What is your KINK?

What is your “Kinky” thing?

I think that most of the readers here at MH are either quite enlightened when it comes to sex, or they are dreaming about the day that it can all happen for them.

Now, with that in mind, I have a question for you all and I would be so glad if you would get involved in this one.

What is your kink?  What is there that you like doing that you think might be strange.  Or what is there that you want your spouse to do (or might already be doing for you) that you think we might find strange and a bit ‘kinky.’.


I will get the ball on the roll:-

  1. I love giving my wife oral sex, (That might not be strange) but when she gets really wet and worked up I like to rub my face in her pussy juices and get my face all wet. I love the smell  of her juices and will lick her every day if I could.  I love the feeling of her juices on my face and chin and I truly love the smell.
  2. Some time ago when we just started becoming sexually active she once masturbated with her panty on. She then got her panty all wet with her juices and came to my office and delivered it to me.  I am not into wearing women’s clothing, but that evening I put on her panty and was suddenly extremely aroused.  I was fully erect in seconds.   I took my cock out at the leg opening and sat there masturbating while wearing her panty.  It was extremely sensual.  …. AND I want to do it again..
  3. I want to stand on my knees with my wife sitting on my back with her back towards me and then she must pull my Cock out from between my legs and while playing with my arse she must give me a handjob.

Now it is your turn……..  What is YOUR KINK?

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  1. ArtRutherford says:

    Well….since you started it by telling us yours. I'll tell mine. 1) I love to watch my wife pee, 2) I Love to watch my wife masturbate (although that may not fall under the "kink" heading), 3) I love to shoot my hot cum on her tongue. (Are those things considered "kinky"?)

  2. Still Going Strong says:

    Thanks for starting a conversation ClimaXX. Mine is a little kinky, but probably not strange as I believe this to be a fantasy of many men. I am totally turned on when my wife is dominant. For example, I am commanded to strip, shower, lie on the on the bed on my back. My wife will then blindfold me, restrain me spread eagle and edge me again and again; no 50 shades stuff, just hands, mouth, lube and vibrator until at just the gentlest touch I am fully erect and begging for release. She then rides me until we both cum. The details may differ, but the dominance and result are always the same. Love it!

  3. Adam Rose says:

    Don't know about kinks since I'm a virgin… but one of my favorite fantasys about my future wife is having a hot sexual encounter later in or marriage where we both get so turned on we decide to have a baby mid sex and ditch the condoms then climb to frantic simultaneous climax.

    Also, the idea of bending over and gently licking and sucking the wife's erect breasts during slow sensual thrusting, has always been a dream of mine. (Pretty Freudian i know but hey it's a kink)
    Oh! And summer dresses on my bride during our honeymoon where she occasionally walks around our suite wearing nothing underneath so she or i can initiate some risque touch/teasing at any time! There's something so so feminine about a light, flowery, knee length, summer dress! Dunno why?

  4. sensualcouple says:

    1. Cum swapping-It started with a blowjob and then kissing afterwards and has morphed into licking her pussy after I come deep inside or all over her. I’ll clean her up with my tongue and then kiss her deeply giving her the cum I just licked off.

    2. Anal play-what more is there to say? We love playing with each other’s butts? Toys, fingers, tongues, we love it all.

    3, Sex toys-we love using them! I think we have a problem purchasing so many!

    4. Photographing/videoing our lovemaking on occasion and then watching it back and getting turned on again.

    5. Reading marriage heat together of course!

  5. ClimaXX says:

    Hi there ArtR. I think that watching our wives masturbating is top of the log for most men. It is so sexy. What is even greater for me is when she invites me to a show and has me sitting down and just watching her playing just for my pleasure. She is very multi orgasmic and therefore the show can last for quite some time.

  6. ClimaXX says:

    Still Going Strong you are wild. I believe that many guys here at MH are conciderate lovers and give a lot of attention to their wies BUT it is sooooo nice when just sometimes they take controll and fuck us while we can just enjoy the ride.

  7. Happy Husband says:

    Love to go down on wife, get her taste on my tongue, then kiss her. Love her to lick up my cum and kiss me. Love her to suck her juices off my cock, and would love to have her suck my cock while she rides a suction cup dildo.

