Sunday Morning Big Shot

It was a Sunday morning.  The kids were awake, downstairs watching tv, eating breakfast, and most importantly being quiet and cooperative with one another!

We felt free to take our time waking up and my husband reached out and began to caress my naked body.  All over my back, arms and butt, those first morning touches were so pleasurable and I was still half asleep, enjoying and just letting myself linger in that blissful state of being touched.  I rolled over onto my back wanting to be touched in more places and he got the hint, although really it was I who got his hint!

He began to softly touch all over the front of my body, up my legs, stopping by my already moist mound, up my belly and up to my breasts.  It wasn’t long before those touches turned to tender kisses.  Starting at my neck, down my body they went, slowly and softly, not missing any part of my body. My husband was taking his time enjoying my body so much so that when he got down to my legs, he fell off the bed causing a giggle of endearment on my part!

He got back up on the bed and without missing a beat, continued his quest eventually reaching my feet.  Slowly and delicately he kissed my feet and toes and slowly took my toes into his mouth.  Sucking on my toes doesn’t happen very much and it is something that we introduced a few years ago and I used to think it wasn’t for me, but I have found that I quite enjoy it.  It is a mixture of wet and sensual along with being ticklish.  It sent wonderful sensations up my body.

He came back up my body with the same slow kisses making sure that when he passed by my fragrant pussy to give her a nice little lick.  He made his way up to one of his favourite parts of my body, my boobs, and began to lick and suck on them.  I love the slow tease between the two parts of my body that get me the hottest – the pussy and the tits, and he did his best to go back and forth slowly between the two.  It was making me so hot and so ready for him.

I reached down to grab his hot hard dick and began to pull gently on it leading it toward my clit.  Slowly I used the smooth tip of his penis to rub on my sensitive clit.  OH!  It felt so good!  He took over and began to rub his manhood over my womanhood, my juices which were overflowing, being massaged all over my mound.  He needed to enter me and I tilted my pelvis so that he could enter more easily and he slid right in.  He began thrusting slowly into me, spreading me, filling me, bringing us both so much pleasure.

He picked up the pace, thrusting his full length into my hot box.  “Give it to me harder!” I cried to which he obliged.  Harder and faster he gave it to me.  I wanted it so badly.  I needed it badly.  While thrusting deep within me, he rested his weight on one hand and reached his head down and took one of my breasts into his mouth and with the other hand pinched the other nipple.  The euphoria of titty play and penetration was rising high in my body and I wanted more.

My husband pulled out of me and asked to get on top to which I happily jumped on!  At first, I rubbed his length up and down my most sacred area, massaging my most intimate parts.  When his hot tip reached my wanting hole, I thrusted myself down on him.  I sat up, throwing my head back in pleasure feeling him so deeply in me.  He reached up and massaged my breasts telling me, “I love your tits!  They are so beautiful!”  I leaned over his face and offered up these prized possessions for him to take in his mouth.  While he sucked and nibbled on my tits, I rode him as hard as I could but feeling like I couldn’t get enough of him so I rode harder and with more passion.  Still, I needed more.

I jumped off of him and ran to our closet and from the very top shelf pulled down my box of toys and lingerie, rummaged through it and grabbed my butterfly vibe.  I quickly put the batteries in and jumped back onto the bed on onto my husband’s thick shaft.  Back inside, I began to grind and I turned on my vibrator and pressed it against my clit which was on fire waiting for attention.  He took my breast back into his mouth and pinched the other nipple and a shock wave of pleasure struck through my body.  I knew that with all this stimulation, I was going to cum.  I wedged the vibrator between my husband and I and I continued to ride him while he pleasured us both with titty play.  Soon, I could feel the rise of an orgasm in me and so I rode harder and I cried out, “Oh!  I am going to cum! I can feel it!.”  My husband replied, “Keep going!”  “Oh!  I’m cumming! AHHHH!”  I quietly screamed.  An orgasm shredded through my body and I rode as hard and as long as I could.

After I came down from my orgasm, I took my vibrator out from between us and continued the ride.  My husband hissed, “I want you to ride my face!”  And knowing what pleasure that it brings him, I happily planted my dripping pussy over his face to let him lap up my private juices.  He wrapped his arms around my legs and pulled my pussy closer to his face and while he lapped, I grinded on his face.  Sounds of primal pleasure were coming from him as I rode his face and I let him take all he wanted from me until he had enough and asked me to get on my back so that he could bring his multiple orgasmic wife more pleasure.

I got on my back and he dove back on my tits and waves of electricity tore through my body.  He sucked, he nibbled, he bit, he pinched, then made his way down to his destination.  He positioned his face at my clit, reached up to grab a nipple then slowly inserted his fingers into my snatch.  He began to finger fuck my hot box, lick my swollen clit, and pinch my sensitive nipple.  I love the pleasure from this combination; the epitome of fuck me!  And fuck me he did.  So hard my entire body was shaking, my eyes closed, my hands rubbing through his hair.  My mind wandered and I imagined that he was deep inside of me and that he was bringing me to ecstasy with his dick.  Before I knew it, that moment after an orgasm begins to rise and then has that pause of quiet before it erupts came and then my orgasm detonated through my body, my thighs clamping around my husband’s head, my entire body bucking uncontrollably.  Three times my husband brought me to that special place that only he can bring me to.

After that pleasure, I wanted to return the same to him, to offer myself sacrificially for his pleasure.  I asked him how he wanted me and he said, “On the edge of the bed on your back.”  I took my position on the edge of the bed and raised my legs up into the air and off granted him my womanhood.  As he slid into me he said, “Be prepared!  I am going to cum all over you!”  I excitedly smiled, looking forward to seeing how much seed he would spill over my body, knowing that it was only me who could bring him to such a place of pleasure.  He thrusted in and out of me, looking down at my tits bouncing and at my clit, which I put on display for him.  The pleasure that I get even after I orgasm is so sweet; the tingles that flow through me and the knowledge that I am bringing pleasure to the only man I have ever been with.

