Short but Sweet! (L)

I arrived home from work not expecting anything out of the ordinary. Not having mentioned to my wife when I’d be back, I figured she might work late. So I set my shoulder bag on the kitchen table and headed towards the bedroom to change into more comfortable clothes. As I opened the double doors into the bathroom, I saw my Brooke leaning in close to inspect her face in the mirror.

She wore only a light blue pair of cheeky underwear made of see-through lace material. Her beautiful tits hung down in front of her bare chest. The reflection of her large areolas attracted my gaze.

But I dragged it up to meet her eyes in the mirror as she asked about my day. Then I playfully smacked her sexy ass before continuing to the closet to undress. There I found my erection beginning to rise while we continue bantering from different rooms. I stopped to contemplate my next move before leaving the closet. I wasn’t sure I’d spent enough emotional time with my baby to engage her physical gifts at this moment.

I decided to leave the next few minutes up to her as I allowed my full erection, now free from my underwear, to develop. Stepping out of the closet and into plain view, I caught her eyes immediately locking onto my fully erect member reflected in her mirror. She tried to continue her conversation without showing me her interest, and I couldn’t help but let out a chuckle.

Hearing my laughter, Brooke turned to face me for the first time. Unashamedly, my eyes focused on the distinct outline of her pussy lips under the see-through lace panties, and I hoped that tonight would end with me filling those folds with my cream.

“What are you looking at?” Brooke teased me.

“I want to do more than look,” I told her.

At these words, she stepped towards me and reached up for a kiss. My hands quickly helped themselves to her ass. As I pulled her tits tight against my chest, she explored my mouth with her tongue. I felt Brooke begin to smile and I pulled back from our kiss.

“What’s so funny?” I asked.

Sheepishly she answered, “I didn’t know when you’d be home.”

“So?” I answer, half-confused.

“I just finished using the Womanizer!” she told me with a tone that insinuated we wouldn’t be able to get intimate.

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The Womanizer is the new vibrator she’d had for about six months, and I know she absolutely loves it. I’ve honestly seen her make herself cum with this clit sucking machine in less than three minutes. She doesn’t perform any penetration when she masturbates, so I knew this wasn’t really a deal-breaker that night. Rather, it more likely would have turned her pussy into a dripping mess ready to wear itself out with my dick between her thighs.

I chose to play along with her game anyway. I told her I understood but that I’d have to masturbate in the shower tonight. Then I turned and walked into the bedroom where I received a shove in my back. I dove onto the bed and rolled over to see my Brooke sticking her thumbs into the waistband of her panties. Slowly she slid her panties down beyond the bones of her hips and let them drop to the floor.

I could see how much fun she’d had fucking herself already. The deep red outer lips of her pussy had engorged with blood, and the parting space between them signaled their silent pleading for a cock to fill them. What would she have done had I worked late tonight, I wondered. The glossy moistness of her pussy tells me she would have been going for a second round with the Womanizer, but now she’d have to satisfy herself with the pounding of my cock.

Brooke walked towards me now and climbed on top of me. I followed her hand with my eyes as she reached to finger her pussy before smearing her natural lubricant along my throbbing shaft.

I noticed the thickness of the cum she’d been holding since she tugged her clit to orgasm with the Womanizer earlier tonight. The feeling of her hand on my cock made me squeeze my ass together in anticipation. Satisfied that my shaft was now slick enough for her pleasure, she made a “V” with her fingers to part the lips of her pussy. My thoughts begged her to bring those heavy red lips down onto my shaft, and she obliged by laying them directly onto the middle section of my dick.

As I lay with my head resting on a pillow, I took in the glorious sight of Brooke slowly grinding her slit along the length of my shaft. I couldn’t take my eyes from the view of her engorged pussy lips curling around my girth as she prepared herself for a hard fucking. Each grind on my cock left more of her delicious cum behind. I already knew how easily I would enter her when I got ready. As I watched her hips rock back and forth, the beauty of her perfectly groomed landing strip caused my mind to wander to thoughts of devouring her now sloppy pussy.

