“She” Needed It (L)

It was a very hot and humid Thursday in the middle of summer. So humid, you felt like you could cut it with a knife.   It was difficult to move, difficult to breathe, and whatever you touched, stuck to you like Velcro. The sun was out full force all day, the air was still and the weather called for rain with thunder and lightning, but it never came so the hope for a break in the ever-thickening air was gone. And without air conditioning, it was not exactly the type of weather that one wants to be intimate in. But I was aching.

I had been aching for a couple of days. The last time we made love was Saturday and while it had only been five days, I felt like it had been much longer. But the busyness of summer, odd work schedules, running kids this way and that, entertaining company, church meetings, taking day trips, dropping kids off at summer camp all left little room in the crazy week for intimacy.   But I needed it.

I had been sleeping naked all summer, often waking up horny because of the feeling the soft sheets and gentle breeze from the fan left on my bare skin. But each morning I would wake up and I would be in our bed alone, no one to take my horniness out on, because my husband would have left long ago for work. So intimacy was left to the evenings. But I so needed a good fucking.   “She” was throbbing and “She” was crying out to feel the power that only my husband could bring “Her.” “She” wanted it.

I decided that I didn’t want to wait any longer and that I wasn’t going to wait to see if my ever-so-busy-hardworking husband was going to make a move so I boldly made the move myself, leaving no room for misinterpretation. Earlier in the day, my husband texted me, “Not sure what you are wearing today, but whatever it is, I am sure you look great in it!” I replied with a picture and a text that read, “Aww thanks! I am wearing the blue cotton v-neck dress that shows my boobs just enough!” He responded, “Truly lovely! *Insert virtual kiss*” My next text let him know exactly where I stood. “BTW, I am orgasming tonight………..it’s up to you whether or not you want to make me orgasm or whether my butterfly friend does it!”   He now knew what it was that I needed.

The rest of the day went by and my mind kept wandering to thoughts of sex, wanting it so badly. I sat for a while on our deck, while the kids played in their pool, and read MH stories, revving myself up more for what hopefully would come to fruition that evening. When my husband finally came home from work, I greeted him in the living room and he grabbed me, kissed me and began to wander his hands from my ass to my tits. A great preview! I pulled away before things got too heated!

We sat down to supper, cleaned up, and got the kids busy with media for the first time that day, and we wandered upstairs. My husband stopped by the bathroom to wash up while I went to our bedroom, threw my dress in the laundry and lay on the bed in my lacy pink bra and panty set.   My husband came in, stripped down, lay on the bed next to and we began to kiss. But enough with kissing and he went straight for my left tit. He began to kiss the skin not covered by my bra and began to work his way moving back the lacy fabric covering my nipple. I closed my eyes with anticipation because titty play is so powerful for me and I knew that the first contact with my hard nipple would be electric. He pulled the fabric completely back and latched on to my left nipple and began to suck and immediately a shock wave went straight to my clit and it caused me to jolt and cry out in pleasure. He sucked so hard and I could feel myself starting to ooze out my juices. He reached up his left hand and got under the fabric of my bra and began to twist and pinch my right nipple and suck on my left.   My head was rolling back and I was moaning. “She” was so hungry and “She” was about to be fed!

It was only a matter of moments and he pulled off and sat me up and almost ripped off my bra and threw it to the floor. I was happy to have my tits fly free and I lay back down and pulled him on top of me.   He said, “You mean business!” I replied, “I love to feel the weight on my man on top of me!” He dove back into my breasts, sucking, licking, twisting, pinching sending wave after wave of electricity from my breast, down my core and directly igniting my pussy. I squirmed out of my panties getting them down to the end of my toes and kicked them across the room landing them on my dresser. “She” was pulsing with such intensity that I couldn’t help and grind up onto any part of my husband to scratch the itch “She” was greedy for.