  8. ClimaXX says:

    Another kinky desire….. Who of you guys had a prostate orgasm? I am a total "anal" virgin. I would love to have my wife give me the joy of feeling her finger in there and her massaging my prostate while giving me a hand- or blowjob.

  9. Old Lover says:

    1. Yes, ClimaXX, I’ve experienced prostate orgasms via an Aneros massager. Amazing!
    2. Anal play and finger fucking is a big kink for my Anne.
    3. Light bondage using her silk robe sash – Sakura crotch tie. Provides pleasureable pressure on Anne’s clitoris and labia.
    4. Pleasurable sucking, twisting, pinching, and pulling of each other’s nipples. Anne has cum from nipple play. She works my nipples skillfully when I masturbate or she jacks me off.
    5. Sharing her cum – her fingers serving both of us or mine doing the same – is a turn on for both of us.
    5. Anne loves to make me cum on her, me, and in her lingerie.

  10. sensualcouple says:

    ClimaXX-yes I have prostate orgasms pretty regularly. It’s actually a fairly common part of our foreplay now. My wife will use her finger, or a vibrator on my asshole while she rides me cowgirl style or sometimes in missionary where she’ll reach around or underneath to finger me.
    The other night was so hot actually. We laid side by side and I started on her lubing up her butthole with silicon lube. I make small circles around her tight hole before plunging a finger in VERY slowly. She then did the same to me. Eventually she got her vibrator with her other hand and worked her clit and g spot all while fingering my ass with her other hand. With my spare hand, I went to work on my own cock. We then decided to cum together and each held out for the other one. Bliss!!

  11. The Rose says:

    Hi there Climaxx. I really enjoy your posts and find them quite challenging. Maybe some of the other husbands will share my kink.
    1. I love and desire it that my wife must do blatant things to show that she wants me. If she comes and sits opposite me and spreads her legs and pulls her panty to one side I want to go through the roof. My entire body jumps to attention.
    2. I have this kink to be a voyeur to my wife. I enjoy to watch her through the window while she masturbates. She knows I am watching and we set it up for us to both enjoy.
    I hope we also hear from some of our enlightened ladies and not just us horny guys.

  12. AshburnHeat says:

    My wife and I love the taste of our collective juices. After, or mid-oral, we will stop for long kissing breaks.

    We love pictures of each other…we will send one another nude selfies during the day, some new some from our archives. My favorite is the pic she snuck of her pussy with my cum oozing from it after we fucked. She will send that one to me when I’m having really rough days at work.

    We’ve also enjoyed semi-public sex a few times. She’ll surprise me for a picnic lunch at a park near my office. She’ll have lowered all the backseats and we climb in the back. The windows aren’t completely tinted, but so far no one has come up to the van while we’ve been, um, eating.

  13. Love2pleasemyhubby says:

    I looove to please my hubby by sucking his penis. He has a big thick uncircumcised cock and I feel so sexy licking all over it and getting it far down in my throat. He doesn’t shave down there and he’s so hairy and i love the look of a natural man. I like when he takes it out of my mouth and rubs the cockhead on my face and lips and slaps my face with the big shaft. Sometimes he makes me lay down and will rub his hairy balls all over my face. Some women would find this gross but I just love being submissive to him in this way and feeling like I’m there to do whatever it takes to please his big cock. I also love the foreskin-it makes it easier to suck in my opinion and I love how it hangs over the end of his penis. Just thinking about his foreskin moving back and forth and nibbling on it and it’s smell makes me so wet right now. One thing I would love to do is lick his butthole and finger his butt to give him a prostate massage while I am simultaneously sucking his wet cock. We have talked about this but I honestly don’t know where to begin and I’m intimidated by this.
    I also fantasize about getting more oral sex from him. I have a hard time cumming from oral and I would like for him and myself to get better at that part. I get my pussy waxed for him every month and I love when he makes me lay on my back with my butt on pillows so my pussy is elevated in his face. He makes me spread my legs and just looks all over my pussy and licks, fingers, and puts a butt plug in sometimes too. I feel like such a vulnerable, dirty girl when he has me spread eagle and is opening my pussy lips to just look and lick. I want so badly to squirt on his face. Ughhh I want that big fat cock right now so bad.

