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Life After ED

When I published “ED Comes To Visit Again” last year I did not think I would post again. However, I have enjoyed reading so many other happy couples sharing their experiences on the site, with Lucy’s blessing I decided to write a follow-up. You never really defeat the demon that is ED, you just learn […]

Ed Comes to Visit, Again

When I wrote Summer Loving back in June, I promised at the end to write summer loving 2 with roles reversed. Little was I to know what would happen over the rest of summer, autumn and the longer nights of early winter. When I started to pen this, I had no idea how long it would be […]

Summer Loving

I would like to share with you a new experience that my wife and I have shared on many occasions recently, especially during the warmer and more humid months of the year. But first I would like to give a brief background as to how this came about. During a period of extreme stress at […]