Welcome to Juicy’s Joint (L)

It all started with a pair of glasses and took off from there.

Once, while at dinner with friends, I put on my friend’s mod-framed glasses and the look on my husband’s face was priceless! He loved it and thought I looked hot in them! He even took a picture of me wearing them to save as the photo that came up when I texted him! That sparked in me inspiration to try out role-playing. I had wanted to try role-playing but I wasn’t so sure he would want to play along. I thought, what the heck! I am going for it! I set the day as Father’s Day for my plan to come into action and it would be a patient few months for it all to come to fruition.

But first I had to figure out exactly what the plan was going be and how to work in those glasses.   The outfit came to mind first. A form fitting, knee length black pencil skirt, some sort of button up blouse, sexy heels, hair pinned up, a g-string, sexy bra and, of course, a pair of dark-framed mod glasses! Looking through my wardrobe, I realized that I needed everything to pull off the look. So for the next couple of months, I picked up what I needed. First, a great fitted skirt that hugged all the right curves in all the right places! What to do for a blouse? I am blessed with some luscious breasts so I normally don’t like to wear button up blouses for fear of busting out of them! Ah! I tried on my husband’s dress shirts and they fit……..except in the bosom, but who cares? The point was to have them busting out anyway! I selected a dark-ish blue shirt that set off my pale skin and dark curly hair.   I needed a new pair of black heels and I found a basic pair of sexy patent leather ones that would be perfect. I also found a hot lingerie set with a black g-string and a black-and-grey lacy corset. It was coming together! But where to get a pair of glasses? I don’t need vision correction, so I needed to get a pair with fake lenses in them. Luckily, I found just the right pair at a costume jewelry shop! The costume was done!

I began to think who would wear this outfit and what scenario could I pull off with it? A seductive librarian? A teacher? A secretary? Ah! Got it! A sexy restaurant hostess! I could pull that off. I started to get very excited as it all began to take shape in my mind. Yes, I would make a restaurant experience he would never forget! I couldn’t wait for Father’s Day weekend to arrive!

The Saturday before Father’s Day came and I was so excited! I went out earlier in the day to purchase the last minute food items and had everything set up and hidden for later that night! That night, my husband and I were invited to go to a work related, adults-only party and we decided to pass on it. But then I suggested he go alone and I’d stay with the kids so we wouldn’t have to get a babysitter. That way I could still take the kids to our church’s Saturday night service. There was one condition – he would have to come home when I texted him, which he agreed to. The kids and I got home from church, they had a snack, watched a little TV, and off to bed they went. Then I went about setting up the naughty restaurant of my husband’s dreams!

I got rid of all the chairs, except two. The table I set with candles, cutlery and dinnerware, wine glasses, and the flowers that he had brought home for me the day before. I decided that we needed a little more privacy, so I took a tension rod and curtain and placed them above the entrance to our kitchen. Upstairs, I touched up my make-up, pinned my hair up, and put on my outfit. G-string, corset, skirt, shirt, heels, and of course, the glasses! I took a look in the mirror and I felt sexy! I was getting so excited for the night and I could feel myself getting wet! I went back to the kitchen, made the last of the food preparations, and then texted my husband. I told him that he was to “come home with his big dick” and to come straight to the kitchen.

He arrived home a few minutes later and quietly came into the candlelit kitchen. There he saw me leaning back on the counter with my arms slightly outstretched to each side, shirt buttoned to just below my breasts, my cleavage tastefully spilling out the top of my corset, and looking at him through a pair of dark-framed mod glasses!   He eyes bugged right out of his head and the biggest smile came on his face!

In my sexiest voice I said, “Welcome to Juicy’s Joint! Table for one?”

He stammered, “Ummm, yes!”

I said, “Would you like to see a menu?”

“Ummm, yes please,” he replied.

I handed him a homemade menu that I had made up. It read,

The look on his face was priceless as he read the menu and deciphered the real meaning behind the options!

“I’ll take the strawberry sparkling soda,” he said.

I replied, “Good choice sir!” I went to the fridge and came back to the table and poured us both a glass, making sure I leaned over just enough so that he could get a good look at my tits, which he did. I offered, “May I interest you in an appetizer?”

He replied, “Yes, the mozzarella sticks would be great!”

I retrieved them from their warming spot and served both of us. We began to eat and he looked over at me, gave a bit of a devilish look and said, “Nice glasses!”

