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Mission Possible!

This isn’t my usual kind of post.  But this is a post that I can’t believe that I can write.  My husband and I have been married for 15 years and in that time, our sex life has had the usual ups and downs, adventure, experimentation, dry spells, flops, and so on.  I have always […]

Anniversary Sex In(n) the City

It was that time of year again.  That one precious time when it is just us for an entire 24 hours.  This year was a bit of a milestone, 15 years, and my best friend gifted us dinner and a night away at an inn in the city.  She texted me with the instructions to […]

Sunday Morning Big Shot

It was a Sunday morning.  The kids were awake, downstairs watching tv, eating breakfast, and most importantly being quiet and cooperative with one another! We felt free to take our time waking up and my husband reached out and began to caress my naked body.  All over my back, arms and butt, those first morning […]

To Seek And Destroy (A)

My husband whispered in my ear, “I have a surprise for you later tonight!”  My ears piqued at his words.  “What is it?” I asked him.  He shook his head and let me know that I would have to wait.  My husband isn’t one for surprises so this was unusual.  We moved through the rest […]

Painting Naked

My husband had been sick and under-the-weather all weekend. But we had so much on the schedule and he wanted to make sure that we got it all accomplished, so he trooped forward and we got it all done. By Monday, while he was much better and his fever broke, we felt that he should […]

“He” Needed It! (L)

It was a lazy Sunday morning. After a busy Saturday with kids activities and an evening at church, we came home and got everyone off to bed. After all the kids were well off into dreamland, we made love. We went to bed naked, as we often did, and soon were off in dreamland ourselves. […]

Kitchen Quickie (L)

It was one of those days where my mind constantly wandered to thoughts of sex. No matter what I did to occupy my mind, it soon made a full circle back to sex   Cleaning the tub – this tub is dirty. Remember the time that we had sex in that big soaker tub! Eating yogurt […]

“She” Needed It (L)

It was a very hot and humid Thursday in the middle of summer. So humid, you felt like you could cut it with a knife.   It was difficult to move, difficult to breathe, and whatever you touched, stuck to you like Velcro. The sun was out full force all day, the air was still and […]

Lingerie For Me

Warning! This is a long post and it is not my usual type of post.   There is no foreplay, hardened anything, dirty talk, or explosive orgasms. It is, however, my most vulnerable submission to date. It is just one side of an issue and it is from my own experience and meant to be […]

Ride ‘Em Cowgirl!

One Friday during the summer, all the kids were involved in morning or all day activities and I took some time to run a few errands by myself. One of my stops was at a second hand thrift shop to look for a few clothes for me – not for the kids, not for my […]

Question: Can I Achieve A G-Spot Orgasm?

This is a question for both the men and woman out there in the MH world. Let me start off by saying I know where my g-spot is and my husband knows too!  It isn’t a question because I don’t know where to find it but it is a question of how to harness its […]

Anniversary Trip: In(n) and Out! (L)

  Finally alone! The kids were farmed out to family for 24 hours and we took off to a quaint town to enjoy some adult time where we wouldn’t hear “Mom! Dad!” for a whole day! I love my kids, I really do, they are precious and irreplaceable blessings to me, but mama needs her […]