I love my wife’s pussy which she keeps trimmed and not shaved. Her lips were swollen and her juices were indeed dripping from her. She smelled glorious and I was so overcome with lust that I did everything I wanted to her body — and Kristi LOVED it.

As I began to touch around her pussy and clit, her arms stretched above her head grabbing at the headboard and whatever else she could find. As I touched and kissed my wife of over 20 years, I knew that this was a level of passion that I had experienced only a handful of times over our marriage. My wife is a passionate and pleasing lover, but this is a level of sexual insanity that every woman would want and every woman’s husband hopes that he isn’t away on a business trip when it happens.

Back to her body. I LOVE her body. And on this night there was no place on the earth with more energy than this body and I kneeling over her body letting my hands touch her, and exploring her with my lips. I kissed her breasts — all around her nipples and in her cleavage — and touched her gushing pussy. I moved my hand gently in a circular motion all around her pussy not yet paying full attention to her clit, but building that passion that was flowing in her. I could feel her body building in energy — megawatts of high voltage amperage. As I moved lower, kissing her body as I went, I slowed and explored below her waist and above her pussy. I kissed and touched all around. You wouldn’t have believed what this did to her. She was so easy to please right now, but yet that made me do more to her.

Kristi doesn’t usually want me to go down on her, but on this incredible night, she absolutely COULD NOT WAIT for me to plunge my tongue, lips and my whole face into her sex. When I started to kiss and lick on her clit, she moaned, gasped and grabbed, writhing in pleasure. I put the first two fingers over my right hand to the entrance of her pussy and began to move them slightly in and out as I licked and sucked her clit. Her whole body tensed as I started to move my fingers in and out as I slid then across her G spot. She practically sat straight up in bed when I hit all those spots together.

As I continued to stroke and suck, my attention turned to my dick which was bulging and aching with desire for her. I was dripping on the bed as I lay with my face in her pussy. So, I jumped up from my position and plunged my member deep into my hot, wet wife. She pulled her legs back begging me in. The sound of wetness and sex was joyously loud and beautiful. As I pumped her, kissing her breasts and neck, she continue to breathe heavily — her hips rising to meet me on each thrust. This was building the orgasm in me to the level of ecstasy so I pulled out and jumped back kiss her clit some more.

This time, she was so close. As I stroked her G spot and sucked her clit, occasionally pulling my fingers out and plunging my tongue as far as I could, she got closer and closer to coming. I was surprised by how high she got so quickly. I enjoyed every second of my time pleasuring my wife. After 20 years of marriage, we become accustomed to each other’s manner in bed, but this was illicit — like I was doing a woman I’d never been with before. The intensity of her passion and pleasure was astonishing and wonderful. I couldn’t help but do more.

Back to her rising ecstasy. I reached up with my free hand and started to massage her breasts, flicking, squeezing and circling each nipple in turn. All of this seemed to be getting Kristi right to edge and I wanted back in on the action. Jumping back up and plunging deep into her, I flicked at her clit and kissed at her neck. She was so close to exploding right underneath me.

After some time of this intense intercourse and pleasuring, my wife asked for her vibe. The eroscillator is powerful tool in her hand. I lay down on my back and Kristi climbed up onto me with her back to my chest. She buried my dick deep into her pussy by pushing off the headboard with her free hand. As she gets closer to coming, she will surely test the strength of the headboard! My wife is small so we can enjoy this position and it gives me two free hands to explore her. At first I started with my hands just a little north of her pussy and around her inner thighs. She loves this. As I felt her pleasure build, I wet my fingers and began to slowly circle both nipples in unison. Clockwise on one nipple and counter clockwise on the other, I increased the speed and intensity of my touches. Sometimes she enjoys having her nipples pinched a little, but on this night she loved to have them rubbed. I could feel the intensity building so close to a mind blowing orgasm — and one for her too! I started to buck her up driving my hips and pounding her. Slowly at first but increasing as I could no longer wait, I rubbed her nipples vigorously yet gently, and pounded her repeatedly. At one point, she begged me to slow down, but I couldn’t. She would just have to deal with my raging passion.

Just a few seconds of holding back my orgasm can seem like hours and I struggled to control what was about to be a gigantic and much needed release. I felt her start to come. Her breathing changed, she moaned a few times and pushed hard against the headboard. Then her pussy began to contract around me, her body bucked and she came. This gave me every reason to release and I grabbed her body, driving it down on to me seeing if I could push myself all the way through her body. As I blew my orgasm insider her, her ecstasy hit its peak. For Kristi, there’s nothing better than having an orgasm while I shoot my pleasure inside her.

As we began to come down, I pushed firmly across the top of her pussy and clit. This always makes her shudder but provides a strong feeling as she descends from orgasm.

I didn’t get up and wash her juices off my face. I just fell asleep holding her in my arms.

When we awoke, I told her that I had an erotic dream. A dream where Kristi told me that she had an erotic dream one night and was wet all day waiting for me to come home so we could make love. When I finally came home from work, she told me about it and we had an incredible time in bed together.

Kristi assured me that this wasn’t a dream. And I climbed on top and had my way with her again that morning.


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  1. Lovinghusband says:

    Very enjoyable story. It is so amazing how God gives us power and excitement to have new and greater intensity with our spouses – even after many years. Those who do not know the Lord (unfortunately), think this freshness can’t happen after decades of marriage. God simply surprises us! It is the way He made us to be. Stay faithful to your God and your wife! I’m sure there are many new blessings (in this way) to come. Thank you NotMadMax.

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