We continued to eat and converse and then it was time for dessert. He couldn’t decide!

“No worries,” I said. “I have them all on the same serving dish and you can have all of them if you wish!” I went to the fridge and brought out the little pedestal plate on which I had arranged all the mini desserts, as well as a can of whipped cream. We took our dessert choices and with a wink through my glasses, I put some whipped cream on top.

After we enjoyed our dessert, I asked if he would like another, to which he replied, “I think I will save some for later.”

I cleared the table of everything but the whipped cream and I asked if there was anything else from the menu that he would like.

He picked up the menu and thoughtfully looked at it and said, “I think I would like this Lick-A-Dick option!”

I replied, “Another good choice!” I went over to him and first removed his shirt. Then I removed his shorts and underwear and his cock sprang out! He sat on the edge of the table and I sat in his chair ready to partake of my next dessert! I began licking up and down his shaft, then circling his balls, up his shaft again, licking his ever growing purple head. Finally, I took him into my mouth completely. After a few good sucks, I let him pop out of my mouth. I grabbed the whipped cream, sprayed it on the tip of his cock, and I licked it clean! I continued to spray whipped cream up and down his cock and lick it up. I said “Yum! Delicious!” as I looked up at him.

He replied, “I have never has this kind of service from a restaurant before! Do you do this for all your customers?”

“No one else could afford me but you!” I said.

After a good blow job, he pulled me up, kissed me and then took out one of my breasts from my corset and began to lick and suck on it. He placed it back in the corset and then took out the other breast and did the same. He then unbuttoned my shirt and threw it to the floor, taking in the site of my cleavage in a corset top.

I offered, “Would you like to further sample the “Juicy” fruits!” to which he replied, “Yes! I would!” He continued to play with my breasts, kissing, sucking and licking them while reaching down into my skirt to grab my ass.

I said, “Would you like to see the other “Juicy” fruits?”

“Ummm……yes!” he said.

I backed up and turned away from him and slowly took down my skirt to reveal the black g-string. From his lips came a “Yum!” As I stepped back over to him, he promptly removed the g-sting, turned me around, and laid me on the table. He sat down and put my feet, still in my patent leather heels, up on the arms of the chair and began to sample the “Juicy Juices” from the menu! He lapped up the already dripping juices from my pussy.

“This is the best dessert,” he said. While still sampling the “Juicy Juices” he reached up to play with my tits.Then, after lapping up what he could, he sat me up and removed my corset top and began to suck my nipples again.

I began to moan, grabbing his head and pushing his mouth tighter against me. Then I felt his dick enter me and start to thrust while he still partook of his dessert fruits. I felt so sexy wearing only my heels and glasses as he took me!

He then grabbed the can of whipped cream and sprayed some on my nipples. After licking them clean, he continued to suck them and fuck my pussy. Then he pulled out and sat down on the chair.

I got off the table and turned around, lowering myself reverse-cowgirl style onto his cock. I held on to the table and I began to ride him up and down, faster and slower, using the height of my patent leather heels and the table for leverage.

He reached around me to pinch and twist my nipples while I rode him, feeling his cock slide in-out, in-out between my pussy lips. After a while he stood me up and bent me over the table and pounded my pussy hard.

I was moaning and clutching the table for support. The heels I was wearing put me at a great height for him to really penetrate me. I could feel him go so deep!

He then asked me to kneel on the table while he stood on the chair. He entered and pounded away. But the sight of my ass in the air and the angle he was at… he had to stop.

“It feels too good and I don’t want to cum yet,” he told me. He asked me to get on my back again and while I was mounting up on the table, he removed my heels.

I asked him, “Do you want me to take off the glasses?”

He replied, “NO! Leave them on! You look so hot!”

I was in a semi-sitting position so he could nibble on my tits and thrust himself in me. Escaping from my lips came, “Oh! Fuck me! Fuck me!”   

He sat down again and I placed my feet on the arms of the chair. He began to lick my dripping pussy again and reached up to tweak my nipples. I was moaning, swaying my body back and forth, and rocking my hips up to face-fuck him. I was so ready to cum!

With one hand, he inserted two fingers into my love hole and began to thrust them into me while licking my very hot button. With the other he twisted a nipple. And in no time, an earth shattering orgasm rocked my body. My thighs squeezed his head, my hands were rubbing through his hair, pushing his head deeper into my folds, and my body was rocking and bucking. The orgasm completely took over my body and I writhed in pleasure.