  14. 1956packard says:

    My wife & I got a few :

    1. She sometimes dresses up in a school girl uniform knowing it drives me mad !

    2. She sometimes asks me to don a “ soccer uniform “ just like I wore in high school.

    3. She loves it when I go down on her !

    4. She likes watching me pleasuring myself !

    5. I like to & she loves watching me cum on her stockings & shoes ! This one is both of our favorite !

  15. MajorMajor says:

    What is my kink? Huh, ours is quite mild and I guess and it's really a combination of three things.

    First of all a little kink that I'm sure is shared by quite a few husbands on this forum: I really find tights and stockings a turn-on. I can still remember when I met my wife she was wearing a pretty blue skirt with navy tights; sometimes when we go out and she puts on tights…huh, I could hardly wait until we get home.

    Secondly, I am quite visual and my wife has a beautiful body… so I like to see her naked and, hmmm, come all over her – on her boobs, or her tummy but mostly on her pussy. She is quite happy to indulge in it too. One little favorite is when she puts on her thigh-high stockings, opens her legs in front of me and shows me her pussy, then spreads her pussy lips and tells me "cream my pussy, honey". I'm standing in front of her stroking away and she's looking at me with eyes wide open and I can see that she's really enjoying it too. Then I spurt on her pussy and she groans as she feels the warm ropes hitting her clit and running down over her pussy lips. What a sight!

    And the third one… that's probably a bit more weird… When we started going out one conversation we never really had was about kids, I guess we were just kind of relaxed about the subject, the thought of a little "surprise" addition to the family was OK but we weren't really trying deliberately. So mostly we were careful but sometimes we got carried way. Then we realized something… The though of doing risky things and getting pregnant "accidentally" gave making love an edge. For example sometimes around mid-cycle I would come on her pussy and she would rub it all over her…. I don't know if it makes sense, but somehow we wanted our babies to be unplanned, a result of getting carried away.

    So a combination of the three: my wife wearing her thigh-highs with me jerking over her pussy when it's risky…
    And yes, we did get carried away and we had two little surprises (now 20 and 17).

  16. mkpassion says:

    My kink or you can say my wife's kink involves lightly slapping her nice sexy ass. After showering she puts on a pair of sexy panties and immediately sits in my lap. She then proceeds to grinding that ass on me. Within seconds my rock hard cock is poking through my jeans. She then bends over and I rub her nice ass and plant a few kisses on it. I then, to her delight, lightly slap her ass. She begs for more. She eventually pulls her panties off and I give a few more slaps and kisses. I proceed to slide my tongue over her ass and down to her wet pussy. She then turns to me and proceeds to pull my throbbing cock out and begins to suck it slowly. She is dripping wet by now and her clit begs for my tongue. I will work on a full post for the rest of the details

    • HoneyGirl says:

      This is my favorite "fantasy played out" too 🙂 I also love it when he kisses, massages, and sucks my breasts, I've cum from nippleplay more than once! Premarriage, and even through our first year or so, I would've seriously doubted you if you would tell me my favorite thing to do to Hubby 10.5 years later is to suck his rod (& just drive him to the edge repeatedly until one of us is begging for release and then watch his face and squeeze all those sexy muscles as he shoots into me.

  17. Nycteris says:

    Mmmm, I love answering questions like this. I have more than a few, (PS am I the first woman to post?)
    (In no particular order):

