The Pleasure Treasure Hunt

This is a delightful way to build excitement into a sensual evening….

It begins by telling your wife that you have a surprise for her in your bedroom.  She enters to find lovely candlelight, and a note on her pillow.  The note will tell her how beautiful and desirable she is, and direct her to a note in another part of the bedroom.  There she will find the note, plus a silky robe or a beach wrap, In this note ask her to please undress and put on the robe or wrap.  This note will end with the location of the next note, where she will find the note and a very pretty gift bag.  In this note tell her that she is now embarking on a pleasure treasure hunt, and indicate where the next note is.

The location and number of the next notes depends on your creativity and the layout of your house.  Part of the fun is to have her move through the house, entering a new candle-lit room to find the next item. For each of these notes, have an item of sexy apparel or jewelry (stockings, killer high heels, long string of beads – you get the idea). You can also have her find massage lotion, flavored oil or other erotic treats.  Tell her about how you visualize her with each of these. Ask her to place each item in her treasure bag and direct her to the next note.  The last of these notes will send her either back to your bedroom, or to wherever you wish to make love with her.

When she arrives at this place you have two choices.  She can either find one more note asking her to please remove the robe and adorn herself with the treasures, or she can find you there asking her in person.  By this time she should be trembling with anticipation.  Once she has adorned herself, tell her how you imagined her finding each note, and how grand she looks with each item.  Then off you two go, enjoying the treasure.

A few details –

Obviously, the kids can’t be home for this!

If you can, set this up ahead of time while your wife is at work or out of the house for a while.

If she will not be gone for a bit, then set up the bedroom, and then quickly move ahead and place the other notes while she is undressing and finding the robe and gift bag.

If space or privacy are issues in your home, then all of the notes and items could be hidden in your bedroom – just be creative and use dresser drawers, behind a chair, under a pillow, etc.

God bless and Happy Hunting

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