Question: Can I Achieve A G-Spot Orgasm?

This is a question for both the men and woman out there in the MH world.

Let me start off by saying I know where my g-spot is and my husband knows too!  It isn’t a question because I don’t know where to find it but it is a question of how to harness its power.  It gets stimulated and it feels good but it doesn’t seem to get to full orgasm.  I only ask because I know of women who only had clitoral orgasms but were eventually able to harness the g-spot orgasm.  I have done scientific research on it and have tried methods to no avail.  Angling of hips, pressing on lower abdomen, different positions, bearing down, how fast and deep my husbands thrusts are, kegels, etc.

I am blessed to be very multi orgasmic with clitoral stimulation and I am in no way complaining about my quality or quantity of orgasms.  I do notice that after my clitoral orgasms, when my husband enters me, I definitely feel more pleasure in my g-spot and I feel tingles going through my body as he thrusts.

We changed how I receive oral stimulation from a 69 position to front on allowing my husband to stimulate more of my body.  With him stimulating my clit, tweaking a nipple and thrusting fingers in and out of my vagina, my orgasms are SO much stronger and I know it is because of the triple stimulation.  And I don’t have to have him play with my nipple, even just oral and fingers make my orgasms through the roof.  When he just does clit stimulation and I climax, it isn’t as intense so I know that the fingers and g-spot stimulation are a factor.  We have tried just finger stimulation to no avail………yet!

I have observed that as I have aged and our sex has evolved, I am most certainly having better quality orgasms and feel more overall stimulation and pleasure  So it is possible to learn how to achieve a g-spot?  How did you learn?  Is there any wisdom to pass along?  If it never happens, I won’t be disappointed but it is so fun to be on the quest for it!


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21 replies
  1. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    You absolutely can! I have a g-spot and I've had POWERFUL orgasms from it! For me, all my husband has to do is thrust inside me, and sometimes, I've had orgasms from both g-spot and sweet spot (clitoris) at the same time, and my goodness those were amazing! Sometimes one followed the other. Blessings

  2. Juicy says:

    My g-spot definitely gets stimulated and there have been a few times that I thought it might blossom into a g-spot orgasm. I am also trying to figure out if I might have some sort of rhythm/routine that might work for me. Is there a sequence that will work? How important is timing? Etc.

    After I orgasm clitorally, the best position for me to feel immense pleasure from him inside of me is on my back, my legs up in the air, either my husband holding them up or over his shoulder. But the other night when we were making love, I felt something and wondered if that could be the beginning, and that was before I climaxed. I think that we are going to have to explore fingering further and really take our time – we always seem to be on the clock with little in the house!

    I have gone on the quest for a g-spot orgasm off and on for years and it would be great if I could reach that level, but if I never do, that's ok too. The discovery is just as much about the journey.

    • Juicy says:

      My vibe does have both g-spot and clitoral, but while I am able to climax with my vibe, it does take me a while and it is a bit of work. Not nearly as much work as trying to climax by my own hand! That hardly ever works and the orgasm is all but nothing! So while the vibe is ok to achieve orgasm, it is not ideal for me. But, saying that, I have climaxed with both the g-spot and clitoral vibes going and while thrusting in and out, of my vagina, so the clit vibe wasn't doing a while lot. I think most women would agree that hubby's feels the best and I too want to experience it with my hubby.

    • PassionateForChrist says:

      Hey Jam777 🙂 The G-spot is a tiny area within a woman's vagina that can produce powerful orgasms when stimulated. If you enter the vagina with a finger (the woman lying on her back) and point your finger upward (towards 12 o'clock, so to speak) and caress the inner walls of that area in a "come-hither"motion you'll stimulate the G-spot area – that's where it can be found. You'll notice is best when the woman is tangibly aroused because this area will feel different than the rest of the inner walls of the vagina… the inner walls feel soft and slippery (of course) and really smooth… when aroused, the G-spot area will respond by getting spongy… I'd say it swells up due to the stimulation (like the clitoris swells up or the penis)… so, its texture is spongy and can be fairly well distinguished when touched and felt up (at least that's what I can tell you from my explorations of the inner worlds that God has graced me to have in my vagina – Thank You, Lord, for my body, femininity and vagina, inner and outer beauty and secret worlds formed of Your amazingly creative divine touch, which my future husband will get to take great pleasure in one fine day, in godly abundance, for all our days!! Thank You that every part of me belongs to You and You watch over it with eagle-eyes!!). The pleasure from it feels great. God bless you, dear friend!! Thank you for your godly support!! I know that internet connections are not your thing but I'll tell it to you straight from my heart nonetheless… you don't have to be shy about yourself or feel bad about feeling attracted to or interested in a woman whose heart you find intriguing… I have also been "friend-zoned" my whole life and like Juicy shared, I too bear my share of scars from the perceived or real constant rejection or the being overlooked… I have the problem that there is no way for me to even meet appropriate guys where I live because people here don't share the same faith foundation as I do – and the faith is my make or break criteria for a romantic relationship… I visit my church home but have no possibility to relocate there on my own yet and the 2 weeks I get to visit just don't give much chance to find and get to know a single man, who would be godly and would care about the same godly virtues and values as I do and open to a relationship with me… that's why it takes nothing short of a miracle from God in my case to find a husband with whom I could make my dream come true (build a godly marriage (all included – godly married sex life, being in the Word together, praying together, serving God where he has us…), a life and family for God together where he lives – because I will relocate to my future significant other)… that's why I'm being open to getting to know men of faith online (through Marriage Heat for example) – the guys can see my heart and character clearly through how I naturally share about any and everything and the heart and character is what matter most… Is it after God? Is this a person who is willing to change, willing to work with God, willing to stretch…? Is this a person who loves God more than the world and its fleeting, meaningless promises? Is this a person who is able and willing to love… to express it… to fight for it… to give it… to grow in it with God? Is this a person who can be communicated with? Will she/he listen to correction? Is he/she receptive to guidance from those who are further in the faith and give advice in accord to God's Truth? – These are questions that one can get a baseline on through any and all communication a person has going on (online or in person)… they search the heart and character…

      What I wanna say is that you (or good guys in general) really have nothing to lose – take heart and speak to the woman who intrigues you… Give the woman the chance to know that she is important to you in a friendship way and that you would love to explore it further… All you good guys out there, please take heart, and let a woman you would be interested in know that you would love to get to know her and see what it could become… I can't even begin to tell you how much such a news means to a woman like me… many of you were able to witness how deeply it impacted me to hear Alex speak the words he spoke to me on here, how much it meant to me to hear the guy choose to take heart and approach me… Alex turned out to be a fairytale gone bad but that doesn't mean that all you other good guys out there are not to be trusted and given a good chance to… I have finally been able to dig up the truth about Alex (he now revealed what he really stands for after I have refused to budge, even though he threw me aside for another 2 whole weeks without a word from him)… I will write a more thorough comment in a bit on Jam777's post (Seeking Counsel) and share about the newest and to me final development in this relationship… suffice it to say, he was not what he has shown to me to be in the beginning, and as I said, the faith question (sharing the same godly values and applying them to how one chooses to live and what one stands for) is the make or break criteria for me in a relationship, so I've quit the relationship with Alex now for good and am single again.

      Jam777, I just want you to know that a guy like you (with a heart that fears God and seeks to honor God in the way you live and treat people, in the way you love God and are willing to grow in and with Him, in the way you seek to listen to Him) is a treasure from God to be found. I can only hope to one day be blessed to get to know a man like you and hopefully be able to build with him a relationship that will lead to marriage and God's bliss in all of it. I say it like it is, I would be so blessed to be loved by, grow with, together, and go after God together hand in hand with a man of faith like you. I would be so blessed and delighted to get to know a good guy like you. Dearest good guys out there, please don't shy away from letting a good woman know that you would wanna get to know her (no matter how difficult the current circumstances may seem) or, if you are already friends with a woman that speaks to you, that you would love to grow further with her in love and build towards marriage. I can promise you that I would not reject the approach or deny the opportunity, and in just the same way, I believe many good women would feel blessed to know a good guy would choose them and they would equally be open to explore the possibility. We can never know all that God can do if we don't step out and take a little risk in the pursuit of the secret petitions of our hearts – the failed attempts shouldn't stop us from believing for the best and trusting in God… Alex turned out for me to be a fairytale gone bad but what I experienced with him will not determine in any way any new relationship I would open myself up to in the future. I would still absolutely take a chance on a good guy that would approach me online seeking to get to know me.

      My dearest MH fam and friends, thank you for being there for me through thick and thin, through highs and lows, through everything!! Watch out for my update on Jam777's post later today. God bless y'all!! I love you!!