    #1: His/my friends hearing us have sex.
    #2: Making love to music and dirty dancing to music erotically for/with him.
    #3: Outdoor sex and/or the chance of getting caught. Woods, Under the Stars, Hiking Park etc.
    #4: Playing at dominating my husband. Rope, cuffs, blindfold. He does exactly as I say 😛
    #5: To blow him or give him a handjob in secret but in a public place.
    #6: Him sucking, licking and kissing and moaning on my breasts like he cant get enough.
    #7: Him staring into my eyes as he ejaculates inside me. And me climaxing staring into his.
    #8: Him sensually french kissing me in public with people watching.
    #9: This may seem weird, but driving him so crazy with my texts and pix at work that he cums in his pants.
    #10: Him literally french kissing my ears, around the edge, tongue fucking inside, thrusting in and out, sucking them, kissing them etc. Whew…..HOT wet wet wet
    #11: Me blowing him in the car so he HAS to pull over to cum and screw me.
    #12: Sex by candlelight and fireplace at night.
    #13: Playing manhunt in the woods at night with a group of people and having passionate sex in behind the trees or some such place.
    #14: making out in the shower with oral and hand jobs.
    #15: Having him cum in my mouth and then kissing him.
    #16: Mile High Club.
    #17: I LOVE audible feedback, such as him moaning, groaning, saying "I love you", and eye contact. Both of these. WITH EVERYTHING.
    #18: Squirting on his hand as his fingers are inside me.
    #19: HOT intense, passionate phone sex with him if he is away.

    I should stop while I'm ahead. I have so many kinks I need a chiropractor.
    I can see it now. Him: So, what brings you in today? Need something adjusted?
    Me: I'm overly kinky. And no, I don't need that adjusted!!! Just pop my joints as usual.

    • HoneyGirl says:

      Lol, I love the chiropractor joke!
      I forgot to add your #11 to my reply earlier!
      And to go along with that, I would LOVE it if more often, Hubby would stroke or finger me under my short skirts in the car & when I remove my bra so it's just nipples and breasts under thin fabric as we pass other vehicles! Ooh!

  18. Nycteris says:

    I just thought of a few others. I am…um….very particular about these things.

    #20: Fingering his prostate and making him beg for mercy; At random times, even in public, pulling my undies to the side and flashing him my pussy; and having him cum on different parts of my body.

    #21: In public, either him or I casually but seductively whispering something REALLY hot in each others ear, such as "I could eat you alive right now. I am throbbing for you." or "I need to blow you. Now. Where can we go?" etc;

    #22: Recording audio of me moaning along with a pic of my lock with his cream leaking from it. Then sending him these when I know he could use it.

    #23: Going down on him when he is talking on the phone with someone. I cant wait to see the look on his face as he tries to maintain his composure.

    What can I say. I told you I liked answering these kinds of things…..

    • HoneyGirl says:

      Oh that's one of Hubby's favorite to do to me…tease me and go to town while I'm on the phone just to watch me squirm in delight but try to maintain my composure too.

  19. Momo3boys says:

    Our big kink is my submission. I wear a collar a night and have to ask permission to get into his bed. This goes throughout out life. I call him Sir when the kids can't hear, and kiss him when he gets home. We tried it the other way and even had a chastity devoce for him, bur i am mot the dominant personality so it didn't stick. I would much rather be the one restrained and played with. I also love to please him. He likes me.to send him sexy pictures or tell him dirty stories. This site will.l certainly help with that.

  20. Tulsa says:

    I think we could make a big list!!! 🙂

    My thing…is oral on my wife. Her thing, is me doing oral on her, after I cum in her! It just does it for her, so that's what we do!
    We kiss a lot afterwards. We also kiss a lot, after I cum in her mouth. No matter if she has swallowed or not….usually 'or not'.
    I like breast sex, and cumming on her tits. On 'em, on her nipples, any way, she gives me a hand-job, or I jerk on 'em….I just like to watch myself cum on her tits. She likes to watch me lick it off, and for us lick it off together….and kiss some more.
    Love it when she kisses me during or after I've been doing oral on her. Hot, whether it's our combined stuff or not!
    Spontaneous sex…..like…her taking advantage of me while I'm on a step ladder, and giving me a BJ, or me doing oral on her when she least suspects it…. drinking a cup of coffee watching the sun come up….or talking on the phone…..even to her Mother.
    Throw the outdoors in there….it just makes it better. Did I mention we camp, and go 4-wheeling a lot.

    That's the kinkier stuff…………..

  21. D&D says:

    As the husband I have lots of Kinks that yet have been explored! but over the past few years she has been more open to trying fun new things. I think her favorite kink is being spanked. When in the right mood she will offer her ass up and want it spanks till its warm and red, she has nearly orgasm from it.

