Summer Loving

I would like to share with you a new experience that my wife and I have shared on many occasions recently, especially during the warmer and more humid months of the year. But first I would like to give a brief background as to how this came about.
During a period of extreme stress at work late last year, I started to develop some, shall we say male issues.  At first, I noticed a regular delayed ejaculatory response during penetration, which quickly developed into full blown ED as my concerns were increased.  My wife (Lucy) was aware of my on-going issues but choose only to reassure me that everything will be fine and not to worry about it and that our long term love was not being affected by these issues.

However, as the way we behaved physically towards each other began to change and I found myself avoiding penetration at all cost, choosing instead to pleasure Lucy in all other ways.  This would often lead to me not gaining release, as, after orgasm, the only thing Lucy wanted to do is sleep.

So after about 4-5 months I finally decided that I should seek medical help, if for nothing else, but to rule out any serious long-term health issues.  An appointment was made with my GP, and I told Lucy the reasons why I thought I should go, and she was totally supportive as I knew she would be.  Despite much trepidation, the appointment with my GP was far less stressful than I could have ever imagined it could have been.  Not only was my GP totally sympathetic (as I expected her to be) she also took the time to have both an open and sexually explicit conversation with me about my recent sexual experiences and my masturbation habits.  The test was performed and a follow-up appointment booked for results.  The results came back all clear, so any issues were almost certainly stress related and she expected them to correct over time.  But the advice she gave me about being more open and engaging with Lucy during the follow-up appointment, is what brings me on to our new loving experience together.

The results came back all clear, so any issues were almost certainly stress related and she expected them to correct over time.  But the advice she gave me about being more open and engaging with Lucy during the follow-up appointment, is what brings me on to our new loving experience together.

One of the main suggestions from my GP was to have a totally open and sexually explicit talk about everything about our sexual relationship, including masturbation habits (something that we had never done before).  We sent the children away for a night, so we could be alone and spend as much time, uninterrupted, as we needed to talk. During the discussions I admitted my frustrations to Lucy about my lack of sexual release during sex with her and that I masturbated secretly either when she was asleep next to me or in the shower.  We also discussed openly all the other things we did together and what we had being doing differently in the last few months since my ED started.

We both cried a bit as we realised how close we might have been to a breakdown in our ten-year marriage and we realised that the advice given to us by my GP should be fully taken on board.

Now, Lucy and I both love oral sex, and that was one of the many positives to come from our heart to heart.  As I mentioned earlier, though, for Lucy, the progression through the sexual phases ends with certain near sleep after orgasm.  This for me is one of the most beautiful and sexually arousing things about her.  The way she totally gives herself up to me during this most intimate act and has orgasms which I am nearly in total control of,  leaves me highly aroused. What we have developed recently, which is now mutually satisfying is now one of our favorite sexual activities together and one I want to share.

Without any pre-communication before bed, we cuddle up for our nightly hug, something we have always done, for better or for worse throughout our time together. Most nights hands will wander as we both always sleep naked, and some nights genital contact begins.  At this point no decision has been made or spoken about where this will lead, we just both kiss and mutually arouse each other a few minutes as the stresses of the day melt away. Only at this time will we have a discussion as to where this is leading and if penetration is ruled either in or out.  If penetration is off the menu for the evening, one or other of us will take the others hand and replace their hand to act as a signal for which one of us is to be mutually pleasured.  If Lucy takes my hand from her now wet pussy and places it on my now erect cock, this is the signal that she wishes me to go down on her.

I will then begin a slow kissing decent down her beautiful body until I reach my destination lying directly between her legs with her legs apart, lying on her back. I will kiss and snuggle her inner thighs and ascend the kisses until I can smell her sex, where I will linger briefly as she relaxes fully, ready to except this most intimate sexual contact. Once aligned and she has relaxed and spread her legs, revealing her neatly trimmed pussy to me, the pleasure can begin.  I never rush this act, both for selfish reasons of loving the smell and taste of her pussy and also the longer I take to bring her to orgasm the stronger and more fulfilling it is for her.  I begin by gently licking the inner lips of her labia and get my first taste of her sex and gauge her arousal. Then depending on her hip gyrations will be guided as to whether she wants my tongue to explore her perineum and anus or not. Just her subtle hip moves, guide me to her wanton pleasures, she rarely speaks, as I know her body so well, and I am guided around her pussy, knowing that her clit is strictly out of bounds until she is fully relaxed and has reached plateau stage.

Once she reaches this point, often after several minutes of stimulation, she will signal that she is ready to proceed to the next stage, through to orgasm by spreading her legs fully and opening up her pussy to me. Once I receive this signal from her, I will carefully part her clitoral hood with my tongue and begin gentle stimulation of her clit. As she approaches orgasm, I will seek out the base of her clit and apply the pressure she craves. Once locked on, her hands will clasp the back of my head to hold me into place, and her orgasm will quickly start to build.  From this point on she is in total control and will pull my head and press her hips to gain the right pressure as wave after wave of orgasmic bliss takes her over, often gushing her love juices into my open and wanting mouth.

When she can take no more, she will slowly ease my mouth away from her throbbing clit, and I will lie with my head on the inside of her thigh briefly until her orgasmic contractions have subsided.

It is at this point the major change in our sexual repertoire has been made.  Where as before she would relax and sleep, and I would be left aroused from her orgasm, but somewhat frustrated from my lack of release. Now I will lie next to her, take some good quality lube and relax. With my left hand either gently caressing her ass or sometimes holding her hand, she will invite me to masturbate for both our pleasures. As I begin to stroke, we will often share with each other our love for each other as my own orgasm begins to build.  Lucy will often turn to face me and we will exchange long kisses and she will taste and smell her own body from my face. I am then left to indulge in my own orgasm as Lucy watches on as wave after wave hits me and my hot cum covers my stomach and chest.

I feel so comfortable now masturbating in Lucy’s presence and it seems a lifetime away that I hid my masturbation away from her.
Our love for each other has grown, our sexual awareness of each other is better than ever and we have more and better sex. I hope you enjoyed reading the first experience I have ever shared like this and I will follow up with summer loving 2, after I get some feedback.

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  1. Gracie
    Gracie says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your story. It really shows how important communication is in a marriage, and how it builds trust and better intimacy. Looking forward to hearing more from you.

  2. SouthernGal16
    SouthernGal16 says:

    Whew, this was incredible. So glad you got good advice from your GP and it was able to bring you to a new level of sexual intimacy. My hubby is out of town and I'm having fun imaging us doing the same!

  3. Marie Lister
    Marie Lister says:

    Larry, Thank you for sharing your story with us. We all can learn from other couple's challenges. Communication is key to everything in any relationship and you certainly made that abundantly clear in your "story." You were so wise to seek out professional help after exhausting your own ideas. The real truth to your story is that love, love, love is always the answer and the key to that is communication. I have read and absorbed both of your stories regarding ED and have learned from both. Thanks again. Best to you and Lucy!

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