Painting Naked

My husband had been sick and under-the-weather all weekend. But we had so much on the schedule and he wanted to make sure that we got it all accomplished, so he trooped forward and we got it all done. By Monday, while he was much better and his fever broke, we felt that he should take a day off from work to really rest and relax so that he could go back to work the next day at 100%.

I was in the middle of giving our kitchen a major facelift. I had already painted all of the cabinets and had moved on to the walls.  After I got all the kids off to school, I once again tackled the walls while my husband was in the living room next door relaxing and resting. We chatted a bit throughout the morning, played a pod cast, listened to music, and then had a quiet lunch together. We are never home alone during a school day and we relished it, despite the fact he was recovering from being sick.

After lunch, I cleaned up and I went into the kitchen. I saw a package of cookies from the bakery section of our local market. I got a naughty idea! He was in the next room and couldn’t see me, but I quietly stripped down to nothing and I called to him, “Want a cookie for dessert?”

He replied, “Sure.”

I walked around the corner back into the living room totally naked carrying the package of cookies. His eyes widened when he saw me and I asked, “Which kind would you like? Chocolate chip, white chocolate or this?” as I pointed to my own freshly shaven naked cookie!

He smirked and replied, “I’d like the last choice please,” as he rose from his spot on the couch and walked over to me.

He immediately began to feel my breasts, pinch my nipples and kiss my neck.

Even with his sickness, I still wanted him, and I said, “Are you sure? Are you feeling up to it?”

He replied, “It’s my face that’s sick, not my cock!”

I said, “No kissing?”

He agreed, “No kissing.”

“Where do you want me,” I asked. “Kitchen is off limits. The living room or the bedroom?” He was thinking sexy thoughts of how he could take me and which room should he do it in.

I said, “The kids aren’t home, so I think we could really let loose in the bedroom!”

He agreed and I ran my naked self up the stairs with him chasing after me.

We ran into the bedroom and I flopped my naked body onto our bed, both of us excited at the thought of being free without interruption. My husband quickly removed his clothes and let loose his hardened cock. He sprang on top of me, and he began kissing my neck and collar bone while rolling my nipple with his fingers. We quickly let ourselves fall into passion and were blissfully aware that it was just us in this moment. He made his way down to my breasts, kneading and kissing them, burying his face in their softness, sucking my nipples and getting me incredibly hot.

I pushed him off of me back onto the bed and went down on his cock before he could even ask for it. He felt hot in my mouth as I felt the strength of his manhood. I was licking up his hot length, feeling every vein, the smoothness of his head, the smell of his body. I was ferocious on his rod, and it washed over me how much I wanted him. I enjoyed every moment of going down on my husband, and I couldn’t wait to feel him inside of me.

Soon I couldn’t wait any longer, and I slid my wet mouth off his meat and moved my dripping honey hole over his dick, sliding it deep inside my body.  The sensation of his rod inside of my body consumed me, and as I bounced up and down I felt that I couldn’t get enough of him.

As I rode his cock, he took my breasts and sucked and rolled my button nipples making my need for him skyrocket. The more I rode him, the more I needed him. When this need for him swells up in me, I like to be in control, but he wanted me as much as I wanted him. He asked me to get on all fours, to which I happily obliged. He drove himself deep into me and began to pound my pussy as hard as he could. In all our years of marriage, I have never been pounded so hard and I couldn’t help but let out yells of pleasure. After all, we were home alone and could let loose and did I ever! I became an uninhibited woman of passion screaming out my guttural pleasures.

“Fuck me! You make me feel so good! I love your dick! You like my pussy? Give it to Her! AHHH! YES! YES! YES!”

He withdrew from me and asked me to go to the side of the bed and lay on my back with my legs up. He positioned himself at the edge of the bed and buried himself deep in the recesses of my pussy. He put my legs over his shoulders, grabbed my thighs and slammed himself over and over into my body. I was so hot at this point, and I couldn’t get enough pleasure. I played and sucked on my nipples, reached down and rubbed my swollen and hot pearl, grabbed at his chest, anything to heighten the pleasure between us.

I love to draw out my pleasure, almost to the point of pain, and soon I couldn’t stand it anymore and needed to cum.

“I need to cum! Help me!” I wriggled my way back onto the bed, propped my head up and opened my legs for my husband so that he could feast on the honey that I was dripping out. Not one to hesitate to go down on me, he dove into my pleasure, with me grabbing onto his head, throwing my head from side to side.

“Want me to just let it go?” I asked.

I heard a muffled yes! It wasn’t long before I could feel the rise of a glorious orgasm, and when it broke threw, I did not hold back. I let out the most primal cries of euphoria. My body matched my euphoric cries and I bucked. I grabbed at sheets, I slammed my head on the pillow, I grabbed my husband’s head and pushed it further into me. The pleasure that ripped through my body was matched several more times and I had orgasm after orgasm. When I could no longer handle the pleasure, I stopped my husband. I wanted to give him as much pleasure as he had just given me.