“You want that big cock?”   He asked. “Yes!” I eagerly replied. He rolled over on his back and I dove my mouth around his meaty cock and immediately took as much of him in as I could. Instantly, his eyes rolled back in is head and he began to moan approvals as I enthusiastically sucked, licked and swirled his manhood. He grabbed my head pushing my mouth down further on his hot cock. I moved down to his balls, licking them and doing a figure-eight tonguing motion around them. I then moved down further licking his perineum sending him deeper into ecstasy. He gave me some sort of compliment about my cock-sucking skills but I didn’t respond. I didn’t want to stop and I kept sucking him off. He raised his leg so I could get better access to his perineum and I alternated between hard and soft tongue, and fast and slow, while he kept moaning, lost in his pleasure.

I moved up his body, straddling him and I rested my nagging pussy over his heated shaft. I began to stroke and grind on him, rubbing the head of his penis on my swelling clit. He reached up and continued playing with my tits. I was moaning, throwing my head back, grasping on to the wall behind our bed. I moved my hips up just enough to slide him in my waiting snatch and my husband let out a sigh of approval. I could feel my honey runny out of my body and down his shaft. It was going to get messy! My vagina was impatient and I was going to ride him hard and I was not allowing for mercy. I was raw and unforgiving and rode and grinded as fast, deep and as hard as I could.   My clit was on fire and the more I did, the better “She” felt.

I got off my husband and we moved to the edge of the bed and I raised my legs excited because I knew that I was going to get pounded the way that my pussy needed. My husband slid in, pinched my tits and began to hammer my snatch. The currents of ecstasy were unbelievable and I couldn’t get enough. In an unusual move on my part, I reached down and began to rub my clit.   In previous posts I have mentioned that I am virtually unable to climax with masturbation by my own hand so I was surprised that I did it, but I guess I just followed my own natural instincts.

As my husband was thrusting into me, I was rubbing hard and he bent down to take one of my tits into his mouth and I was crying out pleasure. After some impressive pounding, my husband took himself out of me, drove two fingers into me and dove down onto my clit with voracity. I raised my hips, grabbed his head forcing him to impale my clit with his tongue and wrapped my legs around his shoulders.   Immediately, I felt the rise of my much-needed orgasm begin to build and before I knew it, an orgasm ripped through my body. My legs were flying around, my hips were bucking, my back was arching, I was pulling my husband’s head closer to me, I was crying out in delirium, and I was no longer in control.   Before I knew it, another orgasm began to form and it too crashed through my body and I rode it as long as I could and then I pushed him away. In surprise he said, “You’re done?|” (I am multi-orgasmic so two is not usual for me.) I replied, “Not in this position.” And I moved into the centre of the bed and spread my legs and my husband dove back down onto me and he brought me to two more orgasms.

I pushed him away and asked, “How do you want me?” “On your knees on the edge of the bed,” he replied. I heeded his request and moved to the edge of the bed, raising my ass up and spreading my legs for him. I was so wet, honey dripping from my hole and he easily slid in and found his rhythm.   My husband loves to look at my ass and hole while drilling me and he took his thumb and rubbed my back door while he stroked himself to a massive orgasm. “Cum hard for me babe!” I said.   After he finished unloading himself into me, I collapsed on the bed, completely satiated having my need finally quenched. The need that only can be fulfilled by the union of two people acting in the God-given gift of sex.



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28 replies
  1. JAM777 says:

    WOW!!! Mrs. Juicy, you weren't kidding!!! Beautiful and very sensual story! This causes me to really think about my future wife and our passion that awaits us!

    This got me so aroused that I am going to have to release!!!

    What you do for your husband is incredible, so is what he does for you!!! Please keep writing more stories!!!

    And I got some questions if I may…?

    Thanks again for sharing this with us, Mrs. Juicy! 🙂

    • JAM777 says:

      Thank you, I want to see if this is what you call "being ravished?"

      My other question is what guy can do to help his wife feel the most pleasure? Like what brings you the most pleasure?

      I also have a question for your husband if possible….? What has he done to allow him to "last longer."
      I'm not sure if he has masturbated when we was younger, before marriage, but is there any advice he would have for me so I can better last longer for my future wife?

