Date night, late night

After five years of marriage, people tend to fall into a rhythm, which can be good and bad at the same time. With comfortability comes a little complacency. Recently my husband decided to beat this and rekindle some romance by instituting a weekly date night. The first week we went out to dinner and came home for video games and some fun between the sheets…if ya know what I mean. This week, I wanted to be a little nostalgic and bring back a beloved date idea from when we were dating.

Before we were married with children, my man and I loved to head out to the beach with a blanket and our iPod.  Often there were also jarred candles, and the ambiance coupled with our desire for each other led Us into some pretty steamy situations as we lay under the beauty of God’s creation. So last night I made up my mind to resurrect this wonderful recreation. We dropped the kids off at my in-laws and drove to the beach side. On the way out, I suggested that we stop by an ice cream joint since my husband loves sweets. I promised him that he would be able to eat something creamy when we arrived at the beach if this sweet didn’t ruin his appetite. A smile crossed his face as he shifted in his seat and assured me that he would always have an appetite for what I have to offer him.

Walking on the beach, we spotted so many crabs, scurrying away from our steps and the flash of our lights. We decided that neither of us was brave enough to take the chance of a crab crawling on us in the midst of our cuddling, so we opted for the lifeguard’s chair. The climb up was a little interesting. You see, I was wearing a knee-length dress and tennis shoes, but that wasn’t the problem. I reminded my husband that I didn’t have any underwear on. He smiled and reminded me that we were alone on a dark beach. After his smile and reassurance that his hand would be there to help me up, I hiked up my dress and climbed to the first level of the platform. I felt his helping hand slide up my thigh and lightly touch my exposed lady parts. I climbed to the next step and lingered a moment, allowing the light from my phone to illuminate my nakedness to the hungry eye of my lover.

His climb up took no time at all as he seated himself beside me and reminded me how beautiful he thinks I am. He told me that he had been thinking about the naughty text messages (and pictures) I had been sending him all day and couldn’t wait to get home to me. We sat giggling, talking, and fondling while the waves beat along the shore and the myriad stars watched us with approval. I leaned back in the life guard chair and began admiring the stars, exclaiming the beauty of God’s creation. He, too was admiring the beauty of God’s creation, but he was not looking upward. I caught his eyes ravaging me and spread my legs in approval.

He started above my knees and softly, gently, caressed and moved his way north. It felt like the first time he touched me; heat moved up my legs and throughout my body. I scooted down a little to prime position for easier access. At my thigh, he turned to me and kissed me passionately. As I caressed his face, he moved his searching tongue in and around my mouth. Involuntarily, my body began to move under the touch of his hand, now touching my pussy. He took a break from my mouth and began to rub circles on the outside of my southern lips. He stroked and petted. His trained fingers unfolded the skin around my clit and said hello. Hello, indeed. I could feel my toes start to curl in ecstasy!
As my clit was hard as a rock, so my nipples also were standing to attention as he slid one of his fingers inside. I drew one knee up to open my vagina even more to him and slipped the dress off my shoulder to reveal one plump breast ready for attention. He took notice and left my mouth. He stopped for a minute to lay soft and succulent kisses on my cheek, my jaw, my neck, my collar bone, and -OH- my naked breast. He sucked gently on my nipple and then blew his warm breath across my skin. All the while, his fingers, two now, we’re inside searching for my pleasure spot.
As his fingers traced the spongy texture of my G spot, I began to moan. The seeker knew he found his treasure. With the rhythm of the waves, he stroked the spot while he sucked and kissed my breasts, not sweetly and softly anymore but with a fervor and passion that made it so pleasurable it was almost painful. He could feel the climax as could I. He applied the needed pressure and moved his mouth from my breasts to my clitoris. That was it! My back arched and my toes curled. Under the scintillating of the stars, I came in his mouth. He, satisfied with victory, smiled at me and licked up the sweet mess. My favorite part is when he puts his fingers to his mouth and licks them as if they are candy-coated.

We straightened my dress a little and relaxed together as we enjoyed the sights and sounds around us, our backdrop to bliss. It was then, at almost eleven at night, that the moon began to rise over the ocean. It was brilliantly red and would have been mistaken for the sunrise if not for the lesser light. In amazement and revelry, we watched the orb rise in the dark sky and marveled that we were blessed enough to be able to enjoy the artistry of our Creator (with the moon as well).

He hopped down from the high chair and beckoned me to jump into his arms. When I did, my dress came up to my waist, and he held me for a moment, groping my bare butt. We laughed and began walking down the beach back toward the car, again chasing crabs as we had also chased the joy we have as young lovers

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  1. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    What a lovely, and HOT story! I love how you appreciate God's creation. My husband and I have always done the same with the Northern Lights and starry skies, praise the Lord!

  2. PacMan says:

    Yes! This is such fun and spicy too. Did your hubby opt out of beach time pleasure? I think my dick would be throbbing after giving my lady a Big O in the life guard chair! The thought has me hard right now!

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