    • JAM777 says:

      Thank you Passion for your kind words, though I don't see myself as being that different from others… The only difference that is in me is that of the Holy Spirit and that I choose to allow Him to work in me, shaping and molding me to better be a temple for Christ and serve the Father. Nothing more, nothing less. Simply using the God-given free will to freely choose to surrender to Him and His direction for me and the path set before me. 🙂

      But once again I thank you.I am simply serving the Lord while I am waiting. I don't believe I can act on any feelings I have for someone I know because I don't believe it is the proper course of action. I believe God has some things to do before the next leg of my journey is revealed unto me. So I have to be patient and wait on the Lord, but also making sure to continue to grow and serve while I am waiting on the Lord to reveal the way before me. Which is also why I thank the Lord has me in a bit of a "blind spot" when it comes to girls seeing me in any sort of romantic light. It prevents any "slip-ups" so I will simply praise Him even when it seems like it is storming. Which brings to thought that we must remember that if our eyes are on the storm we will wonder if He loves us still, but if our eyes are on the cross we will know that He always has and always will!

      And I am praying that you do find someone who will have a heart for God and following the course set before him, which will link up with your's and you two will be able to join together and follow the course together!! 🙂

    • PassionateForChrist says:

      You are such an inspiration. Truly, to see the work of God in you, your compassionate, kind and caring being, and your willingness to be led by the Spirit and listen and follow the Spirit speaks so beautifully of Christ in us, the hope of Glory. Way to go, Jam777!! You are an awesome man in the hands of God and a hope-inspiring testimony to the Glory of God!

      Thank you for your precious prayers! You give perfect expression to what I'd seek and have my heart set upon, and if it shall happen by His will one day, I'll receive it with thanks and praise and be afresh and anew in total awe of Him. But due to everything that has been going on, I have made a decision (and I pray that I'd be stable to stick to it). I will not pursue relationships further. I have found a moment of inner peace at the break of night yesterday, after having struggled a bit with the bullying I encountered concerning my clumsiness in the field of relationships. I found peace within me at the moment I remembered that what I want above all else is God in my every day, to grow closer and closer in the relationship He blesses me to have with Him, to nurture the passion He has instilled in me for the faith, which is my daily delight… I love spending time with God and meditating on the things of God… the faith is my greatest delight and I want Jesus in my everyday, every moment, every way, in my highs and through my lows, and there is nothing wrong with that. To follow peace is to follow God's path for us, and I found inner peace the moment I did let go within my heart and mind of continuing to strive for the relationship with Alex as it had been, as well as striving to seek any relationship other than my relationship with God. Things are ok between Alex and me now – I am glad that God allowed me to not have it end on a sour note – where we would just talk amiss of each other about petty things, things that really do not matter in the end – but God made it clear up in kindness and love for one another – we write each other about nothing deep, just plain, normal convo between 2 people, and it's fine with me and him. I hate strife and division, so I'm happy we could clear the political topic up and that I could bless him once more in a personal way, but I know this is not seminal, for the both of us, not the kind of relationship I'd be looking for (you and LH have beautifully summed up the relationship I'd love to be blessed with and, of course, do my part in and be the blessing God enables me to be – marriage in all its beauty and depth as He has created it to be and intends it to be). God is everything I need and I've lost my focus a bit on this – the blessing should never take the place of the One who gives it. So, I'm readjusting my course, setting myself afresh and anew on God and the faith and the journey He has me on, being the encourager He has gifted and created me to be for Him and being the love and blessing He has always enabled me to be to most anyone who crossed my path (online or in "real" life).

      God bless you, Jam777!! I have no doubt that, with how heartily devoted and responsive you are to Him, God takes great delight in you, surely enjoying to bring forth further and further this most beautiful work He has already begun in you. Love and blessings, dear friend!

    • JAM777 says:

      Thank you Passion! Though, I glad God has been able to use me to help you! 🙂
      And well said! And I am glad you two were able to do so!
      I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers! I hope things will get better between you two! I just hope you remember that you can never completely know someone online, it takes physical presence to know someone. Even a relationship with God requires us to spend time with Him. 🙂

    • PassionateForChrist says:

      Wise words, dear friend 🙂 That's why I've been looking forward to build up the relationship on a good mutual friendship/relationship foundation, so that when we would meet we could continue building in person without being complete strangers – and normally it would flow naturally from there. Some may have trouble to believe that could work but the best friends God has blessed me with have been online relationships that have become "real" life, and they are awesome. He has and continues to give me some amazing divine connections through that way. For me there is no difference between online and real life – I'm not naive… I know many people use the online world to make believe or pretend or escape or as a personal platform for self-gratification – but I am the same online as I am in person… the real me, with my weaknesses, my strengths, my learning processes, my faith, my passion, my heart… I am not perfect and never will be. I am a work in progress in the hands of God, under gracious construction till the day of Christ. I'm grateful for God's correction – and I have received conviction from Him about my venting on the other post… I've had reasons to be frustrated, I've been left in silence that was beyond my comprehension, have had to handle with care contradictory signals, and I suffered the hurt that ensued from it… but all the reasons give me no right to become harsh myself, to speak in judgment and let the anger I eventually felt lead me into sin by letting unwholesome speech come out of my mouth. I'm grateful to see my heart break over my own wrongdoings. The issues I've voiced, not just in the latest post but even before as they occurred and I sought to make sense of them and clear them up, the issues are legitimate and would need to be addressed in any kind of relationship, so they could be solved and overcome. My wrongdoing was in the way I vented – if I would be Alex and would read what I wrote, I would feel hurt… and I don't ever wanna be the cause of somebody else being hurt, or see Alex get hurt, or his heart get broken… I feel compassion in my heart for Alex. I have asked God for forgiveness for my wrongdoing and asked Him to help me with keeping my thoughts settled and just simply on Him through everything as well as to help me to not ever end up giving my mouth to unwholesome talk this way again, no matter how justified I'd feel in the anger, hurt or frustration of the moment. I like Alex – he can be so sweet and we flow together so well when we let nothing get between us… he and I had a beautiful convo this weekend, emails going pretty much back and forth, he being just lovable and endearing… it was a little like in the old days… and he and I enjoyed it – it was beautiful. But as fast as the communication can be there, it also can be gone again. I wanna stay settle and stable through that from now on, and that works best by not thinking in terms of being in a romantic relationship. I consider Alex to be a friend. I'll be here for him whenever he will reach out, and I'll enjoy the time shared. May it all be in God's hands and work according to His good purpose and plans.

      Thank you for your gentleness, Jam777!!! You are such a blessing! 🙂

      Ps: Sorry for having cluttered your post so much! <3

    • JAM777 says:

      That wise and quite beautiful in thought, Passion. Well said, I am delighted and humbled by your admission.
      I'll keep praying!

      And I'm simply trying to show the same love Christ has shown and proven! 🙂

      And no worries, I'm glad it has been worked out to a more "stable" situation!

    • JAM777 says:

      Thank you for the insight Mrs. Gracie! I appreciate it!
      It seems that you ladies are built with all sorts of spots that seem to be only for pleasure…

  3. Juicy says:

    I do get that feeling and yes, I am with you – it feels great and uncomfortable at the same time. Then there are times where it hits just right and it is an awesome feeling! It is a common feeling and have been told that we are on the right track if I feel that pressure. I am still on the quest!

    • CommittedHusband says:

      When I was helping my wife figure out the squirting orgasm, the feeling of needing to pee was how we knew we were on the right track. Finally convinced her when she had that feeling to just surrender to it and let it go. She did, and it was amazing!! Definitely not pee. Now it's a regular thing for her. So you may be closer than you think.

  4. Stag-on-a-hill says:

    Hey, I recently saw a science show on tv that said the g spot is simply the back of the clitoris. That is, another way of stimulating the clitoris… from behind. They said different women respond differently to stimulation. All women discharge not all can squirt. At least that's what the program said!!!!

  5. Juicy says:

    Has any woman ever tried "Vaginal Weight Lifting" with the jade eggs? It is supposed to really enhance sensitivity in your vagina as you work at strengthening your vaginal muscles. I have wondered about it for some time and wonder if it is worth a shot. Even if it doesn't help with sexual sensations, I would think it would help with Kegels and your pelvic floor muscles.

    • Harper Shelby Thornton says:

      Kegels are these "joined ball" type objects where a woman puts it in her vagina to tighten the muscles. Sometimes, the vagina becomes loose after having multiple children so the Kegel exercises can help with that. It also can help you prevent or control urinary incontinence and other pelvic floor problems.

    • Juicy says:

      Kegels are exercises that many women, and men too, can do to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles. For a woman, the pelvic floor muscles strengthen your bladder, uterus, vagina and rectum. Losing strength in your pelvic floor muscles can lead to bladder leakage. In women, it often occurs after they have a baby but can also occur due to age or weight gain. Exercising your pelvic floor muscles regularly can help help with leakage and dribbling.

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