He wanted me at the side of the bed again, and I obliged his request. I placed my ass at the side of the bed, lifted my legs so that he could have access to what he needed. He stroked my kitty with passion and need, and soon I could see his expression and body language change. I knew that he was beginning to feel his release rise through his body. When he was ready to explode, he withdrew and shot his love load all over my body with ropes of cum reaching my chin and breasts. After his orgasm settled, he handed me a towel, and I cleaned his juice from my body and basked in the afterglow.

Soon I was ready to get up, get dressed and continue painting the kitchen walls. But my clothes were still on the kitchen floor, so I sauntered out of the bedroom. I had a skip in my step as I went downstairs with my husband following me. I went in to the kitchen, I picked up my paint brush and began to paint again – naked! My husband got out his phone and began to take picture of me painting – up on a ladder, bent over, views of the front, the back, my tits, my ass. I continued to paint naked while he snapped picture after picture until soon it was time for me to stop and go and pick the children at school. I reluctantly got dressed and headed to get my kids, a little extra smile on the lips of my face and on the lips of my pussy!

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  1. Harper Shelby Thornton
    Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    "It’s my face that’s sick, not my cock!" That was a good one! I'm sorry your husband was sick but at least he's better now. That was a great story, Juicy, keep 'em cumming! God bless <3

  2. Marie Lister
    Marie Lister says:

    Wow, Juicy, that sure is a classic Juicy story. I don't how you do it, but you seem to top yourself with each story. I only wish you were a bit more passionate, LOL! You two sure are lucky to have each other and built such a smoking hot love life. It is great to have the house to yourself when you can be truly uninhibited.

    Recently, our 21 year-old was spending the night out and my hubby and I were having a loud and pleasurable time. About 10 minutes after we finished, we heard the key in the lock and in walked our son. He had decided to come home, I sure was glad that he hadn't showed up 30 minutes earlier….Many blessings to you and your family and a Very Merry Christmas, too!

  3. Lovinghusband
    Lovinghusband says:

    "I have never been pounded so hard" and "The most primal cries of euphoria"!

    The uninhibited degree of all of this was intoxicatingly enjoyable to read!

    My wife is asleep next to me on Christmas Eve morning and we are hosting guests in our house who are already up!

    This story has me in a tizzy for my wife! It is taking every bit of self-control not to wake her – but I will have to wait

    I just wanted to let you know what you stirred up – there is a mini-telephone pole in our bed right now!

    Merry Christmas Juicy – I know your heart rejoices in the Savior who was born to save us from our sins! LH

  4. AlwaysHorny
    AlwaysHorny says:

    The power of this story 😉 ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so great hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Completely next level 😉 i know it helped me in so many ways. Encouraging to read the hotness between you and your man… I can't wait for the next one. The display photo…….Original????????

  5. Gracie
    Gracie says:

    And Wow!!! My heart is pumping right now, that was sizzling! Way to take advantage of an empty house. I bet you cured all your hubby's ailments! Sometimes the best medicine is sex! Another hot one to add to the books Juicy!

  6. Alicia G. M.
    Alicia G. M. says:

    Wow Juicy! This story was really HOT! Played with myself after reading it and had a wonderful or gas money. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours. God bless you girlfriend.

  7. Juicy
    Juicy says:

    Thank you all for your kind words! AH – stock photo, sorry! Alicia – I love auto correct. It makes for some good laughs and that was priceless. I appreciate all the rest of you and your encouragement. I will have to see what I can cum up with next! Pressure's on!

  8. Marie Lister
    Marie Lister says:

    Juicy – I have no doubt that you will CUM up with a story to even top this one. I thought of you today as I was running errands in flip flops, shorts, and a tank top. It is nearly 80 degrees here, too hot. I hope you got a reprieve from the snow.

    TW – I sent the full version of "Their Way" to the MH admins and asked them to forward it to you. I hope and pray that your Christmas presents to your wife were a big hit. My hubby liked the "Coupon book," I am looking forward to him redeeming the coupons. I miss chatting with you and hope you are now 100% well again.

  9. TW
    TW says:

    Hey Marie! It's great to hear from you. Thank you for forwarding the story to the admins – I'd appreciate having the full version even if I never post it anywhere. That's great your husband liked the coupon book! That's great to hear. I would love to tell you how Mrs. TW reacted, but would prefer to keep that off a public forum. (which is one reason I miss the chat feature!)

    I miss chatting too. You're welcome to come find me on my new sex-positive blog that I've started with two others. Or the easiest way to find me is on Twitter – I use the same username! I've been enjoying sharing the MH tweets, among many other great sex-positive Christian marriage resources!

  10. Juicy
    Juicy says:

    Marie and TW,
    It is great to hear from you both! I miss chatting with both of you but do glad to still have MH to do so. I hope that you both had a wonderful Christmas Holiday. It was a green Christmas here in my part of the world!

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