An Argument Worth Having

Some of the best sex occurs after a fight.

My husband and I were able to witness the union of his best friend and his fiancé. He was with his buddy all weekend, causing separation and a bit of pent up energy on both our parts. Add to that the joy of knowing that his best friend was going to be enjoying his beautiful bride, and we were both making eyes at each other during the ceremony and sneaking touches under the table at the reception.

That all crashed when my husband made a comment that hurt my feelings and left me distancing myself. He continued to pursue me and try to close the gap, not knowing or understanding why I was being so distant.

After cleaning up the decorations, we got into the car and began the three-hour drive back home. He pressed, and I was able to open up to him about the hurt and seek restoration.

As part of the discussion, I remarked that I miss how his hands used to be constantly on me- you know when we were young and on fire for each other. When we would drive home from the movies and his hands would be in my pants. when he would brush up against me and grab me in naughty places while in his parents’ house.

“Why don’t you touch me anymore? Do you remember that one time [Grant] got married? You fingered me all the way back home. I almost had you pull the car over to fuck you on the side of the road.”

As I reminisced, his hand slid over to my side of the car. He started at my knee and felt the hem of my organza outer layer. While I was trying to keep my cool and finish my thought, he proceeded to slip his fingers under the layers of my dress and ascend my thigh. He might have laughed as I stumbled over my words and instinctively slid down in my seat while separating my legs wider for his thirst until fingers to tickle my wet pussy.

Throbbing by this point, I gave up all hopes of carrying on a conversation beyond, “oh, oh, um, that feels good. Oh yeah. Right there. Mmmmm, yes,” as I laid my head back and gulped his fingers with my southern lips  he finger-fucked me the whole way home, taking a break only so I could unzip his pants and let his manhood breathe a little before I took it in my mouth.

With about three hours of foreplay, we arrived home ready to finish. The only problem was that his brother and friend were waiting in or living room, watching some sporting event. We carried some belongings inside and then went back out to the garage to “finish unpacking the car.”

When the door closed, my lover, who was licking the grool from his fingers, pushed me up against our car. “I want you right here,” he whispered in my ear. As if my cunt didn’t want him before! My sex-drive took over my mind. I kissed him passionately, taking off my panties, hiking my leg up around his waist, and pulling him in. I could feel his engorged cock pushing through his pants, just begging to be free of the restraint and enabled to enter the dark, wet crevice I had exposed  still kissing passionately, he reached down and set the Beast free, swiping the folds of my sweet, dripping hole.

As he entered me, I couldn’t help but gasp! His throbbing member filled every inch of me but gave my entrance a little flick as he was granted entrance. He rhythmically thrusted me with his huge cock, pressing our bodies into each other and hungrily groping my breasts and butt.

Enjoying the ride, I grabbed my stallion’s big butt and held on. I could feel juices running down my leg and I knew that they were mine. My king knows how to “rock the boat,” engaging my clit as well as all the right sensors inside my ladyplace. It wasn’t too long before he brought me to my first orgasm in the garage.

However, knowing I don’t have to settle for just one, I pushed him out of me, turned around, and grabbed my ankles. Seeing my exposed ass ignited something in my husband. I believe he actually precummed when he saw the round, soft, white cheeks staring at him. What made it even better is that the touchable posterior was covered with my own cum.

My orgasm caused my pussy to squeeze his dick so hard and make his orgasm toe-curling good. He pulled me upright and held me from behind for a moment, tenderly kissing my ear and grabbing my breasts. “You are my Shondra, my diamond, my queen.”

We slowly cleaned up and righted our appearance before we walked back inside. Although we tried to walk normal and keep the goofy grins off our faces, it was fairly obvious that we had just used the garage for a tryst. I may never know if the two gentlemen in the living room were onto us, but I know I went to bed feeling as if I were the newlywed.

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7 replies
  1. Truth says:

    Totally awesome story Shondra, love the way you were able to settle the dispute with ur hubby before getting home. The long 3 hours of fore play in the car with intense finger fucking really got me extremely horny. It totally drives me wild when my wife begs me to finger fuck her and while I am at it she equally thrusts on to them. Lastly, there won't have been a better place to finish off than at the garage. Trust me. ;-). Can just imagine the explosive cum your hubby had. Can't wait to take my wife to the cinemas too this coming weekend 😉 . Thank you for the juicy story, pls keep them cumming. Stay blessed and extremely horny

  2. OneCouple says:

    Wow, this is the hottest story I've read for some time, made me hard, thanks for sharing Shondra ! I loved the long finger fucking and ending with you grabbing your ankles in the garage, so erotic ! Please write more stories, God bless you both !

  3. ChiTownCouple says:

    Shondra this was such an erotic story, my wife was getting wetter and I was getting harder with every detail. Needless to say I had to take her before I posted this note.
    We actually loved the fact there were two guys in the next room. You're imagination they might know you've just had a little tryst was just one notch below our imagination which was envisioning them watching you grab your ankles and getting fucked hard. We have that fantasy often.

  4. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    This reminds me of a "conflict" I had with my husband many years ago (still newlyweds) but we made up literally right after, had a dance & made love 🙂 God bless, my dear & may God protect you all the way

  5. Juicy says:

    Ah, make up sex! You are a better woman than I am as I am a stuborn woman and it takes me quite a bit for me to come around when it comes to an argument! But the couple of times that I have relented, it has been great!

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