    • Juicy says:

      Every woman, every man, every couple needs to take time to figure out what brings them the most pleasure. The methods that bring me pleasure may not bring about another woman the same pleasure, and same goes for a man. There is no A, B and C formula that is guaranteed to bring about all women the same pleasure with the same result. It really is about communication and trust. You have to ask, "Does this feel good?" "How can I do this better to make you feel more pleasure?" "Is this too fast? Too slow?" "How do you like to pleasure yourself?" "What are your fantasies?" etc. You have to be sincere about it and really want to learn and then perform to what they like. It is complete give and take. And then there are things that you may not realize that you like but when you do them, you awaken to that pleasure. And then you have to trust that other person with these secrets to your pleasure and how to bring it about.

      The first time you are together, it is good to acknowledge that it won't be the best,sex but it will be the best because you are experiencing something that is the most intimate thing that two people can do together. Talk about it and get excited together that your sex life will continue to get better. That is half the fun about being a newlywed – the exploration to sex together. You are both not going to be experts the first time and swinging from the chandeliers so lower that expectation. You're going to accidentally poke each other, pull hair, step on the others leg, do things that the other doesn't like, etc but you will learn your rhythm together. Just by knowing about communication and having the willingness to pleasure the other is the best way to prepare.

      As for my husband, I will ask him later. What I can tell you from my perspective is that he has learned to last longer by trying not to think too intently on cumming and by concentrating on the fun that sex is and also being concerned about my pleasure. He did masturbate when he was younger, and continues to do so when needed, but I don't think that has anything to do with lasting longer. That was something he needed to learn by having sex with me.

      And finally answer your next question, I am sure that we, well mostly me, have been heard having sex by our kids but not one of them has said anything about it yet. While I am vocal, when the kids are around, it is a hushed vocal or more of a reaction physically, like ripping the sheets off the bed when I am orgasming. I like to make sure that my husband knows he is doing a great job so I am constantly affirming him telling him how good I feel with what he is doing to me. It is mostly breathy and quiet moans. I have let some real vocals go but that has been when we have been completely alone. I do love to really let it go and wish I could more often!

    • Juicy says:

      The moans and vocalizations are natural for me and I don't play them up. However, I do have to control the volume! For me, being vocal actually enhances the sexual pleasure and it lets my husband know that he is doing a great job! We are both verbal with one another and sometimes it is off the cuff and other times it is purposeful to let the other know how things feel, what's working, dirty talk, and so on. So it can be intentional and it can be controlled…….at least for me.

    • JAM777 says:

      Hmmm…. okay, interesting!

      That's kind of awesome! It kind of makes sense! it's an "affirmation" then…

    • JAM777 says:

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts mam! And I'm sorry for the dumb questions…
      Sometimes I want to do my best, too much…

      I look forward to it all. I just want to do right by her…

      And yeah, I heard my parents quite often when I was younger…. it can be… awkward…
      Have you talked to them about it? If I remember right, you and your family are a lot more open then mine…

    • Juicy says:

      Since none of them have mentioned it, no I haven't talked to them about it yet. But there will be a day and I will just deal with it head on. When I was growing up, I never heard my parents – the layout of my family home gave my parents privacy. But, I did walk in on them once when I was in Junior High! They never talked to me about it and I wish they had. It isn't that I didn't know what they were doing it just would have been nice to have a conversation about it.

    • JAM777 says:

      I got you.
      Wow, that had to be difficult! We're they covered up or completely exposed…?

      And I have had a similar instance. We use to live in a trailer shortly after my mom left my dad. My mom found a boyfriend online and I came up with her and my siblings to meet him. So I could make sure they were safe and be able to gage the guy. We ended up all living together.
      The trailer didn't have enough rooms so my mom and Lee partitioned off a section with blankets hanging from the ceiling. I woke up one morning and was trying to be quiet in the kitchen. I walked over to their "room" in order to say hi and get a hug from my mom (I like to try and give my mom a hug almost every day.)
      I was about to say something when I heard a strange noise (I now know it was a moan). I started toward the "door" when I saw in through a gap… my mom was on top of Lee completely naked bouncing up and down. So obviously they were having sex…
      I still can't get that image out of my head… I feel bad about it but I kind of stopped in my tracks in froze before my mind finally woke and I was able to look away and almost run back to my room!

      I didn't confront them because it was really embarrassing and I kind of felt sick to my stomach. I almost felt angry, I was definitely really annoyed! I mean that is my mom!!
      Plus it really came home that my mom and dad weren't together any more… and I was even more annoyed that technically my mom was still married!!!

