I Need You – A Marriage Sex Poem

As I sit in our bed in this dark room long after the kids have been tucked in

my thoughts have been allowed to wander in a kind of fantasy spin

I need you, I long for you and your touch.

Oh, how I need you very much.

I think that I might give you a ring,

So I talk to you and tell you I need something.

When you ask what, I make you guess

And my hand slides under my dress.

I tell you that I need something long

As I slip a finger inside my thong.

You know what I want but you drag it on

You ask me what I have on,

I tell you that I am wearing my cum,

And then you beg me for some

By this time I know that you are hard, and stiff

And as my fingers slide into my rift,

You tell me that you’re jacking off

And I tell you that gets me off,

I tell you I’m squeezing a nip

You tell me you wish I were using my lips.

I moan into the phone

And I hear you groan.

I know in the background you are laying in bed

Your fingers playing with your head,

That your hand is going up and down that cock,

And the thought makes my body rock.

I finger faster, telling you I need you

You ask me to prove it to you,

So you being my husband I send you a pic,

And in return you send me a delicious pic of your dick

My pussy is becoming so wet, and I can slide my fingers in

But I think that I would rather have something else in

And I ask for you to tell me just how to work my dildo,

Since you aren’t here screwing me hitherto

You tell me fast and rough,

as you hear me moan I know you’re getting off

But I can’t stop the waves of pleasure I am feeling,

And I know that my moans and screams are revealing.

I tell you about how I wanna suck that cock,

I wanna suck that long cock

“Right now,” I say, I tell you that I want you in my mouth

“That head of yours from in the south”

I tell you that I wanna suck it and have it deep in my throat

And then I hear your moans as release you do

And at the last moment I say, “I love you.”


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