Just Say Cheese – Day 1

My wife surprised me for our anniversary.  First let me tell you a little about her.  She is 5’10” and typically very conservative.  She is very beautiful and many complement her.  We have both hit the 50 mark.  Most of the time she doesn’t like to dress in intimate lingerie.

Now, for the rest of the story.  We had scheduled to go away for the night to a small house on the beach.  When we got there, we quickly unpacked and went for a walk on the beach.  It was a beautiful afternoon.  We got back to the house and showered.  I was eager to make love to her but she refused my moves and told me I had to wait until after supper.  We went to eat at one of our favorite seafood restaurants.  After the meal she handed me her gift and I handed her mine.  I told her to open hers first.  I had bought her a wonderful diamond necklace she had wanted for some time.  I had no idea what she had got me.  Before I could open it, she told me to wait.  I would have to open it when we got back to the beach house.  By now my interest was sky high.

When we arrived at the house my wife said now it is time for you to open your gift.  I tore into to package to find a book.  At first I was a little disappointed, but then I opened the first page. The first page had the caption “Day 1”.  It was a picture of my wife wearing the same black dress she was wearing right now.  She had such a seductive look on her face.  I turned the page to see my wife now with her dress open in the front exposing her bra.  The next page showed her with the dress falling down past her hips.  She was wearing a matching pair of panties.  The next page had a picture of my wife lying on a bed with her legs wide open.  The invitation was clear and my penis was responding.  I was getting harder with every picture.  I couldn’t wait to see what was next.  As I turned the page I caught a glimpse of my wife stepping out of her dress and wearing the same bra and panties she had in the pictures.  She stopped me from turning the page and said, the next few pictures must be viewed in the bedroom.  I didn’t object.

She laid on the bed and took the same pose as in the picture.  I turned the page to see my wife unbuttoning her bra. The next picture was her lying on the bed, breast exposed, legs wide open and one hand rubbing her nipple.  You might guess her nipples were hard as rocks.  When I looked up she had assumed the same pose on the bed.  She had that look in her eyes and she said, have you seen enough?  I quickly replied, no way.   I turned the page and I could not believe what I saw.  My wife had discarded her panties and had a vibrator in one hand and the other hand playing with her nipples.  We didn’t own a vibrator and when I suggested we get one she would have nothing to do with the idea.  Yet here she was, with the vibrator in hand, looking like she would use it.  I could not wait to turn the page.  She read my mind. She said, don’t turn the page yet.  I want you to imagine with me what I should be doing with this.  My penis was about to bust out of my pants.  I felt like a teenager again, feeling desperate to cum.

I asked her, what do you think you should do?  She said, if I was a bad girl I would slip this into my pussy.  As she said this she did it.  And then I would see just how far it would go.  I could not believe how deep it was.  I also had a strange sensation of jealously desiring my penis to be in her that deep.  She began to moan as she slid the vibrator in and out of her pussy.  Her hips began to move as if she could not get enough.

She looked up at me and said, you have a choice, you can turn the page or you can come over here and finish what I started.  I must admit my curiosity was high, but my desire for my wife was higher.  I undid my pants, took off my shirt, pulled off my boxers and begin to please my wife like never before.  I leaned over her and kissed her deeply and passionately. My one hand found her breast and then her nipple.  Her nipples are highly sensitive.  She continued to insert the vibrator while I kissed her and squeezed, and pinched her nipple.  Her one hand that had been on her own breast now found my penis.  She began to pull and rub.  I knew I would not be able to hold out much longer so I took hold of the vibrator and after just a few quick strokes took it out and replaced it with my tongue.  She will cum ever time I kiss her pussy.  I wasn’t ready for her to cum yet, so I didn’t stay long. I then climbed onto her and inserted my rock hard penis into her dripping wet pussy.  She was going to explode and so was I.  I began to pump her hard, she really likes this.  After three or four deep thrust she began to cum and so did I.

After we recovered I went to get up to finish looking at the book.  She pulled me back into the bed and said, Sorry; You will have to wait until tomorrow night to look at the rest of the book.  Happy Anniversary!

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