He brought me to three more, equally beautiful, orgasms and all I could do was let my body fall completely into the pleasure. I began to laugh in the joy that I was experiencing.

After several more minutes of pleasure, I pushed him away, knowing I could easily pull off more orgasms but wanting to leave at the top of my game! I sat up again as he entered me. He felt so good back inside of me, like he was where he should have been. He started to thrust again, penetrating me deeply and pleasurably and I looked down at the beauty of seeing his cock enter me over and over again.   

“I love seeing you fuck me!” I said.

“I love seeing it too!” he replied.

I watched him take all the love and lust he had for me and power it through his hips and his cock until he exploded and his body rocked from the power of his orgasm. I smiled to myself, proud that the work that I put into the evening made him cum so hard.

After he recovered, I leaned in and kissed him and said, “Happy Father’s Day!”

“Thank You!” he replied.

“I hope you had good service at Juicy’s Joint and that you come/cum again!”

“I will come/cum again!” he replied.

And to think, it all started with a pair of glasses!

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38 replies
  1. Gracie says:

    Way to go, Juicy!!! I don't know what it is about glasses. I have a pair of mod or thick-framed glasses I wear when I drive, and my husband loves them. He's asked me to wear them more than once while he fucks me. I am so excited you pulled this off, I was wondering if you were going to try some role play. I've had a pencil skirt, white button up, garter belt, knee highs and heels sitting in my closet for almost a year now. I thought I'd put that all together and throw on the glasses for some added excitement and have some fun role-playing with my hubby. I don't know what I'm waiting for, but I think your story just gave me the push I needed. I always look forward to your stories, Juicy. Not only are your stories good, but you always seem to do the stuff I'm thinking about, but still trying to get the nerve to do. Loved the story!

  2. Juicy says:

    Thanks Gracie! I love hearing from you! It was fun to role play a bit. Not really my husbands thing – I am the creative one while he is more vanilla and black and white – but he went along with it. If we had more privacy, I know I would like to do it a little more. I have worn the glasses again since that night. When were were away for an anniversary night (story coming later this week!) we went to breakfast the next morning and I wore the glasses to be cheeky! Hubby loved it and since all of the other inn patrons were strangers, no one knew that I wasn't a spectacle wearer!
    I like to dress up for sex, especially lingerie, it makes me feel more confident and more sexual but it definitely does more for me than my husband. Go for it and good luck! Have fun!

  3. Lovinghusband says:

    Juicy, I wanted to point out that I like that you do things that get you off (role play, lingerie) – that are not necessarily your husband's favorite. That doesn't make you self-seeking or selfish – it just shows that there is room for both to have their preferences. Give and take. Not that those things repulse your husband or make him uncomfortable – but that they get you off – even if not his ideal now, But, perhaps as he sees how excited it makes you – he may embrace those things more as he gets turned on by your excitement. Yet, someone (in this case you) has to want to try new things and kind of take the initiative in making it happen.
    Anyway, just an observation from afar. The same kind of thing has happened in our marriage – with me more often than not being the initiator of new things. My wife has caught the excitement. God bless you. LH

  4. Juicy says:

    I have mentioned before, and this is not an insult to my dear husband, but he is vanilla, he loves vanilla, would be happy to always have vanilla…………he loves vanilla! He is the type who likes routine and comes to really enjoy familiarity. I routinely ask him what his fantasies are and what could I do to improve for him, and he always says nothing, that I do everything perfectly! (He does have an outdoor fantasy, as do I, that we would like to fulfill.) Sweet, I know, but I would love for him to take more initiative, be more creative, more assertive, more romantic. That being said, he is an incredible lover and ALWAYS strives to please me. He always wants me to be turned on and to cum over and over again! It may take him a while to catch on to new things that get me hot, but he is fine with me trying new things. I hope he catches on like your wife has! I would love to come home to a "Juicy's Joint" put on by my husband!

  5. Gracie says:

    Juicy, our husbands sound very similar. I am hesitant to follow through with some of my fun ideas or fantasies, because my husband is also a bit vanilla. He's always a great sport, but I think I have trouble when I feel like I'm the only one with these desires/fantasies or least the only one willing to express them. If you don't mind me asking did you find the role playing a bit awkward at first knowing it may not be your hubby's thing, or did it come easy once you seen his reaction?
    It's interesting what you said about dressing up and lingerie, I like your perspective.

