Mistress Christie

“I bet I can tie you up so you can’t get free,” I challenge my husband, Allen.

“And I bet you can’t,” Allen says.

“Would you be willing to let me test that bet out?”

“Of course I would, Mistress Christie,” Allen and I are already lying on the bed together cuddling, so I tell him to stay there while I get some scarves. I tie his left wrist to the bed posts, test the tightness to make sure it doesn’t hurt him, and then tie his other wrist to the other side. His muscular arms are spread apart and he tries to use his teeth to undo the knots. He fails, but it is kind of hot to watch him use his mouth on the restraints. His chiseled jawline and handsome profile is almost too much to take in.

“Wow, these are good,” he praises me after giving up. “I underestimated your abilities.”

“You definitely did,” I grin. I look at his spread out muscled arms and then my gaze drops to his toned chest and abs. He’d already taken off his shirt before I’d tied him. Now all I that needs to come off is the pants. Allen had known all along what he was getting into so I wasted no time in getting down to the role-play.

“You are so hot, Allen, and you are all mine, all mine,” I murmur, tracing my fingers on his pecs and swirling around his nipples. I lick down his torso and toward the trail of hair going downward into his pants.

“I am at your mercy, Mistress,” Allen breathes hoarsely. “Do with me what you will.”

“Yes, I shall.” I grin and make eye contact with him as I unbutton his jeans. “And first thing I’m going to do is get you completely naked.” I gently slide the jeans off of him, slowly taking time to hook his underwear with them. His cock is already huge and I dip my head down onto him, taking him deep down my throat.

“Oo-baby,” he groans. “You always know what you’re doing with that.”

“But I’m not going to make you come that way,” I say, my tone liquid steel, “Because first you have to pleasure your mistress. If you make me happy I will–” I lick around his balls and then up his shaft causing him to groan once more,”–reward you generously. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” he growls.

I straddle him, and I start to take off my clothes, one piece at a time. I’m wearing a black lace bra and thong underneath my clothes. Then I wriggle out of the thong and unsnap the bra. I sit on his abs, and I can feel the head of his cock pressing into my backside. The heat on it’s tip invites me, but I withhold immediate penetration, knowing the anticipation is what makes this game so much fun.

“Touch my breasts, Allen,” I say.

“My hands are tied.”

“Don’t use your hands,” I snap playfully at him, and lean in.

He uses his nose first, to nuzzle the nipples, then he switches to his tongue. The warmth and sensation of it flicking against my nipples is enough of an invite. I raise my ass and back down onto his huge cock. He slides into my pussy with ease. I’m so wet and so tight. I’m ready for an orgasm. I start thrusting on top of him, letting him fill me again and again. Allen motorboats my boobs. I love it. I’m screaming in an orgasm within seconds. I sit upright on his cock now, I’m ready for another orgasm quickly after. I start bucking up and down on his hips. He thrusts his hips up to meet mine. My fingers move to my now neglected nipples.

“I’ve never been able to touch my nipples while I masturbate, now I have you for a toy and I think I’ll try touching them and see what happens,” I moan.

“Go ahead, yeah, touch those big titties. That looks so hot! Yeah, keep touching yourself!” Allen grits his teeth and continue to buck up underneath me. I have to arch my back while moving on top of him to keep my balance while my hands are on my tits. My nipples are hard and sensitive, I rolls my fingers over them then I pinch them. Allen does his magic on my clit and vagina by his grinding and thrusting. For someone unable to use his hands, he’s quite incredible at getting me off.

“Oh, oh, mm-mm, baby! Oh, yes! Yes! YES!” I scream as I come, the strain to remain upright without support from my hands only strengthens the orgasm till it is too powerful for me. I collapse on top of him as it finishes. “You’re the best toy in the world,” I murmur.

“Thank you,” Allen laughs.

“Now, I think I promised you something,” I say as I catch my breath.”That I would help you to a reward.”

“Yes, you did,” Allen say dryly and tugs at the restraints. “I certainly can’t help myself.”

“You are incredible, Allen, I love you so much,” I whisper into his ear, then I start to nibble on his ear lobe and then work my way down his neck. I start humping him, going up and down on the entire length of his cock. I know his favorite beat from this position. I bite into the side of his neck.

“Oh, heck yeah, that’s the perfect–oh, oh, Christie, baby, you dirty girl,” Allen groans.

“Allen, I’m giving you no choice. You’re going to cum for me,” I growl in his ear, then bite him again. “You have to give me your seed or I’m not untying you.”

“Yes, mistress, yes–oh, oh sh*t! Sh*t!” Allen cries as his orgasm starts. I continue to bite into him and I can feel his cock pumping hot semen into my still throbbing pussy. It’s so good and hot. It throws me into another orgasm.

“Thanks, baby,” I breathe as I lie on top of him sated.

“Thank you, mistress Christie,” Allen pants.

I untie his wrists and massage them afterward so they won’t be sore. I kiss them after I’m done. “Are they okay?”

“They’re great,” Allen laughs. “I’m great.”

“Yes, you are, Mr. unable-to-use-his-hands, giving out orgasms.” I kiss him on the lips long and passionately. I love Allen so much. I love how he is willing to explore my fantasies. How when we talk I am surprised that we share some of the same fantasies. “I’m so glad you have such an open attitude toward things, baby, I think I might be tying you up again.”

“I love humoring that kinky imagination of yours, Christie,” Allen says. “Next time though, you’ll be the one tied up.”


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