The sight of Brooke’s hands leaving my chest snapped me back to the present. While her grinding entertained the shallow presence of my dick in her pussy, I caught her slowly rubbing her tits in tandem with the movement of her hips. She paid extra attention to her large nipples with soft squeezes as her fingers covered her pink areolas.

My cock realized it was only a thrust away from satisfying the expectant pussy that so eagerly put on the best show it knew how. Each time Brooke pulled the tip of my dick out of her pussy, I burned at the sight of her gaping hole begging my cock to stretch it to its limit. As she continued sliding her parted slit along the shaft she so expertly lubricated for her own pleasure, I could feel her taking more cock each time she aligned her desire with the head of my penis.

Knowing I wasn’t ready yet to feel my cum satiating the hunger deep inside that gorgeous pussy, I playfully pushed Brooke onto the bed. Miscalculating her final resting position, I found my desires pulling me in two directions. She now lay on her stomach, ass up, one of Brooke’s favorite ways for me to fuck her as deeply as I’m able. But I also saw both her asshole and parted pussy lips with her legs spread wide. Oh, how I love to eat her pussy!

I decided to take both options! My tongue started on the inside of her thighs between her knees and slowly caressed her light tan legs. Meanwhile, my hands worked their way up to her ass cheeks and performed a light massage. Each harder squeeze from my hands coincided with my tongue working its way another inch up those beautiful legs. Finally, my tongue reached the crease where her ass and legs meet, and I made sure to spend extra time enjoying myself there. I savored each stroke of my tongue up towards her pink folds and then diverted a few inches from her asshole to make her squirm in ecstasy.

As I squeezed her plump ass cheeks between my hands, I could see her two holes gently opening and silently begging for her husband to fill them. But first, I went in for my dessert! I pulled Brooke up to her knees before I dove between her legs. With her elbows still resting on the bed, I pulled her down onto my waiting face where my eager taste buds awaited her intoxicating fruits.

My first lick devoured her juicy slit. Repeating my licks with a frenzy, I stopped only to probe the depths between my wife’s legs as she grabbed my Italian brown hair in her hands. Knowing her overly sensitive clit wouldn’t be ready for my touch, I spent more time exploring inside Brooke’s pussy. I forced my tongue into her love hole and then lapped her outer lips into my mouth. As I tugged gently at her vagina with my mouth, I relished the salty juices beginning to flow from her cunt. Both of her hands now on the back of my head, Brooke pulls my face straight to ground zero.

“AGHHH!” She screamed as I paid my first attention to her clit, combining a huge lapping motion with my tongue and a forceful sucking motion ending in a “Sluuurpp” across her clit. Repeatedly I lapped and slurped at her tight little pussy and reveled in her riding my face like the cock I knew she imagined in her head.

“Baby, fuck me now,” she said through labored breaths. She moved down me and brought her face to mine, meeting my lips with a long kiss. I could feel the heat of her engorged pussy lips on my stomach as she intensified her kissing to enjoy the cum I worked so hard to steal from her cunt.

Laying next to me on her stomach, Brooke gently arched her back to raise her ass in the air. In this position, I could now see the sloppy mess of ecstasy I created between her Spanish legs. The tops of her inner thighs shined with the thin, glossy coating of her cum that continued to flow after my mouth left her clit. Her pussy lips parted in an uneven, gaping fashion displaying their desire to be first pummeled by my cock and then drowned in a sea of my off-white cum. Even her anus softly flexed in response to the sharp waves of expectant pleasure emanating deep within her stomach.

I think Brooke caught me enjoying the pleasure she displayed in her cute little asshole because she told me to do whatever I want with her. (We’ve never done anal but sometimes enjoy the tension of pretending we’re going to jump right into it!) At those words, I pushed her down flat on her stomach and spread her legs apart. Reaching two fingers into her wetness, I could tell I had no chance of holding back my cum on this particular night. Brooke moaned as I curled my fingers into her g-spot while pulling them out of her pussy.

My fingers all but dripped as I slid my dick between them to lubricate my throbbing mass of manhood. Satisfied that I’d slicked it enough to take advantage of the deep penetration we love in this position, I grabbed my wife’s hips and guided my cock into her pussy. I felt the intensity of my tip exploring her folds as I continued to push deeper. Her pussy begged my dick deeper yet, and I finished my first pump in one long continuous motion. I heard a sharp whimper escape Brooke’s throat as my balls came to a stop against the warm wetness of her outermost pussy lips.