  6. Gracie says:

    Juicy, I just submitted a comment then hit refresh and saw your reply to LH. LOL!!! Our husband's sound too similar. I'm still waiting for my wonderful husband to ravish to me one day. I went from vanilla to vanilla with hot fudge as you would say almost overnight, so I think my husband in a way is still trying to absorb this all. It's a fun journey, sometime a struggle, but with trust in God I look forward to where it will lead us.

  7. Juicy says:

    It's a slow day here at Juicy's house – with three kids, who knows how that happened! Sometimes when you and I exchange replies I feel like, WOW! Do I have another account on here and I just keep on replying to myself?!
    It is difficult when I have all these pent up desires and fantasies and am the only one who wants to bring them to life. Part of the fun of these things is in the reciprocation, reaction, and response in action of your partner. So when one of you is bursting with sexual expression and the other isn't, while they may be okay with your expression, it kind of takes away from the turn on and sexual experience. Not that there isn't any fun in the experience, but I feel that part of the fun that could be there, isn't. So to some degree, the sexual satisfaction while it is not missing, is rather not fully experienced and that means (for me anyway) missing out on some of the holiness of sex with my husband. Does that make sense?
    The role playing was very precise by my choosing. I picked something that was more natural for both of us so it wouldn't be too uncomfortable. The role playing was only kept up partially. We had regular conversation throughout the eating part, but I played up the puns, the service, the sex kitten act, the moving of my curves just so, etc! The outfit I wore wasn't an unusual one as I have worn similar outfits before for regular wear, but it was all new because I have lost a lot of weight and I continue to lose a size every so often so I didn't have anything that fit! And like I have said before, he isn't a creative personality by nature, so it would be difficult for him to keep up an act, so I needed to keep it simple so the excitement would keep building. I would love to do more though, but along the same lines.
    I was really excited about doing this mild role play, but also a bit nervous not because he wouldn't be receptive, but that it would be too hard for him to partake and be active in the role play itself and then he or I might get discouraged. It would ruin the mood and the experience if it were too much for him. But his reaction was awesome! Smiling and giddy! So it went well and we had some amazing sex! But I hear you! YES to being ravished!!! I mean no holds barred and just lustily and passionately taken as if life depended on it! Maybe someday for both of us – fingers crossed!
    I have been working on some thoughts about lingerie for a post…

  8. Juicy says:

    And another thing, dear Gracie: I am the type of girl who just sometimes takes the bull by the horns and just does what needs to be done! This sexual desire part of me, I can't continue to suppress, especially since I am in a committed and loving relationship and am able to express it. For a long time, I kept up with vanilla, and that was okay. But the more I suppressed the hot fudge, whipped cream, sprinkles, etc, the more sexually unsatisfied I became. So I feel like I "need" to sexually express myself in the way that my heart desires so that my physical desires are met.
    So many people, Christian and non-Christian, leave marriages/relationships because their sexual needs are not met, and I get that. I don't condone it, but I can appreciate that when you have needs and you try and express them with the one you are in a committed relationship with and they do not reciprocate/appreciate/allow it to be fulfilled, it can hinder a relationship in other areas of intimacy.
    So in my opinion, we have to encourage our loves to fully express themselves in intimacy, sexual intimacy included, so that they flourish and grow in that area. We have to be receptive to that and work ourselves into their needs and expressions as they do in return for us. It takes time, and at least it is better that I have a husband who allows me to be more expressive than he is than to have a husband who won't allow/discourages it. So PTL in that!