“Turn over on your knees!  I want to see that sweet asshole of yours!”  My husband said.  I quickly turned over and presented my ass to him.  “Mmmmm!  I love that view!”  He said as he spread my pussy lips with his rod.  He held onto my ass with one hand and began to rub my asshole with his other thumb.  He thrusted with vigor and purpose, slapping against my body over and over again.  I could hear his breathing change and I knew that soon he would explode.  He continued to slam into me, both of us moaning in pleasure, him grasping onto my body and me clutching onto the bedsheets as best as I could.  “OH!  I am going to cum!” He said and with one last jerk of his hips he pulled out to release himself on me as he promised, and release he did!  I felt the first drops of his juice hit me on the back of my head, then I heard the next few spurts go over my head and hit the sheets, then I felt hot cum go all over my back, all the while I could hear my husband moan and gasp behind me.  He choked out, “Oh my!  It is all over the side of the bed and on the floor!”  He grabbed a sex towel from my nightstand and wiped what was dripping from my snatch and I got up to survey the “damage.”  Holy smokes!  His cum was everywhere!  Dripping down the side of the bed where he exploded, a puddle on the floor below where he stood, and the cum on the bed sheets almost completely spanned the width of our queen-sized bed, not to mention what was dripping down my head and back.  It was the release of all releases.  We both stood there proud of the result.  I looked at him and said, “Good job! That was amazing!” and then gave him a high five not only for his rocketed cum shot but for the excellent fuck!

We cleaned up, stripped the bed, and got dressed, both a with a spring in our steps for the rest of the day.  As I hung out the sheets on the line the next day, I remembered what a good time we had and thanked God for this gift that has been made ever so precious by the only one that I have shared it with.

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  1. Art R.
    Art R. says:

    Nice story Juicy. Good times. Keep them coming. And I also thank the Lord for the gift he has given me of my wife. Bless you.

  2. Harper Shelby Thornton
    Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Hello! It's been a while since we heard from you, Juicy! This was a very hot story, do you by any chance have more? 😉 Thank you for sharing, and thank God indeed for sexy times, as He gave us that gift. God bless you, my dear <3

  3. OneCouple
    OneCouple says:

    Wow Juicy, what a hot, erotic story, a lot of those sexy moves resonated with me, making me think of my wife and I, really enjoyed reading it, nothing better for a husband than to release a big cumload all over his wife, thanks for sharing and please write more, God bless !

  4. PacMan
    PacMan says:

    Excellent story, Juicy! 5 stars! A very epic cum shot for the ages. And I love how your lovemaking was a whole body experience, from head to toe. The most beautiful part of it all is how both of you are so focused on *giving* pleasure, and not just receiving. Yet, the pleasure you each got was only made greater because you were both being sexually generous and adventurous. This is an inspiration for us all.

  5. Lovinghusband
    Lovinghusband says:


    I'm not kidding or trying to exaggerate – in telling you that was perhaps the most most satisfying and erotic sex story I've enjoyed in a long time. It had everything I love – I mean everything!

    In no specific order, but wet, pulsating pussy in the face to be devoured and drank from. The cum exploding everywhere – and the unfettered joy in the mess! The raw fucking, the pounding of it – was so powerful. The patience, yet the aggressiveness. The boob play. The ass hole play. The sense of mission you both felt – getting totally absorbed into each other. The cum! Both yours and his! And last but not least – the joy and thankfulness in the Lord.

    Oh my! I'm hard as a gigantic boulder after that story. One part that caught me by surprise – I was so into it. Hanging in every word. Getting hard myself – then you jumped out of bed to get the vibrator! I was so expecting you to cum then – but you were able to pause to get the vibe. I was floored by that. Then, you two fixed a lot more after – then, the satisfying explosion at the end.

    As you can see, I loved it all😊

    God bless you two and your family. LH

  6. Old Lover
    Old Lover says:

    Juicy, great story of blessing each other with pleasure and then relishing in the wonderment of God's design for the marriage bed.

  7. Alicia G. M.
    Alicia G. M. says:

    Oh my! Girl this was so hot! My twat got all hot and bothered reading this. Either need a cold shower or some fun alone time. Think I will just wait it out till my hubs gets home. You rock girl! Thanks!

  8. Old Lover
    Old Lover says:

    The second reading of your story, Juicy, was even more titillating! My Anne loves the combo of my suckling and lightly biting her breast and hard nipple as I deeply finger fuck her wet, hot pussy. Feeling her pussy throb her warm cum all over my fingers as she squirms and screams with ecstasy swells my old cock. As I slip it into her tight, cum drenched pussy, she begs me mix my cum with hers. We then collapse in the rapture of the moment, basking the beauty of our hot and holy oneness.

  9. Juicy
    Juicy says:

    I really appreciate all the kind comments from everyone. To be able to have this outlet has been wonderful for me and to see that others have benefitted and enjoyed that creative process is a real encouragement to me. This community has been such a blessing to me, knowing that others share similar views, and even others who have differing opinions, but we can still all be kind and supportive of one another. I think that we all want to have strong marriages and we all support one another in that endeavour. Thanks again MH Family!

  10. Me
    Me says:

    Awesome story! Almost identical to one of our trysts! Love the uninhibited passion you folks shared as you share your married journey with us! I'm crazy about foreplay but that cumshot scene was "the bomb"…!

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