  22. D&D says:

    opps I forgot She loves to BITE! I mean hard, she loves to sink her teeth into my chest when we make love. Sometimes when I;m going down on her she will even bite her own arm

  23. Trieste2 says:

    Love2pleasemyhubby. ' when he has me spread eagle and is opening my pussy lips to just look and lick.'
    I agree, it feels so good! And when he stuffs me full and then plays with me and examines me he tells me how lovely and what a good girl I am and I just enjoy giving him so much pleasure. When he is playing with me spread wide and my pussy up in the air like this he finds my orgasm contractions fascinating!

  24. The Rose says:

    Nycteris, I must say I love your list. You are one exciting lady and I think your husband is a very blessed guy. I have a feeling you have thought about more since you posted that list.

  25. The Rose says:

    Climaxx, once again thans for posting this. I think it is a very exciting topic. I want to quote what you said and then make a challenge….. YOU SAID:-
    Some time ago when we just started becoming sexually active she once masturbated with her panty on. She then got her panty all wet with her juices and came to my office and delivered it to me. I am not into wearing women’s clothing, but that evening I put on her panty and was suddenly extremely aroused. I was fully erect in seconds. I took my cock out at the leg opening and sat there masturbating while wearing her panty. It was extremely sensual. …. AND I want to do it again..
    And my CHALLENGE. Guys, let is try this. It sounds very erotic and then let us report back on this posting about what it did for us. I am in! I will post in the next day or two.

  26. willinghusband says:

    1. Watching my wife masturbate. By and far with her fingers, and using a vibrator a distant second. I love watching her get herself off. This falls a lot more into fantasy than kink, though, as she rarely does this for me (even though she knows how much I desire this from her).

    2. I love giving my wife multiples. Again, having to put this into fantasy as she rather just have one and move on.

    3. I love going down on my wife and tasting her. I love having her juices all over my face.

    4. I love a good prostate massage. Have not had one of these in a long time though.

    5. I love going full dominant on my wife. Not like wear a collar dominate, but where she has to do anything and everything I ask. The issue we run into this is she has a LOT of rules around sex….too many. So a lot of what I'd love to do/have her do, she simply rejects.

    6. I like, occasionally, my wife going full dominate on me. There's not much I won't do with her.

    7. I love getting off between my wife's big breast and letting my cum shoot wherever.

    Most of what I really like I have to maintain in the fantasy realm because it is "off limits" or "not liked" by my wife. We have had conversations about that multiple times, but nothing has budged.

  27. Dean316 says:

    I'm single but a little kinky i do sometimes (not all the time) is i catch my cum on my hand and lick it all up. I do not consider it gay or homosexual because i firmly believe God wants us to enjoy ourselves and our husband/wife. Just a little naughty thing i do. In the future when i'm married, a kink of mine is being dominated by my wife (not in a BDSM kind of way cause i don't like that to be honest) but giving full access and control of me for her pleasure i think is hot.

  28. HV450 says:

    Hi Rose, I hope you get some responses. Not much use me trying it because I get a massive hard-on as soon as my wife even drops her panties. And whenever I try them on I am stiff anyway.
    Looking forward to your report.

  29. The Rose says:

    HV450, Don't be like that. You are looking for an excuse not to join in the game. HaHa. Get her pantie. Maybe after she has masturbated with it on to give it that special aroma. Put it on and then let your mind and desires take over and tell us all about it.

  30. HV450 says:

    O.K. I will work on it.
    I can get her wet just kissing and cuddling her while promising to take her on a cruise. I know this works!
    Then I will pull her panties off but I won't need to put them on- they might inhibit the action- so I will just suck on them. Who knows what might happen!

  31. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    Lots! So much! Most of it covered here, though. Newest discovery, though, is that I love -LOVE!- tonguing his ass. Never in a million years would I have thought I would even *do* it, much less get so much pleasure from it. But only two nights ago I found my self rimming his rosebud with the tip of my tongue and just went wild. I made my tongue as hard and stiff as I could and sank it in as deep as I could, while he lay on his stomach over the edge of the bed. He response was so hot that I drenched my panties. I "went to town" on him, plunging my face between his cheeks. Eventually I wrapped one hand around his hard cock and pumped it while I tongue-fucked him until he came in my lap. Best kink ever!