  9. Gracie says:

    Seriously, Juicy, I feel the same way about the connection we share. I kind of feel like God brought us together, maybe he knew we were in similar situations.
    My husband is such an amazing man, but I do feel that his job takes from his ability to want to share with me. He has a very demanding job, and I think often times he just can't unplug. He’s great when he’s with us, and acts as if he’s left work at work, but I know the wheels are always turning in his head, unfortunately not about us. I don't know if this is the same with your husband.
    Like you I routinely discuss this need for intimacy, both emotional and physical, with him. I’ve told him some of the things I’d like to do with him, and he never makes me feel uncomfortable about it. But he doesn't reciprocate, he doesn't respond. It’s the passion and spontaneity I need, the deep conversations. I’ve been trying to get my husband to read some stories on MH, I’ve even told him about some, but I just can't catch his attention. I know how much my husband loves me and wants to please me. I just can’t figure it out. I am always thinking, “Am I the only one in this relationship having these fantasies, these kinky thoughts?” …I think you said the same thing, didn't you??
    I’ve become very passionate about strengthening my relationship with God and learning and trying to be a godly and submissive wife. I was actually discussing this with my husband just the other day about the intentions God had for sex in marriage and how I was oblivious to this until recently. I explained to him how, at one time, I didn't enjoy sex and never imagined that God and hot sex could go together and now through much prayer, MH, reading Song of Songs, etc. I realize sex is supposed to be enjoyed between a married couple it’s supposed to be hot and erotic. It’s really freed me, and I finally feel like I don't have to suppress my sexual desires for my husband. So when you say missing out on some of the holiness, yes, I think I know exactly what you mean.
    I found myself pondering the same situation as you a few weeks ago. I was feeling so frustrated with this situation that I could understand how others could leave a relationship. Like you, we would never let it get to this point, and never consider divorce, but yes I can understand. Thankfully, as a Christian, I feel a bit better equipped to handle this obstacle. I am a strong believer in communication and the need to constantly pursue each other, along with God; it’s what ties it all together. I just read the book “For Married Women Only” by Tony Evans, something I just came across, and in a way I felt like it was God giving me a message, the book was about being submissive to your husband, and basically what it explained was if you can't change it/him, give it to God. We know this all too well, but sometimes I think if I discuss something with my husband enough he’ll finally get what I mean. At this point, Juicy, I think we both know we have amazing husbands who love us, so maybe we continue doing our part (taking the bulls by the horn, and using lots of hot fudge) and see what God brings to the table.
    You're awesome Juicy! I find a lot of comfort in knowing we can relate to each other.
    P.S. Sorry for the lengthy comment 🙂

  10. Lovinghusband says:

    Juicy, I want to respond to what you said about being "vanilla"
    Compared to me, my wife would be more vanilla. That said, we both have come a long way – but I'm definitely more free and the chief Explorer of new sexual vista's.
    Without my initiative, my wife (too) would have a more vanilla default. That said, I like her vanilla! But, l yearn for more – and through my initial yearnings, she also now wants more. For example, she loves me eating her pussy and fucking her ass with my tongue. That is her new default. It did not exist in the first 10 years of our marriage. I love these changes.
    I still wish for other things to open up – but God has given patience. But I would not be honest if I didn't admit to many times being frustrated that she wanted to stick to the familiar more than me. When I've wanted her to be as excited to put me over the edge as I think I've been for her. But, I must admit my bias and selfishness at times.
    So, there are still exciting things we talk about doing that we've never done – but no timetable given. A kind of "fuck it" bucket list😆
    But, in all these things Juicy – God gives us patience, priority, and contentment. We have to work things out, communicate, and see things unfold. It is exciting! Our sex lives are in part predictable in a secure sense – and potentially unpredictable in terms of new vistas.
    But all of this is worthless without true love permeating it all.
    So, Juicy, as a fellow non-vanilla sex lover – let's keep majoring in love – no matter how much of our fantasies come to fruition or not! I must admit I have a fertile sexual fantasy farm living in my head!
    God bless you! LH

  11. Disfrutando says:

    What a HOT story! Thank you for sharing it.
    Just one quick comment if I may suggest something. Next time add a belt to the outfit especially when being bent over the table. Not like this might have actually happened or anything (hehe) but the belt provides an extra level of leverage that must be tried. Once again, thank you for writing! Role playing is so much fun!

  12. Gracie says:

    Sorry, Hope you don't mind me chiming in on your comment. I love your wisdom, LH. You said it took you and your wife ten years to get where you are in your sex life. This increase in libido kind of happened overnight with me, I think the same happened with Juicy. As you know it was MH and one of your stories in particular that gave me that sudden clarity and freedom. Before I realized all of this I was a closed book, didn't share fantasies with my husband, and would rarely deviate from our usual sex routine. I guess what I'm saying is, you're right: it takes patience and time to develop this kind of relationship sometimes. I don't want anything extremely overboard in the bedroom, but I wouldn't mind the same enthusiasm. I guess what you made me realize is that I can't expect my husband to suddenly change his ways because I have. It's a work in progress, and I guess sometimes we just need to kick back, enjoy the great vanilla we have and let God take the reins.
    Thanks for the wise words, LH.