She assured me she was okay as I pulled back until my cock nearly left her lavish insides. I knew she wanted me to push this fine line between pain and deep pleasure when I felt her tightly close her thighs together at the top of my first extraction. The tip of my penis now experienced significant pressure inside her throbbing pussy. I lay down with my chest pressing against her back as I slammed myself into her dripping cunt for a second time.

I couldn’t contain my groaning as her vaginal walls gripped my cock from every direction. Another whimper from Brooke this time finished in an exclamation of pleasure. I paused with my dick buried into my wife and contemplate the few seconds I had left before pumping her full of my cum. My pubic bone rested against her ass as I kissed the back of her shoulders and neck.

Slowly pulling myself out of her depths, I felt every excruciating inch of penis slide against her lubricated pussy. The slow withdrawal pushed my balls painfully close to the point of no return. Wishing I had more stamina to give my wife, but knowing she couldn’t take much more in this position, I fucked her to the hilt for the third time now without pause. Midway through this third pump, my cock electrified, signaling that I had reached the point of no longer being able to hold back from an explosion.

With my orgasm seconds from unleashing itself, I began fucking my wife with long hard strokes as she screamed for more. “Ugh! Ugh! Aghhh!” Brooke screamed as she squeezed her thighs as hard as she could. Her pussy seemed to tighten ever harder on my cock in its pure longing to guzzle my cum.

Pumping in and out with strokes four, five, and six, I focused only on prolonging the pleasure before I unleashed its glory within my wife. “Ugh! Ugh! Uuuuugh!” cried my petite wife as I paused at the deepest part of pump number seven to release the first explosion of cum into her pussy. I felt so much love in this moment as I returned to fucking her with the cadence of my spurting cum. I squeezed my pelvic muscles hard with each spurt, hoping to somehow make up for the shortness of the session with the quantity with which I filled her.

Losing track of my numbers, now I just worked to satisfy the woman who got me to this point. Brooke continued to squeeze her pelvic muscles hard, but I could feel the tight fit now sloshing with the mixture of our cum. I tried to fuck her hard even as my balls emptied and my dick began to soften until I literally had nothing left. Her grip started to loosen, and I slowly pulled myself out of her vagina.

With her still on her stomach, I looked between my wife’s legs and got to see one of the most beautiful pictures of our affection for each other. Her pussy had melted from the sheer effort and now displayed its submission in satisfaction. It still gaped from the stretching my dick provided, and I could see my off-white cum oozing from the depths at which I deposited it between those gorgeous folds.

Knowing she was spent, I refrained from the skillful finger-fucking I would have loved to finish her off with and instead flipped her onto her back for some light kissing. My fingers did find their way to play in the sloppy mess we created between her legs, caressing her vagina’s lips absently as we kissed. Softly, I dip my fingertips in and out of her pussy, swirling them in the cummy flower that proved the success of our lovemaking. I could feel the beautiful mix of my thick cum swimming in the excessive wetness still coming forth from her pussy.

Reaching down to my cock, I felt the remainder of my sexual tension fading away. I turned to Brooke for one last kiss, but she ducked her head quickly under my chin and headed straight for my semi-erect penis. To my surprise, she took my soft erection into her mouth and ever so softly stroked my shaft with her tongue to withdraw the last shot of my cum straight out of my shaft. The post-orgasm sensitivity of my tip caused me to pull myself out of her mouth as she sucked a little too hard.

My baby looked up with a smile from the now pathetically soft cock and balls she so expertly drained. Another great night of lovemaking on the books, she crawled up to lay her head on my chest. Marriage is so wonderful! With that thought, we drifted off for a short nap before dinner.


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    What's not to love about this awesome hot story ! Thanks for sharing wifeylover, not so sure about the "short but sweet" part, made me rather "long but hard". God bless and please write more !

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    Great story! You had me with every word. I love how no matter the experience, it is still beautiful and meaningful to a marriage relationship.

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