      But anyway, I'm sorry for kind of bombarding you unnecessarily! I just said all that to mean I understand, to a certain point, about your situation…

    • JAM777 says:

      I also said it because I can't say how much I wish my parents would have talked to us about it…
      I'm not the only one of my siblings who has heard or possibly seen them…

    • JAM777 says:

      Oh and have you ever been heard having sex before? It sounds like you get pretty loud during orgasm, did your kids hear you this time?

  2. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    I'm so glad you finally got what you needed, dear! 5 days! I could never go more than 5 days without it, the only exception was 5 years ago for a month after a tragedy when we didn't think about it, but even after that I realized I needed it and didn't even know it!

    I, too, love the feeling of my husband being on top of me, I love it so much! I've got to admit, I was a little heartbroken when you mentioned your crying lady place, but like I said, I'm glad your ladyplace got the special treatment! 🙂 God bless you my dear <3

  3. Alicia G. M. says:

    Wow! What a hot story Juicy! Fuck girl, reading this has me so fucking horny. I couldn't keep my hand off my hot twat. Love your stories girlfriend! Keep it up!

  4. naturalgardener says:

    Great story with vivid detail and sensual comments! I think I speak for the single male readers of this site when saying that each of us should be so lucky to have a wife that appreciates and explores her sexuality like you ladies do! You're great examples.

    • Possibility says:

      Oh Juicy, what an arousing story – had to read it twice! I love the way you took care of yourself and your husband and of course how he took care of you. After reading this my pants were visibly wet with pre cum and I then went on to ejaculate more spunk than I've done in quite a while – I'm in my mid 60s – very very satisfying.

  5. Vibe Daddy says:

    This was an incredible read. I made the mistake of reading it on my lunch break, and the pre-cum wet spot on my pants took a while to dry!

    We are big fans of sleeping naked. Can't wait to share this story with my wife. "She" will be responsible for another beautiful bride getting "her" needs met tonight!

    • Vibe Daddy says:

      Oh no! Ha, ha! We just finished reading it together, and saw this comment! Mrs Vibe said she feels your pain–both because I often go to sleep before she does, and because she's never had much success with jilling herself to climax. We love you two!

  6. Deane says:

    What a sizzling story! Thanks Juicy! My favourite lines — "My vagina was impatient and I was going to ride him hard and I was not allowing for mercy. I was raw and unforgiving and rode and grinded as fast, deep and as hard as I could. My clit was on fire and the more I did, the better “She” felt." — thanks for being so explicit! It gives me a great hard-on that only my wife can satisfy now (I'm tempted to masturbate but I'll save it for my wife when I join her in bed). Picturing you riding your husband … it's beautiful, it's thrilling, and my wife is going to get that thrill tonight!

    • Possibility says:

      I also got a lovely hard on Deane as I read this story. So very explicit. Would be wonderful to be able to meet all these loving couples and exchange our stories in an open manner.

  7. PastorLove says:

    Thanks for the story Juicy. My wife and I loved this story! "Tonight I'm orgasming – it's up to you if you want to make me…". That is now part of our vocabulary! I love banging my wife from behind as well. Curious – how did you two begin exploring putting his fingers in your hole at the same time? Does it add to the pleasure? Did you ever struggle with it feeling awkward? My wife had done it to me a couple times but I have not yet explored her. Any suggestions?

    • Juicy says:

      My husband loves to rub my pucker hole and he expressed wanting to stick a finger in it and I was apprehensive. I set some ground rules with him – finger had to well lubed, he had to use a baby finger, and he could only go in a bit at first, and if I wanted his finger out, he was to take it out. While this is still a work-in-progress area in our sex life, I haven't decided whether or not it adds pleasure. It feels fine, I am still learning to figure out to take what I am feeling and turn it into something more. I didn't feel awkward because it is my husband and I trust him implicitly so I knew that he wouldn't hurt me (on purpose) and he wouldn't go beyond the boundaries I was comfortable with. Knowing how much he wanted to explore that part of sex, I wanted to please him and indulge him, just as he indulges me with areas I want to explore. It really is a huge turn on me for me to please my husband sexually.

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