  13. Lovinghusband says:

    Hi Gracie,
    I know your comment and question was directed towards Juicy – yet I wanted to address something you brought up.
    You asked if it was awkward if Juicy was initiating role play – knowing her husband is not into it – certainly not to the degree she is.
    I want to address it in a slightly different way. When I discovered that I liked the feel and sensation of having my cock and balls completely shaved – it was not initially my wife's favorite. She didn't dislike it – but it was less familiar to her then my being hairy, but trimmed. I discovered that she preferred the non-abrasive feel when I was thrusting while fucking. She did not want to shave herself hairless – but began to be even more closely trimmed on her pussy.
    So, here is the progression: it started with something that only I decided I liked (with my wife being kind of "I'll wait and see" about it). But in fairly quick order – a few months – she was definitely liking feasting on my cock more and longer orally. I wasn't asking her every time like a pollster (or in this case I could say "pole-ster"😀) "Hey, honey, don't you like this better?" I just waited to see what happened. Yet, I already knew I enjoyed it better – and instead of "selling" it – I just enjoyed it. It wasn't awkward – but different at first. Now, years later – she praises my smoothness and softness without hair (softness not meaning I'm not hard😀)
    So, my point is that it started with my initial enjoyment at first. Then, came to incrementally be loved and appreciated by my wife. She now likes that when I thrust fast and deep there is not a hint of chafing from hair. She loves licking and sucking everywhere with no hair in her mouth or teeth. But it didn't happen immediately.
    I started to realize that my enjoyment wasn't rejected by her. I love the feel of masturbating without hair!
    So, the parallel I'm making is that some new things might start with just the initiator being enthusiastic at first. But give your spouse time to get used to it – and see your excitement and enthusiasm for it! It can be contagious with people who love and trust each other, whether role-play, shaving, lingerie, or other things.
    Just my (our) experience. God bless you Gracie. LH

  14. Juicy says:

    LH and Gracie,
    Patience is exactly it! And both my husband and I have had to extend it to one another in the bedroom. For example, when we were first married, I was unsure about performing oral on him. I did it a bit but kept it at a minimum. I did it periodically but then I stopped… and he wanted it, but never pressured me. But then all of a sudden, I wanted to do it and now I do it enthusiastically! So he showed me great patience for something he wanted so badly and he was rewarded. Now I am doing the same for him… at least I am really trying!
    LH, your experience with your wife mirrors my experience. I just have to do things and hope he catches on and gets excited about them over time. And it has happened with some of our intimate times. It is a bit of a vulnerable position for me though, speaking from a woman's perspective, that when I do something new/different in the bedroom, I want him to be enthusiastic about it to a certain degree or it affects my self esteem as a sexual woman. So it's a tough balance – I need to be bold and explore more of my sexuality but not to the degree where it becomes a turn off for him or I don't get a favourable reaction. And that has happened in my experience.
    But I have been fairly patient and we too have a bit of a "Fuck It Bucket List" and we are in no rush but I don't want it to lose steam either! I have loved the changes that our sexual intimacy has taken, and there have been times where it has taken leaps, but I think Gracie may concur with me on this (we seem to be MH doppelgangers!), that when you are a female and this rush of hormones comes over you (and she is right that it often happens overnight!), it is difficult to slow down your desires when they are washing over you so rapidly. Especially when you have a husband that you can take them out on, you want to do so! I know that men have this sexual peak too, but when they are younger, and it must be incredibly difficult for a young gentleman to control them when he does not have a wife to express them with. But yes, Gracie, I can't expect my husband to change as rapidly as I have!
    I do enjoy the vanilla, especially when my vanilla husband is very considerate and giving, and I have been patient, but we keep the communication open and frequent so that we are aware of each others desires. I know that I can go to my God in prayer with anything…………ANYTHING…….and I do pray for my sex life, although it seems not the norm in a prayer life! But I think perhaps I need to be bolder and "more x-rated" with those prayers! I will pray for several things: #1 To always be patient in the bedroom #2 To be open and receptive to his desires #3 To communicate my desires clearly with no hidden agenda #4 Have my husband be receptive and open to my desires #5 To always be sexually faithful to him in thought, word and deed #6 To have a healthy, active and enjoyable sex life for years to come #7 To continue to explore and be brave in my sex life #8 To never degrade our marriage bed #9 That our sex life will be fulfilling and amazing #10 To have more body confidence in myself #11 And to pray for sexual fantasies to come true.

