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An Argument Worth Having

Some of the best sex occurs after a fight. My husband and I were able to witness the union of his best friend and his fiancé. He was with his buddy all weekend, causing separation and a bit of pent up energy on both our parts. Add to that the joy of knowing that his […]

Date night, late night

After five years of marriage, people tend to fall into a rhythm, which can be good and bad at the same time. With comfortability comes a little complacency. Recently my husband decided to beat this and rekindle some romance by instituting a weekly date night. The first week we went out to dinner and came […]

Time for a check-up

A few years ago, my husband gave me an assortment of lingerie for Christmas. Although I usually like to rip off my clothes as fast as can be and not even bother with the frilly, lacy fabrics, I like to surprise him every now and then. One of the sexy outfits he betowed upon me […]