  32. ClimaXX says:

    CrazyHappyLoved, your response is so hot. I love it that men are "coming out" and understanding that receiving pleasure in your arse is not gay. I think many of us have the desire for our wives to touch us there and even to penetrate us with a finger or some small object. I still have a fantasy about experiencing a prostate orgasm. Have not been there, but I am planning that trip soon.

  33. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    To those who dream of the day their wife will be willing to lick, tongue, finger or otherwise stimulate their anus and/or prostate: I can only tell you that women are as influenced by popular culture as men are. To many of us, if you want anal stimulation then you must be gay. And that scares us. Now the rest of the population has joined the pool of women who could entice our man to br unfaithful to us! When my husband first mentioned the idea of receiving anal play, I was totally turned off by it. We talked at length, but I just couldn't accept that my husband might want to be stimulated "back there" even though I enjoyed it myself. And he accepted my unwillingness without complaint. Eventually, as I matured and our lives settled down with children becoming more self sufficient, I sort of "bloomed" sexually and began to research the whys and wherefores of different kinks. One thing I came to realize was that a man's anus and rectum have the same pleasure sensors as a woman's with the added bonus of the prostate that is best reached through the back door. As my hubby explained it to me years before, if God didn't expect us to explore those parts of our bodies with each other in a loving, committed marriage then why would he have built us that way? Being exposed to other viewpoints on sexual matters has been mind opening for me, and sites like MH are doing a great service for those who are willing to consider different avenues of pleasure. One day, I hope, anal pleasure in marriage won't even be considered kinky but a natural part of "normal" sex.

  34. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    AND… new kink for me! Tonight I just – JUST – got my pussy fisted for the first time! I remember thinking 'why in the world would a woman enjoy that?' But now that I have experienced it, I understand. We thought it would take days of training my kitty to allow his hand in, but it only took maybe half an hour. Granted I was pretty relaxed at the time, having already been brought to two clitoral orgasms and several vaginal ones. We were both very surprised and excited by the sight of his fist buried up to the wrist in my well oiled cunt. And when he opened and closed his hand a tiny bit while I rubbed my barely reachable clit, it brought me off within a minute! Took a lot longer than that to extricate himself after I tightened up so around him, through.

  35. wfewtchr819 says:

    Some of the kinks I love are watching my wife caress her body, there is also something so sensual when she is on top and playing with her breasts and as we kiss stretching her breasts until both of our tongues find her nipple. Our sexy drives when she removes her clothing. The few times we have spread chocolate, whipped cream and honey on our bodies.

  36. BradMona13 says:

    Recently, our Kink has taken the form of me "dominating" my husband. Since he has always enjoyed anal stimulation and licking his cum from my freshly fucked pussy, we decided to combine two things that he enjoys.

    I "order" him to strip naked and lie on the bed, exposing his ass to me. I'll then lube his asshole with my finger and also lube up my favorite glass dildo. Shortly after I insert the toy into his tight hole, he will get fully erect. I'll then have him masturbate his penis for me. All the while, I'll have a hand down my panties playing with my clit. He can never last very long with the toy in his ass and his hand sliding up and down the length of his cock. I'll usually enjoy one or two orgasms while watching him and telling him to shoot a big load for me.

    After I watch him explode all over his stomach and chest I'll scoop up the warm cum with my fingers and feed it to him. He loves the salty taste and will always eagerly lick my fingers clean. I always manage to take a few licks for myself too.

  37. Old Lover says:

    Took the Rose challenge! Anne was gone this afternoon. After reading a few MH stories and getting horny thinking about my Anne last evening in her form fitting dress, I found her spandex panties in the laundry. They were lightly and wonderfully scented with her pussy juice from a sexy conversation after our dinner with friends. Stroking my cock as I lifted her panties to my face inhaling her sexy aroma, triggered the thought of cumming in them (Anne invites me to masturbate her panties from time to time). Before I realized it I was pulling her spandex panties on! It was a tight fit and when I stretched them up and over my my hard cock my pre-cum soaked through the material. What a turn on as I rubbed my cock as Anne would rub her clit through her wet panties. Within seconds I exploded, mixing my hot cum with her pussy juices from the night before. Challenge accepted and enjoyed to the max!

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