  15. Gracie says:

    You’ve made an excellent point, very true. I guess like anything, it takes time to adapt to the change. I always love your advice and opinions. By the way, I kind of smirked when you said your wife’s more of the vanilla one, I was like this woman is hot what’s he talking about. I feel the same way about Juicy, her stories always inspire me, because she does the things I don't yet have the nerve to do. I think I was so vanilla, that to get where your wife is, being the conservative woman she is would be great. To me it’s more about the enthusiasm/passion and initiative. I know you said that it was your initiative that helped get the two of you where you are today. I guess while I have these big fantasies and desires, I’m still very reserved at times. As much as it may not seem like it, I get super uncomfortable every time I make a comment on here. But I’m pushing myself to do so, and maybe I’ll finally get to the point where I’ll be comfortable enough to post a story, like you said everything takes time. I’m definitely going to take your advice and continue to express my sexual wants and desires, and hopefully see it flourish.
    You spoke of shaving down there, that’s funny because it’s one of the things I’ve been trying to get my husband to do. He’s not keen on it. He says it’s always uncomfortable as the hair grows back…I don't know :). If I can get him to do it once, maybe he’ll begin to like it himself.

  16. Lovinghusband says:

    Hi again, Juicy. I want to reply to your reply to a comment 🙂
    You said, "Your experience with your wife mirrors my experience…It is a bit of a vulnerable position for me though, speaking from a woman's perspective, that when I do something new/different in the bedroom, I want him to be enthusiastic about it to a certain degree or it affects my self esteem as a sexual woman."
    Juicy, my reply to that is that has been similar for me as a man. Being vulnerable when doing something different affects my self esteem if it is not well received. It can be very disappointing, sometimes causing us to stop and talk uncomfortably for a few minutes. We've had conversations that started like, "I thought you liked such and such – but now you seem to be hesitating." Or, "You used to like this or that – but now you are avoiding it." It can lead to something like this being said, "I really didn't like it then." The point being that it was done, but not enjoyed. But, here is something that has happened to us – it is almost funny now – but definitely wasn't when we hit brick walls. It would be when my wife would say, "I really didn't like this or that." Then I would say, "So you were doing it, just tolerating me liking it?" She usually would not just say "yes" at that point – but that is how I would take it. Here is the funny part! It is that without me trying again and again, there have been a number of things which she said she did not like that she would maneuver into happening – though without verbally asking for it (which is what I would really like). Then, I say, "Wait, you like this now?" (I know, I should just shut up and enjoy the ride – but, I really like talking about it, too.) There are so many things that we do now, that a year ago – my wife's default was to not want, or only like a little. Now, at age 50 – she goes for so many of them! Okay, I can hear people wanting to know at least some of what I'm referring to – especially if you have not read my stories. When we first got married, my wife liked missionary fucking and me grabbing and sucking her tits, along with kissing. That was about it. She did not embrace these things as we first tried them – but loves all of them now: 1) Eating pussy 2) Me liking the taste of her pussy juices on my tongue or licking my fingers 3) Licking her ass 4) Finger in her ass 5) Tongue in her ass 6) Me telling her I liked the taste of her (clean) ass 7) Sucking my cock 8) Liking my cum on her tits 9) Liking my cum on her ass crack 10) Me exploring every nook and cranny of her pussy with a flashlight 11) Me cleaning her pussy after sex 12) Me drinking her cum juices 13) "69" 14) Mutual masturbation 15) Her masturbating alone in front of me 16) Me masturbating alone in front of her 17) Talking sexy with words like fuck, fucking, cunt, cock, bitch, ass hole, butt hole, butt fuck, tongue fuck, titty fuck and more. 18) Car sex – BJ's, fingering, cumming while driving (on safe, uncongested roads) 19) Dry humping in somewhat risky places where there is a chance of getting caught – but very unlikely if we are wise 20) Sexting
    I'm sure there is more – but I have to get back to work!! 🙂
    Back to my original point – I as a man also have felt very vulnerable when facing various kinds of initial lack of enthusiasm for things I was pumped about.
    You said, "I need to be bold and explore more of my sexuality but not to the degree where it becomes a turn off for him."
    That is where the risk comes in for us – isn't it? Picking the right time and the right moment. Having the right communication to set it up. Trying to educate but still be sexy in the moment.
    You said, "We too have a bit of a "Fuck It Bucket List."
    Juicy, I have a copyright on that – you owe me $200.
    You said, "We are in no rush but I don't want it to lose steam either!"
    Oh my! I think the same way too! All the time. First of all, these are not the most important things in the world to begin with! Yet, here we are. Let's have some hotter sex and enjoy something new! But as we are patient – we can think, I don't want to lose ground on the kind of progression we have been consistently making.
    You said, "But I think Gracie may concur with me on this (we seem to be MH doppelgangers!), when you are a female and this rush of hormones comes over you (and she is right that it often happens overnight!), it is difficult to slow down your desires when they are washing over you so rapidly."
    My response – and I speak for myself and not for "all guys" or "most guys" or "any other guy". I'm 54 – I'm not going to go all science on you – but I'm the same! Something is still "washing over me" constantly! I'm just glad my wife likes it all! My sexual peak was not in my 20's or 30's, for sure. I was not a stick in the mud – but my last 10-15 years have been more "peakish" than anything prior. Again, I'm just speaking for myself. I hope this might encourage you both – that you don't have to think of your 50's and beyond as heading toward "the valley".
    I loved your prayer requests! That could be a short story idea in itself. What do we pray about our sex lives? Do we pray in specificity? At all, besides "thank you"?
    Juicy, you are a source for many thoughts here on MH! Thank you for the place you are taking on this site now. There are many others, too. But, I would say you provoke me to think a lot in what you say. God bless you and your husband! LH

  17. Juicy says:

    Copyright huh? I will have to convert my currency to yours………..may take a while 😉 I will send it in loose change!!!
    You're absolutely right, men have vulnerabilities too and I need to be reminded of that. With my body image issues, it is a real struggle when I am, or when I feel that I am, rejected or not fully accepted for what I am doing in the bedroom. That is a whole other issue! But I need to remember that men experience it too.
    Man hormones?! Maybe my man is a late bloomer too! I can hope! Thanks for that bit of encouragement!
    And, eek! I had hot sex tonight! I wrote a story about it already! After today's conversation between you, Gracie and I, I feel like, "From my lips (or laptop keys) to God's ears!" It was awesome!

  18. Juicy says:

    Thank you, Alicia!
    How's motherhood going? Miss you and your parents on here. I feel like we need a good Horny GG and Ben fucking story – it's been a while!

  19. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Forgive me for interjecting, but I enjoyed the stuff you said about your wife and your sexual journey! May God bless you with lots of more sexy times!

  20. Lovinghusband says:

    I hope your "smirk" was not from disgust in what I said. I tried to say what I said carefully. I think if you read my stories and comments – that the larger context will show that I'm not disappointed about where we are. I think all of us are made to want to experience something "more" – even if it is greater doses of vanilla!
    Also, about shaving. I love it! Once you start – it is just a little maintenance here and there. But, here is what I like a lot about the process of shaving – it is a regular daily or every other day reminder that you want to be your best down there for your spouse. I can be getting ready for some work related thing – mind focused – and my little shave time is a little trip into the "fun zone". My wife has fallen in love with the smooth Lovinghusband! But, to your comment – it is not a pain at all!! All part of the joy of preparation for intimacy. By the way, kind of fun to shave at times with her watching. She is amazed at how trained I am to not make a mistake ("ouch"). 🙂 I never think: "I have to shave." It is – "I get to shave – yeah!" I'm not kidding. Thank you for your feedback Gracie! LH

  21. Lovinghusband says:

    I think you were saying that you enjoyed my comments about my wife and our sexual journey. Thank you. You know, the same to you always. God bless, LH.

  22. Gracie says:

    Definitely not a smirk of disgust LH! Hope you didn't take that the wrong way, was just giving you a hard time. I think compared to where I am on my sexual journey, for me your wife is far from vanilla. I have many desires and fantasies, but have yet to act on them all. I said it before, you and your wife are a great inspiration to me. I'm so glad you're here on MH, you really bring a lot to this site. I love your comments and insight, and of course your stories, hope there will be more of those coming soon.
    p.s. thanks for the advice, I think I'll be discussing this shaving situation with my hubby tonight.

  23. JAM777 says:

    Oh wow, I never thought sex could be like this!
    Thank you for sharing this with us! I found it very hard to control myself reading this and the thought of my future wife, if she did this for me…

    • JAM777 says:

      Thank you so much for finding it!! It's one of my favorites!!! 🙂

      I get to be the first to slap some stars back on it!! 😉

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